my poor lou

@yahtomingan asled : your latest fav /o/


  • What I like about them : adorable, cute, shy, secretly dangerous, didn’t deserve that ? OF COURSE I’M GOING TO LOVE HIM AND WANT TO HUG AND CUDDLE HIM !!! And the fact that he’s extremely aesthetic doesn’t hurt~
  • What I dislike about them : what is there NOT to love ? except that haircut, of course.
  • Favourite moment : “I don’t think I want, Mr. Graves”
  • Least favourite moment : every time he faces Mary-Lou. My poor, sad little puppy looks so hurt and lost and in pain, and he wants SO much to be liked, and she’s just a GIANT BITCH !!!!
  • A situation with this character that I want to see explored more : Credence discovering everything about magic, getting his wand, learning about everything, and going to London and Diagon Alley with him !
  • An interesting AU for this character : what if Graves hadn’t turned Credence against himself by a few poorly chosen words, and gotten the Obscurus on his side ? That would be terrifying… and probably deadly for poor Credence. Who would be manipulated or forced into attaking or killing many, many people. He would finally break free of the dark wizard’s hold over him, but would escape totally broken by what he was forced to do.
  • A crossover : WHERE IS MY CROSSOVER WITH POKEMON WHERE CREDENCE IS A KADABRA BECAUSE HE LOST CONTROL OF HIS POWERS ???? Then Trainer Newt accidently captures him to study him, and he somehow turns him back, but not before Kadabra!Credence gives him lots of grief because of it.
  • OTP (or OT3+ etc…. just… favourite ship) : okay, Newt x Credence is adorable. I mean, awkward puppy taking care of sad, awkward puppy ? Newt would be SO nice and gentle with Credence, because he may not know about people at all, but he knows how to take care of terrified animals, and a terrified Obscurial is not really different. He would be very discreet, feeding Credence and giving him all the space needed to rest and heal. Credence would just hang around in the suitcase, play with the animals and sleep a lot. Then he would start helping around, because some animals tend to flock to him. Newt would see it, and little by little, give him things to do, explain some others, … And Credence would start to be more comfortable around him, and Newt too. And they would be very, very happy together.
  • Other ships? BUT IMAGINE !! BETTER THAN THAT ! Newt x Tina x Credence ! Awkward puppy and awkward cop puppy taking care of scared puppy ! THey would be two to take care of Credence in their own, awkward way, and trying to be less awkward together (which is of course a feat). It would be very entertaining (for Queenie and Jacob) to see them being real dorks while trying to figure first that they DO like each other and they have FEELINGS, and second that they do like Credence too, and not only as a friend, and they would really like to be closer to him. Cue lots of awkward conversations and glances and mumbling, while Jacob and Queenie just laugh.
  • BROTP : The Niffler and Credence are so totally bros. Credence gave him a shiny thing (the necklace), so the Niffler loves him now. He brings him shiny things to cheer him up, and Credence slips him scraps of his dinner. They are totally adorable together.
  • NOTP : Credence x Graves, at least whree the movie left it. Because Grindelgraves doesn’t care about Credence and just wants to use him. There’s nothing to love here for me, because I want my bby to be loved back for himself, and not for the dark creature inside.
  • An assortment of headcanons!
    - Credence likes to sleep on the middle. He feels totally protected that way, and it means two persons to steal warmth from instead of one !
    - his new wand is made of hawthorne, a wood good for wizards going through a period of turmoil . It holds a part of a dragon heart, and is a very powerful, very capricious wand, good for healing as well as curses. It immediatly clicks wih Credence, and quickly proves to be an irremplacable ally.
    - his comfort food is EVERYTHING because he didn’t get to eat tasty things while in Mary-Lou’s house. So he likes almost everything and anything. He doesn’t eat much at first, so Jacob and Queenie cook him lots of little snacks and fix him small plates of everything delicious they can find.
    - his Patronus is a Sinistros. A huge, black dog with red eyes. It’s gigantic and terrifying and scares him when he first manages to produce it.
    - he loves to take care of the animals with Newt. That way, he feels useful, and repaying in a way what he did for him. And it’s very nice to be with them, because they are not scared of him, and they even… like him ! When they do, Newt is always talking about his creatures and giving him interesting tidbits of information, and it feels so good and comfortable.
    - Tina likes to take him around in New York. There are so many places Credence hadn’t seen, and so many things too ! He always looks around with such amazed eyes. People scare him, of course, he doesn’t like being in crowds, but he holds Tina’s hand tight, and he feels safe.
    - since he doesn’t have the necklace anymore, he’s often playing with the hem of his shirt, pulling loose threads, etc… He used to bite his nails, but he’s trying to stop because it gets them jagged and it doesn’t feel good for Newt and Tina when he holds their hands.