my poor babeh

Monsta X Reaction: You teasing them and not giving them any of your food.


He would just laugh honestly, everytime you would make him say “Ah~” but then eat the food yourself, he would whine, and just give up.

“I’m sorry babe here you can have some.”

“No you’re not, you just like to see me suffer!”

“No i’m serious here!” You’d say bringing the noodles to his lips and letting him eat. He would grin ear to ear, wondering how you could be so cute, he would take some of your food when you’re weren’t looking though.

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“Oh so you’re just not gonna let me eat? Well I guess i’m not giving you this diamond its not even diamonds its silver necklace then.”

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When you were done cooking you had lied to Minhyuk saying all the food was for yourself and not for him, “B-but jagiya :’((((” this would make him hella pouty and believe it lmao.

You had went to wash your hands but as soon as you came back Minhyuk had devoured almost all of the food.


“You should have gave me some this wouldn’t of never happened ___-ah”

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“Kihyun those are my chocolates give them back.”

“Fine take it you greedy-”

*Drops it all on the floor, both him and Hyungwon are shook cuz you gon whoop his ass later*

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“Babe can I have some cake~”

“No you may not~”

“Fine then bish you can’t have none of my Starbucks I just bought.”

“I-I was just kidding!”

*Takes half of your cake and leaves* “Well I wasn’t :)”

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LMAO my poor babe

He would just sigh, wondering why you were like this, he would do aegyo to try and persuade you. He was so close to taking a huge bite, but then his face smashed into a pillow. “Sorry this is just too good to share with you, maybe next time.” you said as you got up and left humming happily.

“Okay I see how it is babe.”

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“Bish you got two seconds to give me some of your damn fries before I call all the aliens to abduct you.”

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