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I could’ve been a contender. You’re still a contender. Oh yeah? I’m broke, busted, beggared. I have no apartment, no car; hell, my license expired 3 months ago. Get outta here.


castiel meme favorite quotes about castiel (6/6)
» “You think I didn’t notice? You are broken, Castiel. You were always a bit of a nancy, but this? You have gone full wuss. I don’t know what it was that happened, but whatever it was, you are scarred… deep. Paralyzed by trauma, by fear. I mean, look at you. You can’t even hit me! Okay. So I misjudged. You’re not scared. You’re mad. And I get it. I mean, it must suck being everyone’s tool. Manipulated and used by the angels, by your enemies, by your friends. You thought if you could get your grace back, it would help fix you, but it hasn’t! Who do you have to thank for how angry you are, how lost? You’re welcome.” — Metatron, 11.06


“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.”  
 ― Ed Sheeran

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So y’all wondering if Episode Six wouldn’t leave you an emotional mess right?


This episode has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions from the very start to the very end. So for those of you who haven’t watched the newest episode of Lucifer yet, you can turn back here now and try to prepare yourselves for what’s to come. Although no amount of preparation would help you to be honest. 

So let’s start from the top shall we?

Not even one minute in and you’re already seeing Lucifer getting drunk and flirting aggressively and just going on a downward spiral of despair and anguish and it’s really painful to watch. 

Messed up Lucifer who looks like Hell as Chloe quoted is too much and hurts you because you’re seeing him in a way punishing himself and grieving too by the drinking, the eating of too much junk food, being downright aggressive but also being super calm which is really frightening cause you know he is super angry mostly at himself and you don’t know what he is going to do. WHICH LEADS ME TO GETTING THE SHOCK OF MY LIFE WHEN HE PUNCHES DAN IN THE FACE. And then him at his club after getting the boot from Chloe and just trying to play the piano in his emotional state but ending it abruptly and breaking down for a moment to angrily chase away the guests in his club. 

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But let’s talk about Amenadiel cause he is suffering too. He is grieving. And Charlotte aka Mom takes advantage of that which I am hella mad about. And you get to see where Lucifer had actually buried Uriel. At first, I was like what is so significant about that tree. But it wasn’t the tree oh no. It was under the tree. URIEL’S GRAVE WAS UNDER THAT TREE AND TO KNOW THAT LUCIFER BURIED HIS LITTLE BRO WITH HIS OWN TWO HANDS HURTS ME. ESPECIALLY WHEN AMENADIEL BREAKS DOWN UPON SEEING IT AND LUCIFER HALLUCINATING FOR A MOMENT SEEING URIEL.

And then he goes after the shooter and cries out for him to be shot and his little angry conversation with the shooter and how Chloe sees through it and figures out he wants to punish himself and then pleading to him to talk to her but he just rejects her and shuts her out because how could he possibly just tell her that he killed his brother, an angel, to protect her when she doesn’t even believe him now. 


Overall there were cute moments like Mazikeen being accepted demon face and all by Trixie and you could see how happy and relieved she was. And Maze intimidating the guy to give Trixie more candy and money included!? And then these two just cuddling up together on the couch. That soothed my heart for a bit.

AND THEN THIS EPISODE WENT STRAIGHT FOR THE JUGULAR. Lucifer FREAKING reveals himself to Linda. I am still in shock and still cannot believe that just happened but it did. 

But instead of being accepted at first glance, Linda was completely shook and all this after she told Lucifer to be honest with her. He looked so hopeful and so happy for a second thinking that she would still accept him after everything but NOPE. HIS WORLD JUST CAME CRASHING DOWN.

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Dedication Part 4: Coda - A Moriel Fic

At long, long, long last the final part of this moriel pre series monster is finished! yay! thank you so much @widowshulk for looking through this for me! 

Part 1: Shadow Song 

Part 2: Dawn Chorus 

Part 3: Concerto 

Title: Dedication Part 4: Coda 

Summary: Rhys leaves Azriel and Mor alone, returning to the Night Court. Both of them find themselves torn from sleep by ragged nightmares as their pasts return to haunt them. Together, they work through some of the horrors in their past and find themselves drawn closer together as a result. 

Teaser:  ‘“Morrigan, Morrigan,” she looks at him without really seeing him. “It’s not real,” he whispers softly, knowing that those words are thin and empty as what she witnessed in that dream had been real. But not now, not anymore, he found her, brought her here, saved her. “I’m here,” he breathes quietly, wondering if that can possibly calm her, “I’m here with you, Morrigan. I’m here, it’s all right now.”’

