my post: little giants

do u ever think about how mika is probably terrified of becoming a demon but at the same time at least he wouldn’t have to hurt anymore?

I can’t take proper screenshots rn because my laptop’s acting up like crazy so have stuff I found on Google images instead

okay so I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I can’t keep quiet any longer

everyone calls Semi the Bokuaka love child, right? but I don’t really see it. I mean he’s pretty like Akaashi so there’s that, and the hair? maybe? but honestly not that much at all??


look at Suga

look at Iwa (holy hell it’s hard to find screenshots of him alone on Google)

and now look at Semisemi

seeing them in succession like this, does he not look incredibly similar?? I MEAN

he has Iwa’s eyes except his pupils are a rounder shape (LIKE SUGA’S), his natural hair colour is probably kinda like Iwa’s as well but it falls more like Suga’s hair, just spikier (even though he’s a setter … haha get it because spiky … spiker … aNYWAY), and even if the grey IS natural and just his tips (and eyebrows) are dyed it would still make sense because Suga

now aside from looks, what do we have?? he’s

  • a setter (like Suga)
  • strong (like Iwa)
  • a good server (like Iwa)
  • somewhat aggressive (like Iwa) but he can still be sassy sometimes (like Suga, take s3ep1 for example, the scene with Goshiki)
  • really pretty (like Suga), that’s also looks but shhh

now you could argue that that’s just an anime thing but … well tumblr doesn’t let me add any more images so I can’t show more but look at mangacaps and you’ll see what I mean

so? in conclusion?? I’m not gonna claim anything but Semi is the Iwasuga lovechild, you heard it here first

(or not, I’m sure someone else has already made that assumption. I mean it’s not THAT Farfetch’d. well except for the part where they’re all 3rd years and it’s biologically improbable but listen. time travel is a thing. maybe Semi came back to the past to personally play against his parents. nothing can be proven)

the “Little” Mermaid

I’ve been working on a reimagined Little Mermaid story and got caught up thinking about why the story always makes a note of her being a “little” mermaid. I’ve come to two conclusions. The first one is a pun.

  1. During the story she’s magically turned human, so… she’s only a little mermaid, eyyyyyyy   (〜 ̄ ヮ  ̄)〜 ✧˖ °
  2. She’s notably the smallest mermaid…? But she’s human sized. So logic dictates that mermaids in general are notably larger than humans. 

I want a million scary huge mermaids, asap please, I’m waiting


I took this picture of my best friend hugging Ben after the Stroudsburg show. It was before they had a special talk, where Ben kept telling her, “You’ll be fine. Trust me. Just stay on your path. This shit will pass. You’ll be fine.”

These two are a couple of my favorite people on the planet. I’m sure he only knows a fraction of what he said meant to us, but those words and Breaking Ben’s return really could not have better timing in our lives. We owe you so much, Ben, and the rest of the band just as much. Thanks for uniting us two fans - I couldn’t imagine doing anything without her or BB in my life. ❤

Can you believe that the ROWYSO tour is almost over? I remember when it first started and I was like ‘wow this is a long tour’ but now it’s almost over it feels like it only just started. So much has happened. Michael fell over and got set on fire, they played a brand new song, they announced a single and an album and they gained a tour dog. Most of all they pulled off their very first tour as a headline act and I can not wait for the tours that are to come.

Headcanon that on mother’s day, all the foxes give gifts to Abby and Betsy. Because as far as they’re concerned, Abby and Betsy are their honorary mothers.


Today, I discovered a mashup of OFF and “Particle Man”.

My life is complete.