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A Chance

A/N: Hello everyone! I know that I’ve been posting more about Bucky than others but how can you not love that sweet little poor soul? Ugh. And also yes! 2 posts in 1 day. Anyway, always open for request and feedback and sorry if there’s any mistake!

Warnings: slight swearing 

Words: 1.174

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“Quit staring at her!” Steve hit Bucky’s shoulder slightly. Bucky was taken back into the reality after daydreaming about (Y/N).

“What? I wasn’t staring at her uh, I was staring to the window” Bucky tried to search for an alibi.

“Oh please Buck, everybody knows” Steve smirked brightly.

Bucky rolled his eyes to Steve and he was back to his previous position, admiring (Y/N).

“You should maybe ask her out” Steve said from behind. It has been a very long crush from Bucky to her. She was that girl that loves to make others laugh and was the opposite of Bucky.

“You really think so?” Bucky didn’t even bother to look at Steve when he said that.

“Yes. Good luck, buddy” Steve tapped Bucky’s shoulder.

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