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Hey! Do you think Percy was physically abused by Gabe? I do, and it's heavily implied that he was, but I wanted your opinions bc your blog is perfection. You made me love dark!percy and slytherin!percy, btw (Bye, bye, badge cinnamon roll Percy) <3


Now, I completely and entirely believe that Percy was physically abused by Gabe. I had to get out my books for this cause nothing bothers me more when people try to downplay Percy’s abuse.

“Whenever I was home, he expected me to provide his gambling funds. He called that our ‘guy secret.’ Meaning, if I told my mom, he would punch my lights out.”

Woah, woah, woah. Let me repeat that. “He would punch my lights out.” Yeah, for some reason I can’t just take that line as an exaggeration or joke, especially since child abuse should never be exaggerated or joked about. I think it was heavily implied that whenever Percy quote-on-quote ‘messed up’ in Gabe’s eyes, he would get hit, punched, or knocked around to whatever extreme Gabe saw fit as punishment.

And something else that stands out. “Our ‘guy secret.’” This a commonly used line used by abusers of all sorts. The ‘our little secret’ is often said as to ensure that kids won’t go telling on them and is a form of manipulation.

“He raised his hand, and my mother flinched.”

It’s already canon that Gabe was abusing Sally’s mother, so I really wouldn’t put it past him to hit Percy as well, since Gabe’s dislike of the kid was so strong and obvious whenever they were near each other. I felt like Percy had the mentality that if he took the abuse quietly and let Gabe take out his frustrations on him, then there would be nothing left for his mother. Obviously that wasn’t the case.

What the signs don’t tell you (X)


  • They are infatuated with worlds they can never belong to. Aquarians tend to travel all over the universe in their minds. Because of this, they often lose their sense of self and end up feeling like they don’t belong anywhere. They need a place to feel safe, but not bored. They need the whole world but they know they’ll never have it. That’s their biggest challenge in life: finding a way to cope with the small amount of sky they are given.

y’know what really gets me

y’know what really fucking gets me

is that one scene is philosopher’s stone

the first time harry has snape in potions

and the poor boy is literally taking in everything snape is saying

scribbling down all these notes that aren’t even important

and he’s trying so fucking hard

all he wants to do is learn and achieve his best

and then snape swoops in like well motherfucker clearly you think that you know enough to not listen to a word I’m saying

and then proceeds to call him out when he’s doing nothing wrong

he’s just desperate to keep up with the others and do the best he can in this new world and I just I’m too emotional to continue I’m sorry

but imagine you and luke broke up and one day you’re at the mall with a new guy and luke was there as well and then when he saw you guys together he was really hurt cause he was still so fucking in love with you and he just gave you that look