my poor cookie

I actually did really well on my finals???

shallow-seas-we-sail  asked:

warrior!jane.. jane dressing as Xena to go in and diffuse the bomb... bonus points for Maura as Gabrielle, Frankie as a lovesick Joxer, Frost as Autolycus and Korsak staying back and grooming Argo behind the police barricades. i wish i could draw, so i'm leaving this on your doorstep.

Ok, so after a metric fucktonne  bit of heartache, I have this for you!

Some words for the half of my cookie that I just lost while dipping it in warm milk...

My dearest half cookie

that I was about to eat

I wanted to enjoy your flavor

so I dipped you in the milk

but the warm waves of the liquid

made you weak and very soft

and you deattatched yourself

from the half that was not moist

and I lost you now forever

my half cookie with chips

in the vast and warm content

of the cup I must now drink

I will cherish you forever

until we meet again

my dearest half cookie

you were indeed a good friend

[Esto me pasa por comer galletitas con café con leche mientras miro algo…]