From oil spills to overflowing landfills, man’s unsustainable quest to live a better life with little regard for the environment has caused a staggering amount of environmental disasters to be formed. At present, pollution is labeled to be the #1 killer, affecting more than 100 million worldwide.

And that’s not all… More than 1 million seabirds and 100 million mammals are killed by pollution every year.  If these photos don’t inspire you to collect trash when you see it, it’s time to wake up. 

Do you want to find more Twenty One Pilots fans near you?

I have created a map that people can add their rough location to in the hope of helping people make more clique friends! All you need to do is add your location to this map.

To add your mark, go to ‘additions’ and select ‘simple marker’ . Use your blog name as the title and a rough location for where you are. Please don’t add your exact location!

This will only work with your help and remember to keep checking back as more marks are added.

This little girl will melt your heart ♥

Nicola Moore This is my daughter! X can’t believe so many people have seen it. She is still a vegitaran hasn’t had meat since! Fyi for some people she wasn’t pushed into anything no one in my family is a vegitaran! The video was recorded after her dad trying so hard to explain and then recorded it to send to me while I was in work “ saying help I don’t know how to explain to her” she loves animals bugs insects I’m not allowed to even kill a fly in my house x