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Abeshiya Week — Day: #3
Prompt: Celebrations - Abeshiya drabble under the cut
↳ Happy birthday to our favorite flower child! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

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Because I need a photo.  Also as an excuse to evade processing yet more bad news that I absolutely don’t want to deal with right now-  Stay tuned for more!

In the mean time-  After a solid week of funemployment and doing very little except playing Witcher 3 and thinking-  As much as I enjoy the physical trade of bar tending, my most recent forced return to the serving life and the over all poor attitudes and morale in the food industry lead me to believe I will probably murder myself graphically if I have to deal with that for the rest of my life.

I’ve been thinking about possibly returning to school-  either taking on a trade or finding another relatively short degree that leads to a relatively painless career that makes a relatively decent amount of money.  Currently thinking about possibly getting into school for an X-Ray Technician degree, but the thoughts are in the formulative stages, for sure.

I can’t rightly say that it makes my soul burn, thinking about going to work to perform those duties;  But then again, I can’t really think of anything reasonable that would.  It’d be a two year degree, pay a fair sum, and would be mostly desk work.  Far from ideal but better than the nowhere that I’m currently going.

Finally got around to making this. Please ignore this poor excuse for a banner. Graphic design is not one of my strong points. 

2016 has been a long run of a road for not just me but a lot of us out there. In less than a few hours for me it’ll be 2017 and I can’t wait to make a new me for it and grow during it.

Over the entire course of this year I’ve met so many amazing people, got my dream url, and found so much enjoyment in this site. After being put in the line of respect for so many of my mutuals I wanted to make one of these of my own

I’m gonna do my best to not leave anyone out but I’m sure I will so please if your name is missing it’s nothing personal just message me and I’ll add you!~ 

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Hello Friends!

This is my very first giveaway to celebrate my 1000 followers!

Please excuse the poor header!

  • Rules:

mbf me, this is for my followers after all!

There will only be one winner! He or she may choose one or two things of their choosing depending on price.

Likes do not count, but reblogs count as one entry. Try not to span your followers!

I ship everywhere!

I will be using a random number generator, so it is fair!

  • Items:

Stainless Steel Doctor Who travel mug, completely dishwasher safe.

Supernatural graphic T. (You can tell me what size you desire.)

Supernatural bracelet 

Supernatural Iphone case

Harry Potter Golden Snitch pocket watch on a necklace.

Doctor Who Iphone police box case.

Sherlock 221B Iphone case

Sherlock I O U Apple necklace.

Supernatural necklace with wings.

  • This giveaway will end lets say on January 5th 12 AM Eastern Time.
  • If you have any questions please feel free to message me!

A while back I surpassed 500+ followers! (which is insane to me tbh i’m such trash why) To celebrate, I’m doing a follow forever and a url giveaway which you can check out here!

If you don’t follow these blogs already, go check them out because they’re all amazing ngl

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hi everyone!! here is my poor excuse for a graphic for my 3rd follow forever! tysm @ everyone who follows me + here are some gr8 blogs that i love 

mutuals are bolded i love yall lots 

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i hope i didnt miss anyone or mess up when bolding!! again thx for following and being gr8 ur all wonderful