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oh, my goodness. you guys seem to be loving this soo much. thank you for letting me do this bc tbh weddings are my weakness (i say that every time). 

hopefully, this one doesn’t seem too..uh..stupid but it’s a big part of the wedding to me, 

if you want any requests in regards to this wedding/honeymoon thing just request it!! my box is always open for any type of request and conversations :)

PART 3!!! color schemes

here’s part one

here’s part two


Yoosung wanted pink. You wanted some type of blue. 

To be honest, the two of you argued for months about various shades of pinks and blues. You guys would agree then of the complementary colors didn’t match with something or one of you two stopped liking it so you would have to change it. 

One day while talking about the wedding plans with the RFA you two admitted to arguing over such a small thing. That’s when Jihyun suggested using a navy blue as a base instead of a pink, pink should be complementary to the blue, not the other way around. 

After that, you two started pairing colors with blue and came up with this theme. 

Needless to say, the wedding planner (helper more like) wasn’t too pleased throwing everything together a couple of months before the wedding. 


surprisingly, arguments were basically nonexistent. The only argument you faced was ZZen complaining about his tux not being black since he has to match. SO, you told him he could wear a black one and his best man can wear gray. 

Zen was the one who recommended red because let’s be real, red is your color. and where did all the roses come from?? you were supposed to have red carnations since they’re known as a “July flower”???? oh..Zen’s best man bought them… 

“there goes trust fund kid throwing his money around”

“Zen, be grateful. and if you’re going to act like that, why did you ask Jumin to be your best man?”



Jaehee suggested going with neutral bright colors after you panicked over having to choose between burgundy, maroon, and wine colors. thanks for that you unprofessional florist. You simply asked for help with choosing flowers and 30 minutes later you were calling Jumin and begging him to let Jaehee pick you up. You explained the situation and how Jaehee knew most of the information. Jumin made no hesitation to let Jaehee go and offered to cover the venue bill for the inconvenience. 

After discussing everything about the wedding, the dark red color idea was off the table. You stayed over at C&R until everything was calm and you were able to rearrange everything with the new colors. Jumin still offered to cover something but you refused and said “the most I would let you help is buying me McDonald’s right now. I’m hungry.”

Next thing you and Jaehee knew, you were having a private lunch with wine and new chef for your wedding. Thanks, buddio Jumin. 


Jumin naturally set up a wedding planner without you knowing. So when you were bringing Jumin lunch to his office, you found someone in there. 

“Juju! I made us lu- oh, I am so sorry for interrupting.”

“No, no. Babe, come back.”

When you entered you noticed the room full of different flowers and color scheme post boards. You walked over and stood behind Jumin, who was sitting in his chair. He explained the situation before noticing that you were upset. He asked the planner to leave and then you two started lunch. You asked Jumin why he didn’t talk to you about hiring a planner and his answer was that he didn’t want that stress on you. 

You explained that you didn’t mind and appreciated the thought but you wanted to know what was happening. it was your wedding as well after all. The two of you spent the lunch trying to decide on a color scheme before combining a few and coming out with this one. 


Wedding planner? No. Idea’s for color schemes? No. 

Saeyoug admitted that he always assumed that the bride just threw together colors and the groom had no say. That’s when the two of you had the brilliant idea of choosing colors randomly. 

You two drive down to nearest hardware store and went to the painting aisle. You guys took turns closing your eyes and spinning before randomly pointing at a color. Saeyoung bout the colors you randomly chose and picked up a backdrop to try out the different colors. 

Saeyoung’s blue and your cream color turned out to be the best colors and the only ones that complemented each other.

So after that, you two went to an arrangement center and had help discovering the rest of the colors. 



This color scheme was recommended by Jaehee after seeing a similar scheme on a wedding invitation (Jaehee actually gets invited to a lot of things she just can’t make it :( )

Jihyun really liked how pastel it looked and you enjoyed the soft colors. Surprisingly, you two pulled everything together yourselves while staying within a budget – Jihyun insisted not to worry about one but you didn’t want to be extra and spend loads of money.

The only issue you two had was the fact that had originally wanted a later winter/early spring wedding and the colors didn’t really match. Eventually, you two said fuck it and kept the date and sent out the invitations.


Surprisingly, the two of you decided to have a winter wedding. A few days after the new year because “a new year, a new happily married couple,” and Saeran said he wanted to start the new year with his new queen.

But why pink? easy. you guys also had another announcement to make at the reception. You and Saeran took bets to see who could put the missing pieces together.

So, Saeran got teased by his brother and Zen because they assumed that you had him whipped.

It was Yoosung’s question of “wait, why aren’t you drinking any wine? you love wine!” to make people notice and question things. Yoosung was the first one that put it all together. You now owed Saeran twenty dollars.

A Chance

A/N: Hello everyone! I know that I’ve been posting more about Bucky than others but how can you not love that sweet little poor soul? Ugh. And also yes! 2 posts in 1 day. Anyway, always open for request and feedback and sorry if there’s any mistake!

Warnings: slight swearing 

Words: 1.174

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“Quit staring at her!” Steve hit Bucky’s shoulder slightly. Bucky was taken back into the reality after daydreaming about (Y/N).

“What? I wasn’t staring at her uh, I was staring to the window” Bucky tried to search for an alibi.

“Oh please Buck, everybody knows” Steve smirked brightly.

Bucky rolled his eyes to Steve and he was back to his previous position, admiring (Y/N).

“You should maybe ask her out” Steve said from behind. It has been a very long crush from Bucky to her. She was that girl that loves to make others laugh and was the opposite of Bucky.

“You really think so?” Bucky didn’t even bother to look at Steve when he said that.

“Yes. Good luck, buddy” Steve tapped Bucky’s shoulder.

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