my poor baby clara

  • Rose: *gets trapped in a parallel universe*
  • Me: oh no! Ah well at least she has her parents and Mickey
  • Martha: *leaves*
  • Me: You go girl go have an amazing life
  • Donna: *forgets everything*
  • Me: Whyyyyyyyy. At least she has her mum and Wilf, hey look she gets married and wins the lottery, good for her!
  • Rory and Amy: *get sent off into the past by weeping angels*
  • Me: This is sad but at least they have each other. Aw they adopted a baby!!
  • Clara: *dies*
  • Me: WHAT SHE HAS NOTHING MY POOR BABY DOES NOT DESERVE THIS *breaks down and cries for hours*
Life Lessons from Doctor Who

You can accomplish anything if you have two billion years to do it.