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bringing out the big guns as the year changes. here’s to hitting 2017 with everything we’ve got. 

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What really gets me about these anti-vaccine people are that they think vaccines are going to cause their kids to get autism

I’m sorry, so you’d rather risk your kids DYING A VERY PREVENTABLE DEATH than let them LIVE with the disproven possibility of a learning disability. This is actually child abuse. 

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Also I’m tired of the “But vaccines don’t even cause autism!!” being the default argument. I mean I know it’s important, and to some people they have feel they have to say it first because it’s dealing with a direct lie and I get that.

But it’s not something I even mention much when talking about the whole vaccination thing because I don’t care that they don’t cause autism. (And sometimes I wish they did.) To me, that is not significant at all compared to the fact that people would rather let their kids, and other kids, die than have them be autistic. And I wish the pro-vacc crowd put a higher priority on telling people that autism is great and not a horrible disease than on telling people that it’s okay, you won’t get this thing. And if you’re allistic and your priority is just on the “vaccines don’t cause autism!” part, maybe think about what you’re doing and why.

Convincing people that vaccines don’t cause autism is just going to make them vaccinate their kids.

Convincing people that there’s nothing wrong with autism is going to make them vaccinate their kids and stop dehumanising autistic people.

Can we try and have more of the second one please?

I see a lot of “PSA: Vaccinate your kids"posts coming across my dash, but what I don’t see a lot of is "vaccinate yourself”! 

If you are on tumblr, you are old enough to have an opinion about your own medical care. Find out - are you vaccinated?  Are your vaccines up to date?  If not, talk to your doctor and GET VACCINATED.