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lyrics: linkin park “iridescent” 

when you were standing in the wake of devastation
   when you were waiting on the edge of the unknown
      and with the cataclysm raining down
   insides crying, “save me now”
you were there, impossibly alone


I’d dreamed of seeing Roy again; how perfect everything would be. Though, the harsh reality was that nothing was the same. Or more so; I wasn’t the same. 

Aside from his new haircut and spots of facial hair, he was the same. His hair seemed lighter, but maybe that was just the gold reflecting off the leaves.

I knew he wanted to talk about everything, how I was doing, would I ever move to Oasis Springs; the same conversations I had been avoiding since he moved. I couldn’t do it, I felt so selfish. He was so incredibly happy, he was following his dreams; I was trying to do the same but I needed him. I tear him from his happiness; I need to find my happiness.


Do you ever think about Zoe Murphy and just start bawling

Requiem is obviously heartrending–she’s clearly deeply, deeply resentful of Connor, not only for terrorizing her, for hurting her, but also I really think for creating sort of a black hole in her family–everything was about Connor and everything about Connor was broken and destructive and terrible–but If I Could Tell Her makes me cry just as hard. Laura Dreyfuss’ performance is astounding tbh, and hammers home how much Zoe wanted a relationship with her brother despite everything: “he always seemed so far away/It’s like I don’t know anything.” It just breaks my heart how hard Zoe is trying to make sense of the Connor she sees in Evan’s letters and how incongruent that person is with the Connor she remembers, and also y'all, Zoe loved her brother!!!! She hated him but she loved him too!!!! Zoe Murphy is so kind and good-hearted and so lonely and I love her she deserves the world ok I’m just saying. I have too many feelings about these sad kids!!

actual scene from KGC
  • (Eggsy gasps. He sees Harry, alive and stunned, standing across from him from a long distance.)
  • Merlin: ...Is that?
  • (Harry and Eggsy begin running towards each other, arms outstretched)
  • Eggsy: HARRY!
  • Harry: EGGSY!
  • Eggsy: HARRY!!
  • Harry: EGGSY!!
  • (Just a few inches away from each other, they abruptly come to a stop as they realize Merlin and the other Statesman are watching them intently.)
  • (Eggsy slowly lowers his arms. Harry follows suit.)
  • Eggsy: (coughs) Uh, good to see you again.
  • Harry: (looking away) Yes, yes, likewise.

flowerboyayato  asked:

hey morg!! i hope you're doing well! headcanon that dan and matt sing to each other randomly and try to always one up each other in pitch. it's all fun and games until matt's voice is cracking like a 12 year boy and dan is basically screaming. allison goes crazy in the car because they both sing mashups when only one song is playing (idk where this came from omg)

umm kieran, bless this post

Honestly though, saying fanfiction writers aren't real authors is like stating that whoever writes about real people and events isn't. Actually, arguably, fanfiction writers do more, because we generally come up with new events for the preset world and characters.

You don’t have to be Tolkien and make up an entire language for your work to be valid, there’s no shame in telling a story without inventing everything in it. Plus, I don’t see anyone shaming Rick Riordan because he didn’t create Greek mythology himself. Then why the hell would one look down on fanfiction writers? Or the song of Achilles, do you see people going on about how it’s not a real book because the story already existed? No you don’t. I could go on and make more examples and arguments…


[170425] HAPPY BIRTHDAY @captivatesme​ ♡

Thank you for your constant love and support! I just can only hope that I can be there for you the same way you’ve been there for me. And while I can’t be there on your actual day, we’ll definitely make up for it during the weekend at EXO’s concert!!! I HICCUP YOU! ♡ See you soon!!!

Decided to go through my blog and delete old D0ctor Wh0, Supern@tural, and Superwh0l0ck stuff.

In other news, I’m going to scoop out my eyeballs and deposit them in the trash.

I’ve been continuously deleting this stuff for the past couple of years hOW IS THERE STILL SO MUCH

  • Both Yuri's: *loses Otabek and Viktor in a crowd*
  • Yurio: shit, where are them?
  • Yuri: I've an idea
  • Yuri: oh there he is. but Otab-
  • Yurio: *screams* DAVAI
  • Otabek: *raise my arm* 👍🏻
  • Yurio: found him too.