y’know what really gets me

y’know what really fucking gets me

is that one scene is philosopher’s stone

the first time harry has snape in potions

and the poor boy is literally taking in everything snape is saying

scribbling down all these notes that aren’t even important

and he’s trying so fucking hard

all he wants to do is learn and achieve his best

and then snape swoops in like well motherfucker clearly you think that you know enough to not listen to a word I’m saying

and then proceeds to call him out when he’s doing nothing wrong

he’s just desperate to keep up with the others and do the best he can in this new world and I just I’m too emotional to continue I’m sorry

i’m just so sick of ron weasley being shit on and overlooked and told he’s not good enough over and over again, by other characters, by the fandom, and now even by the author i’m really upset