An actual list of things that I constantly hear about my appearance:

- but you don’t “look” asexual.

- you kinda wear too much makeup to be ace, don’t you?

- but you can’t like girls if you dress like a girl!!?!

- why are you showing skin if you’re ace? That means you’re not asexual after all right? You must have changed your mind.

- the only reason why people dress nice is for sexual attention from others. If you wear nice clothes, you can’t complain about sexual harassment! You’re just asking for it.

- it’s such a shame that your ace, because you’re so pretty

- but you look/dress like a straight girl

- you’re letting your looks go to waste because you won’t let anyone have fun with you. You’re just leading people on.

Someone please tell me what an asexual looks like, because I’m just dying to know. Appearance expression does not dictate someone’s sexuality. Stop telling asexuals that their looks are wasted because you can’t get what you want with them. Stop telling asexuals that they’ve changed their minds. This is no choice for us. Stop limiting asexuals by telling us who we can and can’t be. Stop limiting asexuals by telling us who we are capable of loving. Stop limiting asexuals by telling us how we need to love others. Stop limiting asexuals with your incorrect expectations and knowledge. You do not get to decide what asexuality means to us. That meaning is our choice. 

About performing a stunt underwater while supporting the weight of a 10-year old actor:

“I don’t know if you have ever been held underwater against your will, but it’s a very unsettling feeling… To hold your breath long enough to get the camera rolling, it was very taxing mentally. I had the life of a 10-year-old on me.”