Link: AO3 

Familiar silence once again folds Azriel into its waiting arms. The cabin around him is quiet. Rhys left a few hours before, taking the healer with him; Mor, thankfully, still sleeps soundly in the other room. No-one has intruded upon their peace since Rhys left. Azriel hasn’t budged from the chair he obstinately settled himself in after his talk with Rhys. He had promised her that he would stay close; that he wouldn’t leave her, and he has no intention of breaking that promise.

The domestic magic of the cabin urges him to look after himself, offering food and drink in abundance and providing pillows and blankets. He ignores it all. But even his iron cast will isn’t enough to stop him from dozing. Using his power to jump between the Night Court and Autumn, his frantic, terrified searching in the snow and then the hundreds of miles he flew at breakneck speed to get Mor to safety all without pausing or resting have taken their toll on him. His eyes are heavy and, in spite of himself, he eventually sinks into sleep, reluctant but irresistible, like drowning in thick quicksand.

His dreams are twisted and dark. The faces of his brothers, horribly contorted, spring up all around him, pressing in, getting closer and closer and closer all the time, the way the walls in his cell had done when he had been a child. Blackness, deep and complete, obscures his vision as they swarm over him, blotting out the world once more.

Flame blazes, a horrifying light in the darkness that he wishes to extinguish. His relief that his brothers do not once more turn that wild, roaring hunger upon him again is short-lived. A moment later he notices Morrigan curled, helpless, on the floor of his cell. Her body is covered in blood and bruises as it had been when he had found her only hours before in the Autumn Court. His brothers are advancing on her. Azriel cries out in panicked desperation, fighting to get to her, but his wings are pinned once more, staked to the wall behind him and he is as helpless as he was all those years ago. His brothers reach her, pulling her up from the floor and bearing down upon her with the sick smiles he came to know so well. Her eyes go wide and she stares at him, pleading, terrified, as their hands leave more marks upon her delicate skin, they douse her in the same oil that had once covered his hands, the scent making him convulse and strain, trashing to get to her, to stop them but then they-

Her scream pierces his soul and tears him from the nightmare.

Azriel jerks awake, covered in sweat and panting. The echo of that cry is piercing and so full of terror it cuts straight through his ribs, jarring his bones, and strikes directly at his heart. It takes him several pounding heartbeats to realise that it does not exist only in his dreams.

Azriel is on his feet in seconds, diving for the door of Mor’s bedroom. The cabin was impossible to find, impossible to enter, how could they have gotten to her? How could he have let them?

Drawing the sword in a single fluid motion from where it’s sheathed at his spine Azriel bursts through the door to her room, sinking into a stance ready to attack in order to defend on instinct. He quickly realises however that the room is empty but for the two of them.

Sheathing his sword Az berates himself for not having seen this coming. Of course she would have nightmares following what she’d been through. Shaking off the memories of his own he crosses the room to her, swift and silent and kneels down beside her.

She’s thrashing so wildly on the bed, clearly petrified, that she’s tangled herself badly in the sheets which have wrapped around her body and pinned her like twisting ropes. This restraint only terrifies her further, no doubt reminding her of her ordeal and she fights even harder to escape, her eyes wide and horrified as they had been in his dreams.

Afraid that she’s going to hurt herself Azriel catches her wrists gently but firmly in his hands, stopping her struggling so wildly, making her notice his presence. “Morrigan, Morrigan,” she looks at him without really seeing him. “It’s not real,” he whispers softly, knowing that those words are thin and empty as what she witnessed in that dream had been real. But not now, not anymore, he found her, brought her here, saved her. “I’m here,” he breathes quietly, wondering if that can possibly calm her, “I’m here with you, Morrigan. I’m here, it’s all right now.”

He murmurs softly to her, repeating her name and soft, vague comforts until her great, brown eyes manage to focus on him. The moment he sees her take him in and understand her situation he releases her wrists, severing the contact between them. Shifting in a little closer Az works to quickly and deftly untangle her. The entire time he works on her she sits unnaturally still save for her uncontrollable, violent trembling.

As soon as he frees her, dropping the blankets to the floor to reinforce that, her whole body becomes boneless and she folds in on herself, sobbing, knees drawn up to her chest, slender body shaking with the force of her convulsions.

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