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ok so i'm watching what's of 80s voltron on netflix and the one where allura gets stabbed by a cat ended on a very confusing scene: lotor breaks a wine glass and it shows allura... then a different lady!! who is she?? is that his mom??? (ur the 80s expert around here so i'm turning my trust into u poof)

in golion, the girl that shows up in the wine cup is actually his altean mother! in 80s voltron, they obviously did some heavy editing to change the story–so of course–to avoid sincline/lotor’s oepidus obsession, they took the chance to make lotor’s mom as “allura”, they did the same thing with shiro–in golion, shiro dies in the 6th episode and his younger brother, ryou takes his place to help the team. meanwhile, in 80s voltron, sven (shiro) gets “injured” and is sent to planet ebb for hospitalization–while he was there apparently ebb was under attack by doom and he was captured and enslaved. they used ryou to make it look like “sven” got captured, ya feel? so yeah!!


I finally got some photos of my Eevee cosplay!

I’m so happy with how it came out!

The fur I actually made out of @ardawigs Jumbo braids. I made my own wefts, sewed them into the dress, and styled them into Eevee’s iconic poofs.

My wig is also Arda. It’s their style Grace in Warm Light Brown.

Photos are by Midas Touch Photography

also fun fact: when my hair is properly cut and i havent brushed it, it looks same as that curly haired girl’s hair except a bit messier. my hair poof comes from that when i mess my curls with brushing.

Pidge actually did take up gardening after all, with some help from their Trash Buddies of course!

I’m just tired, man. Like there’s so much angry and negativity in the world, and the one safe place I had for the last few years, the place where I found strength to get out of a really bad situation in my life, is gone. Poof.

Maybe I’m being over-dramatic, God knows I am so often, but this one took a lot from me. 

Look. Felix (Pewdiepie) made a mistake, he thought his little “joke” was comedy, but as someone who’s been studying comedy for the past four fucking years, racism is not comedy. If you’re gonna target a group of people for the sake of a joke, you make damn sure they deserve it. Jewish people do not deserve it. Saying “death to” a group of people who have had the fucking shit kicked out of them for centuries is not fucking funny. It’s sad and, quite honestly, lazy. What pisses me off is that instead of 100% owning up to it, he’s trying to write it off as a “joke gone wrong.” Buddy. Admit you fucked up big time. Admit the joke was not funny and that it wasn’t humor. It was not comedy. By calling it comedy, you offend people who pour their heart and soul into making the masses laugh and feel good. 

And then, major Youtubers backed him up, saying he’s “just being himself.” People like Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Lordminion777, all people who in the past have supported love and acceptance. People who I’ve looked up to for years. Hell, I’d go as far to say Mark was an idol of mine. However, they all backed up someone who is too much of a coward and too into himself to admit he made a mistake. 

As someone who really admired these people, I’m hurt as hell. 

As someone who’s studied communications and public relations for the last four years, I’m pissed off as fuck. You wanna support him? Fine. But don’t try to step back from repercussions of doing so. You went into this mess, you STAY in. Pewdiepie landed himself in hot water and by supporting him just being his wacky ol’ self, you jumped right in too. I understand standing up for a friend, but if my friend went and pulled some shit like that? You bet your ass I’m calling them out. To pull from Harry Potter books, if Neville Longbottom can stand up to his friends, so can you.

To conclude, jokes about killing minorities isn’t comedy. If you try to use them for comedy, you’re lazy and you’re pretty pathetic. Pewdiepie is a grown adult, and needs to be held accountable for his actions.       

That lovely scene where Yuuri subconsciously touched Viktor’s hair as if he still couldn’t believe that his beloved idol was in front of him.

Since finding out about Vicky’s cruel treatment, the Turners look for a new babysitter. This one holds off homework time by 30 minutes if Timmy can beat him in Mario Kart. Too bad he never lets the kids win. Sometimes he’s a ghost. It seems that only Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda notice it, though.