Can you believe: I never actually noticed the dates of birth and death were actually written, I though there was only a name. Now that I know I realise it was stupid of me. :o)
Anyway, Sherlock is born the 6th January 1977, it’s written on the stone, hidden behind the plants, I’m maybe the last on Earth to see this but hey, better later than never.

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15!! Or 11. You pick 😂

15. “So, I found this waterfall…”

Whoops. Inspiration struck and this somehow turned into much more than a short drabble. Hope you enjoy it anyway! ~2K words of future fluff overdose.


Emma should probably have grown used to the ridiculous things that kept happening in this town, but sometimes they still managed to surprise her. This had been one of those times. A villain trying to turn Storybrooke into the new Atlantis? Seriously?

They’d defeated him, of course. Nobody had ever been successful in their battle against the ever optimistic heroes with their endless hope speeches. And their brute strength in the form of magic, swords, arrows and a hook. That had definitely helped as well. It had been a close call, but that was nothing new. Her family had grown quite accustomed to near death experiences, she was sorry to say.

This time, particularly Killian had been determined to win the battle, partially because he was quite done with people trying to murder him, and partially because, as he’d said it, “I’ve survived the terrors of the seas for centuries, I will not have that reputation be marred by being turned into a bloody fish.” Because yes, that had been part of the diabolical master plan. Turning all of the Storybrooke citizens into fish. Now that it was over and everything had gone back to normal (as normal as their lives ever could be, that is), it sounded even more ridiculous.

It wasn’t all bad, though.

“So, I found this waterfall…” she began enthusiastically, flopping down on the couch next to Killian, who put his newspaper down at the sound of her voice and the odd announcement.

“You… found a waterfall?” His hesitant question was met with a determined nod. He moved to the side to face her, his shift of position prompting her to put her hand on his knee to close the distance between them further. “You’re saying that we’ve lived in this town for years and until now, nobody knew of the existence of such a place?”

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