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looook at what these people did!!!!

kairi in COSPLAYland 

I fucking love this

About Rules of Engagement Book 2.

Well folks, here we are - at the end of another book. At the end, for another rant. There are many things that come to mind when thinking about the Rules of Engagement. Sibling bonding, love interests and their not-so-rival/rivarly, the cliche tropes and of course how can we talk about Rules of Engagement without mentioning their ‘evil’ aunt and cousin?  In any case - shall we begin?

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i go the gym once a day (like i do a split training one day legs one day arms and general upper body and always a bit of cardio to warm up/ calm down) and I feel like I’m getting into shape cause i feel like of gotten thinner and my body doesn’t feel as soft anymore but i actually weigh like 2kg more now?? like how am i training everyday and looking after what i eat and still put on weight i want to die

Watching Little Witch Academia Episode 2 with my best friend

Didn’t post this right away cause I knew we weren’t going to watch anything this past weekend, and I didn’t want two weeks to go by without me posting anything xD We watched episodes 1 and 2 back to back after playing two hours of Injustice 2 and about two more hours of a horror game that had us shitting our pants while absolutely nothing happened. It was a very welcome distraction.

*episode starts*
Me: This one is better than the first one.
Her: Shhhh.

Her: *sees Sucy working on a potion* She must be a really powerful witch with all her potions and stuff. *keeps talking over Akko to block her out*

*Sucy: You only told us about it a hundred times last night*
Her: *chuckles* Even her friends find her annoying.

*Ursula acting in an Akko-like way (trips and falls flat on her face)*
Me: *waits for the groan*
Her: *snickers* She’s adorable.

Her: I don’t like this teacher (Finneran), she’s too bitchy. Speaking of… *Diana appears for the first time*
Me: You don’t know what you’re talking about so stop, omg.

Her: Omg, is she (Sucy) getting high on those fumes? Look her eyes are red.

Her: Diana sure likes to show off, doesn’t she?
Me: It’s called participating in class.
Her: Yeah but still.

Her: Does she (Akko) not know she has a plant on her head? *Akko keeps talking* Does she not know how to stop talking?

Her: Huh. She (Diana) seems nicer.
Me: She is.
Her: I’ll believe it when I see it.

*cuts to Ursula while Diana is talking about Chariot*
Her: Isn’t… Isn’t that Chariot though?
Me: Did the oh-so-subtle hints give it away?
Her: It’s supposed to be a secret?

Her: Shit, Diana’s friends are even worse than Diana.
Me: Diana is not bad though?
Her: Shush.

*Akko prepares to use the Shiny Rod*
Her: *sees Ursula watching* She’s gonna help, right? *Akko fails* Why isn’t she helping?? *statue moves* Oh, there we go. Wait. Was that Diana?
Me: Yep.
Her: I thought it was Chariot. Why are the blonde ones always the bitchy ones?
Me: She’s my favorite one. Her and Ursula.
Her: Not surprising.
Me: Like, by the end of the show, she’s probably the best character. And I’m being objective.
Her: I’ll judge by myself. She seems pretty full of herself so far.
Me: *thinks of how little she knows but says nothing*

Her: How much are you willing to bet that she (Akko)’ll have that card by the end of the show? I bet Diana has it.

*Diana prepares to cast/casts the revitalization spell on the tree*
Her: What is she doing? I love her voice when she casts spells. Ohh nice. *realizes something went wrong* Uh oh…

*Akko, Lotte and Sucy playing cards*
Her: She (Akko) plays the same way my sister used to play. Cheating.

*roots burst from the ground*
Her: Ohhh she (Diana) done fucked uuup.

Her: *sees the roots* What happened?
Me: It’ll be explained.
Her *sees the tree* Did she (Diana) do this?
Me: You’ll see.
Her: *sees the chrysalises* What are these?
Me: Oh my god, just watch.

*Diana hits Akko with her spell*
Her: Oh daamn, that’s not good. It was an accident, though, she (Akko) was being reckless again. 

*Akko gets up/is about to cast the papilliodya spell* 
Her: Wait, she’s okay? What happened to her “churning with magic”?

*Akko doesn’t know how to pronouce the spell*
Her: Ugh.
Me: *chuckles*
Her: Can she not read?? At least Diana can.

*butterflies come out of their chrysalises*
Her: Awww pretty. What do they do?
Me: It just said that they bring joy and hope to whoever sees them flying for the first time.
Her: No, it didn’t?
Me: Yes, it d- Or it’ll say it now… *Ursula explains the effects of the butterflies’ first flight* Oops.

*Diana tries to say it wasn’t all her who made the tree better/fails*
Her: Why didn’t she just say it was Akko? She took the credit like that, she could have just said the others helped. Why did she do that?

*episode ends*
Her: This was honestly so much better than the first one though? Probably cause she (Akko) wasn’t in it as much. I’m liking it so you can relax now. (I’m always nervous when showing her stuff cause I really want her to like them)

Not nearly as much groaning this time around so I say this episode was a big success! xD
Also, dudes. My dudes! I have officially reached 200 followers, omg thank you so much! If these posts end up being my legacy in the LWA fandom, then so be it :P 

Sia watches LWA

Uploaded the wrong video earlier, ugh…

GoGo: About the gnats in the kitchen…
Tatsuo: I took care of them. Someone left out half-eaten cake last night … remember?
GoGo: *giggles* Last night was a good time.
Tatsuo: Does that mean making pie for more after-dinner fun?
GoGo: Tatty, I’m all for making sweet music with you!

On the other side of the room

Kat: Third time’s the charm, I got you now, bab – AHHHH!
Kat: *incoherent cursing* Stupid balls!


more zelink but this time it’s post botw and zelda is the queen of hyrule while link is the prince consort

they’re also a bit older so they have a little girl named roma ain’t she cute

give me this nintendo i want them to be happy

@lances-legs mentioned something about needing a Klance selfie? But it seems it didn’t go so well.

So if you’re out there and you’re feeling discriminated, if you’re feeling alone, if you’re feeling like there’s absolutely nowhere else to turn; there absolutely is. There’s always somewhere to turn. There’s always someone that’s willing to listen. There’s always somebody going through the same thing that you’re going through. It just takes time to be able to find them and to be able to open up. So just hang in there and be strong and keep up that good fight because brighter days are ahead. As I said before: it may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, it may not be next week but brighter days are ahead and they will happen and you will be happier than you’ve ever been before because of that, because of that patience. I know it’s hard. I know there’s a struggle there. I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like to go through that but
so hang in there.
—  @therealjacksepticeye (A Normal Lost Phone - Part 2 (END) )