my political statement

nsfw doesn’t mean “sexual” it means “not safe for work” meaning “It can get you in trouble if it comes up on your screen at work”. 

this applies to myriads of other public social situations as well. In a dorm commons, at a coffee shop, places where you’re in public when you want to avoid people seeing you looking at social situations. 

so stop trying to make a political statement by not listing nudity as nsfw, which it is, and actually be considerate for people who don’t want to get fucking fired because their boss sees them scrolling past nude images on their screen while on a break. and so on with every other situation you could be checking social media sites in.


Representing the U.S.A., Leo de la Iglesia, skating to “Still Alive”

“I want to fill the world with things I like.”

This whole #CelebrateDiversity thing was a step-down from past ESC’s. Yes, they made it their motto, but it didn’t really show up anywhere or was really highlighted through the contest except when Hungary was up.

This could’ve been the perfect opportunity to show just how DIVERSE Europe is when it comes to its cultures and its people , and yet the motto totally fell flat and felt like a fancy label that wasn’t actually relevant 

Oops sorry just a bit of French politics(-ish)

Watching Le Grand Débat… Im not exactly sure whats been happening for the last 2 hours. I don’t exactly live in France, but close enough? i think?? or i thought??? But wtf??!
First off, I just can’t understand a single word that strange strong-nosed man is uttering (what kind of accent is that?) (also he was eating his own glasses at some point i think). A permanently angry communist candidate is directly responding and standing next to well-known high-scoring fascist. Aaand some kind of anarchist who deliberately got dressed like he just got out of bed is constantly bringing chaos into the studio with only sheer nerve and sass.
Never thought id say this but French politics is w i i i i l d

I hate the way people say “I don’t like to get into politics” as if everyone has that choice. My existence is a political statement. There is no way for me to exist without being “political”. Politics are not just opinions to me, they are the difference between life and death. And if you don’t understand that, if you can’t even imagine that, be thankful that your existence isn’t controversial. That your existence isn’t a talking point at family dinners. Because not everyone has that privilege.

All of my gym shirts are my political or statement shirts. Going to the gym wearing a “Fuck Politeness” or a “Will Trade Racists for Refuges” gives me a reason to go to the gym and tell the assholes to stay away.

“cis-brainwashed trans people” is what someone called truscum on one of my posts

lol okay im cis-brainwashed because i dont want cis people claiming to be trans when theyre not im the exact opposite of brainwashed im opposed to cis people using my condition as a political statement and accessory

So, as I’ve mentioned before, I grew up in fundamentalist Christianity in the religious right.

On the one side, I have an /intimate/ knowledge of how extremist belief systems perpetuate and what they look like from the inside.

On the other side, literally everything about the tone of politics right now is triggering as hell.

mairelon replied to your postAll of my gym shirts are my political or statement…

Ooh is it an MFM shirt? 

The “Fuck Politeness” one is, but I bought a bunch of other ones from 

Its all very amusing when a dudebro coming over to explain how to use the adductor and then realizes my shirt says “Trample the Patriarchy” 

Are the United States not cultish?
We exclude foreigners
By making the process of immigration
Near impossible, and to become a citizen
Is even more difficult,
As though anyone from a foreign land
Must have foreign ideas
And should not be trusted to vote.
Do they not live here, too?
Is America not a place where all citizens
Must abide by the law
And must not speak out
For fear of being shot at a protest
Or being singled out
As a threat to the nation?
Is our freedom of speech not limited
To political correctness,
Which is only correct
By our own standards?
Jury duty has become a church,
A place where the judge
And lawyers preach
And the jurors must worship the law,
No matter how outdated,
Because it is the word
Of the government, our gods.
We pay taxes like a sacrifice to the gods,
And the favor is never returned.
We press our doctrine
Onto other countries
In hopes that it will spread like disease
And infect the whole world
As if it would somehow
Make us all immune
To future problems,
But disease cannot spread
Without causing harm.
Although most of us have lost our faith,
We are too zealous to see
That faith cannot be restored
By the same system that took it away.