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favourite season: winter winter winter, but autumn is a close second

favourite book/author: i have….too many books. but my forever answer to this will be the harry potter series so. 

favourite song: boston - augustana is like that song i don’t get tired of, so ig that

favourite food/drink: apples n pb and earl grey tea 

dogs or cats: kit cats 🐱

random thought

one thing i hate when you get into vaccine discourse is the people who are like “its fine if you want to endanger your child (by not vaccinating them) but they shouldn’t be allowed near mine!”

its like - its not fine to medically neglect your child! that’s still acting like a kid is an extension of their parents when you go like “oh yeah sure you do that to your kid as long as it doesn’t affect me”. kids deserve medical care regardless of whether they’re parents are fearmongering and ableist and think autism is caused by vaccines, sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  they shouldn’t have to risk death/disease because of their parents’ beliefs

Hey so here’s almost every line Shadow says in Sonic Adventure 2 but in OwO language under the cut.

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Liam lives in a black and white world, where people have soulmates and no one is able to see the colors until the day you look into your soulmate’s eyes for the first time. He thought that this couldn’t get any weirder, until the day he discovered that his connection with his soulmate was so strong that they could literally feel what the other felt and communicate through their own bodies.

“What’s your name?” The boy wrote in his arm, curious, not quite understanding how it worked.
The answer came a few minutes later, written in an asymmetrical handwriting.
Theo Raeken.”

candy-anon-imagines  asked:

Nice Ranma 1/2 reference!! *holds hand up for a possible high-five*

*high-fives!*  =D  I’m so stoked that you guys caught that!  I felt like Ranma’s such an old anime/manga that no one was going to get the reference.  

Ranma was the first anime I obsessed over.  And when I was done with it, I jumped to Inu-Yasha.  Fun times! But I can still watch Ranma and get so excited over the hilarity of the tropes and the weird misunderstandings.  I think I need to go watch an episode before bed now.