• Someone:I don't like Hamilton The Musical
  • Me @ Lin:pops you should have heard the shit about you. I doubt you would have let it slide and I was not about to

Sorry for the bad camrips. It’s ridiculously quiet so turn up your volume!

It’s only been one episode, so not every character got as much screentime as others (Maki, and Rin and Hanayo especially barely showed up). Still, I think the dub isn’t bad - in fact, it’s pretty good so far!

EDIT: in case anyone is wondering, they are not dubbing the songs!

The flustered!Alec scene from this video got cut out in episode 4

it has been replaced by this in the actual episode:

so it would have been Alec’s response to Magnus saying “Normally, I love a dirty lair, but this one is just sloppy”

I would have loooved to see the 1st version but I guess the writers/director decided to make it more subtle for Alec, since Jace, Izzy and Clary were also in the room. 

I’d like to believe that the 1st one is in fact Alec’s internal reaction to Magnus’s flirting!

the signs as "just astrologer things"

aries: “google is your friend”
taurus: “oh look, this planet is in this sign… guess I can’t do my homework :)”
gemini: the gemini jokes
cancer: explaining at least ten times that yes, you are in fact compatible with anyone
leo: trying not to get irritated around people who don’t know astrology and say they do
virgo: explaining why ophiuchus isn’t a sign at least fifty times
libra: doodling the astrology symbols somewhere and someone going “what do those symbols mean?”
scorpio: “no, scorpio is not satan, no, virgo is not a neat freak, no geminis are not two faced bitches, no, aquas are not aliens”
sagittarius: “when’s your birthday haha? no im not a creep i promise”
capricorn: dealing with people who want to prove astrology is bullshit and trying to keep your cool
aquarius: explaining what a birth chart is, why someone isn’t like their sun sign and sounding like a weirdo
pisces: reading/typing “pieces” as “pisces”