my post 2

💛good kid memories!💛

💙old pokemon vhs tapes
💛wendys kids meal chicken nuggets
💙juice boxes
💛watching elmos world
💙scented markers
💛decorating cupcakes
💙taking pics of my stuffed animals
💛watching pbs sprout all day long
💙cd rom computer games
💛rereading worn down picture books
💙sitting in the grass under trees at recess
💛root beer float parties
💙light up tinkerbell shoes
💛red and blue 3d glasses
💙aquarium touch pools
💛bean bag chairs
💙cookies and milk

lunar witch namjoon! for @with-this-coven’s au again :3c

i guess this counts as an improvement thing bc it looks a lot like my first ever witch namjoon thing? thank god i actually learned how to draw joonies nose fgjfgj

managed to squeeze this print in right before ECCC! my boys <3