you know what disgusts me the most? those straight girls in school who’re so into shipping anything gay and so “uwu!1!1!11” about it but if you so much as mention actual gay scenarios they’re all ??????

As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t matter if a person incorrectly self-diagnoses themselves… if they are able to find skills, resources, and communities that help them cope and improve their mental health, that’s amazing.

I’d rather someone being a bit off with their self dx but still getting helped than someone struggling alone.

lotor: [malicious smile] hello, paladins. i’m here to destroy voltron.

allura: i was about to say, “no you won’t, you son of a bitch,” but i’m sure your mother is a lovely person. 

allura: [scans lotor from top to bottom, subtle disgust written on her face] send her my condolences. 

say what you want about klance but the reason i started watching voltron was because i saw the “we did it. we are a good team.” scene posted by a mutual and i was like, “oh sweet, there’s a canon gay couple.”