my post 14

Do you ever cry because Robin Williams was such a pure person, who deserved to live a long, happy, amazing life, but instead he was just so sad- and he never told anyone. He just kept on making other people happy, and that’s all he wanted. He just wanted others to be happy, even if he couldn’t.

Because I do. All the time.

let this man call his brother cute

Before I was a dumb Zelda fanartist I was a dumb Soul Eater fanartist and seeing Soul Eater stuff on my dashboard made me nostalgic, so here’s some Maka fanart! Even if it’s been years since I’ve left the Soul Eater fandom/series and have moved on to better things, I still have a soft spot for this kid.


Idea taken from this webtoon called 상실에게.

I recommend everyone to go read it (if you can read Korean) because it is heartbreaking and wonderful and destroyed my life forever


Beckett using reverse psychology that time Castle tried to get rid of the elephants, is still one of the funniest moments ever. The way he backtracks saying he actually likes them and her being so proud of herself, priceless.