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Adrien Agreste: *pulls Marinette to the dance floor without waiting for her to answer, leans in closer to dance when Alya adjusts their arms, compliments her on her baking/dancing/designs/gaming ablilities/ etc., gives her his umbrella when it was raining, WILLINGLY wanted to kiss her during the movie Nino was making, touches her shoulders constantly, pulls her out of harms way (as both Chat and Adrien), flirts with her as Chat, defends her against Chloe*

Also Adrien Agreste: We’re just friends!


🌠 He jumped into the ‘no thank you’ train so fast he didn’t
     think twice about it.png

Gorillaz Ask! (Demon Days Edition)

Here’s a part 2 of my Gorillaz ask! Feel free to re-blog this if you want people to ask you these questions. You can also ask me as well. Enjoy! :)

Link to past Gorillaz ask: (X)

Intro: Should Murdoc have a redemption arc in Phase 4?

Last Living Souls: Have you ever been to a Gorillaz concert? 

Kids with Guns: Which Gorillaz character do you think has an interesting backstory? 

O Green World: Which character do you want to learn more about in Phase 4?   

Dirty Harry: Which Gorillaz studio/home do you like best? (Kong Studios, Plastic Beach, the house from ‘Do Ya Thing’, or Spirit House)

Feel Good Inc.: What’s your favorite unreleased/rare Gorillaz song(s)?

El Mañana: G-Sides or D-Sides?

Every Planet We Reach Is Dead: What do you think about ‘The Fall’?

November Has Come: Were you born around the time Gorillaz released their first album back in 2001? Did you grow up listening to them?

All Alone: Which band member do you think you would get along best with? 

White Light: Which music artist should Gorillaz collaborate with?

DARE: Which Gorillaz vehicle do you like best? (Geep, Stylo, Red Car from Saturnz Barz, Murdoc’s Winnebago, etc.)

Fire Coming Out of the Monkey’s Head:  Which room from the Spirit House do you like best? 

Don’t Get Lost in Heaven: Do you think Del should come back?

Demon Days: Which Gorillaz song(s) do you think is underrated? 

Seeking Solace - Drake x MC

[A little note: I wasn’t planning on starting this tonight - but then the words started coming out of my head and now here we are. Thank you for the request sis @storiesbehindyoureyes. Hope you enjoy it! Feel free to send me a kissing prompts here for anyone that’s interested!]

[Summary: A drunk MC (Robyn) demands Drake accompanies her on one of her routinely escapes from the manor for the night. However, he manages to convince her that staying inside with him was more than worth going outside.]

8. Breathtaking Kiss - It’s the kiss that you can’t do anything for a few seconds after, you keep your eyes closed with mouth agape of you try to let your mind process what happened.


Drake was beginning to think that Robyn threatened his sanity. Not entirely, but rather her ideas threatened his sanity. They were half-thoughts and half-delusions; plans that shouldn’t be considered plans to begin with. However, whenever possible they agreed to them anyway. As soon as they found themselves feigning interest after hours of balls, press meetings and other courtly things that was demanded of them - they jumped at the opportunity to leave. 

It had to be her fault. 

She was the only correlation between abandoning the manor and leaving at strange hours of the night. She kept them joined together - like glue. He watched it happen, begrudgingly at first until he realized all that time he used to resent nobles were no more as some of the same people he considered one of them, had turned into people he could consider acquaintances. Maybe even friends.

Now he waited in secret; pacing back and forth inside the safety of his room. He kept his eyes trained above the balcony and watched the fathomless dark sky until they caught sight of stars. They twinkled in the distance - as if they too were enjoying his pitiful anxiety as he waited. 

And waited.

And waited.

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ya girl finally published a poetry collection! it’s got a little bit of everything–angels, witches, road trips, apocalypses, lesbians, love, faith, mental illness and a whole lot more so if you’re into any of that, you should check it out! if you aren’t interested but your friends/family might be, you should tell em to check it out! pls support your local starving writer

you can order a paperback version here
you can purchase an ebook version here



If this were a movie
I would ride off in some blood red sunset down a stretch of desert road into the wasteland that keeps us captivate here
But this isn’t a movie

These are the badlands.

New Blogs!

hi guys! so i recently started 2 new fan blogs for BNHA! One is @everyshototodoroki and the other is @everytomurashigaraki ! Both are inspired by my friend’s blog @everyshinsouhitoshi ! On both blogs I plan to snipe and find every single picture of todoroki/shigaraki i can find in the anime and manga, and will make/reblog fanart too! Also go check out everyshinsouhitoshi, they’re amazing!!