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Can we just discuss this? This was when she saw Rhea on her phone talking to Kara, and when she asked, Rhea blatantly lied to her face. Lena KNOWS she’s lying (and TBH, she always knew in the back of her mind that Rhea is shady), but she chooses to ignore it. She struggles, but she still turns away and continues to work. She wants SO BADLY to believe that someone (besides Kara) is truly good, and truly believes in her. She turns away, knowing better, because despite everything, Lena Luthor has a hopeful optimism that trumps her rationality simply because her heart is desperate for love.

This also ties into the headcanon that Lena knows Kara is Supergirl, but is in a bit of denial about it, simply because she wants to believe her life can be normal, for one second. For one second, she can have a friend who doesn’t have any ulterior motives, and doesn’t have a past that is tangled with her last name. Kara is her safe place, a place to go to hide from the reality of her life, and admitting she’s Supergirl adds layers of complications that I don’t think she’s ready to face. Lena Luthor is smarter than everyone, but she chooses to overlook certain things, almost as a reflex, to protect her heart.

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I DELIVER- It’s also another shitty excuse to draw blood so HURRAH- 

  • Zack: *walks beside Ray and glaces at her* Ya'know, shouldn't girls your age be freaking out over blood actually?
  • Ray: *stops walking and looks at Zack blankly*...What?
  • Zack: I mean, aren't girls normally afraid of blood?
  • Ray: .....Zack....Do you know the term period and what it means?
  • Zack: ..A what?
  • Ray: Oh my god

Pharah. Pharah it’s just an expression. Pharah calm your gay. PHARA STOP THROWING APPLES. PHARAH.


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Characters- Florist!Gadreel x Reader

Summary- As an artist, most of your time spent is sketching. So when you notice a small flower shop, you can’t resist the opportunity to sketch some flowers. Little did you know, the florist held his own allure.

Word Count- 1,363

Warnings- Mega fluff.

A/N- ‘Convallaria’ is the scientific name for Lily of the Valley. I gotta give a shout out to @icecream-and-gadreel for giving me florist!Gad feels so bad that I had to write this fluff monster. This is my first time writing Gad, so let me know what you think!

You’re surprised you’d never noticed it before, really. The quaint shop sat across the street from your usual seat in your favorite cafe, in easy view as you sketched passersby. The large front window was filled with gorgeous bouquets of flowers, all bright and cheerful. The sign on the window read ‘The Garden of Eden’ in beautiful flowing script- a little cheesy, you supposed, but it somehow fit.

You’re far too intrigued by the small shop to not take a look, so you finish off your coffee, tucking your sketchbook under your arm.

The door jingles happily as you push the door open, the light floral scent pleasant as your eyes drift over the various shapes and colors. Some of the more popular flowers sit in the front- daisies, daffodils, carnations, roses, and peonies all lined beautifully along the shelves. The more exotic flowers though, are gorgeous, half-remembered names escaping you as you open your sketchbook and pull your pencil from behind your ear. You start sketching small white bell-shaped flowers, the happy little petals and sweet scent pulling a smile from you as you sketch away.

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