my political philosophy

I was trying to explain my political philosophy to someone, and the only words that didn’t feel wrong in my mouth were, “evidence-based ameliorist.”

I believe in whatever works to make shit better.  I believe our decisions should not be informed by lofty and distant ideas, but the concrete evidence of what works and what doesn’t.  What helps people survive? What helps them thrive? What sounds like a great idea but never works in real life?

I believe in politics informed by legitimate social sciences. Social policy informed by statistics, not scripture.  Financial policy that safeguards the future instead of being penny-wise and pound-foolish.  Political conversations based in careful examination of what’s actually being proposed, not ignorant discussions of ideals.

This isn’t some revolutionary thing I’m talking about.  This is how I’m used to cities, regions, countries, being governed.  Because good governance is more often about coalitions of evidence-based ameliorists with very different ideologies, than ideologically pure groups of people who reject anyone who believes differently than they do.

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My political philosophy is basically Oscar Wilde, Albert Einstein, Bertrand Russell, Peter Kropotkin, Jeremy Bentham, Angela Davis, the entire caste of Friends, Rousseau, and scrolling down the Wikipedia page for anarchism.

I am v curious as to how that all adds up to a consistent stance on any given issue

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-What’s your age? I’ll be 24 tomorrow?!

-What’s your current job? Starting an internship as a teacher next Monday :)

-What are you talented at? Public speaking and art?

-What is a big goal you are working toward (or have already achieved)? I aspire to be a teacher someday…

-What’s your aesthetic? looking at my blog, I’d say the obvious winter aesthetic + probably peach blossoms?!

-Do you collect anything? I started a collection of fruit stickers for that page on Wreck This Journal. I never stopped.

-What’s a topic you always talk about? Gender studies, gender studies, gender studies (my friends hate me) + political philosophy.

-What’s a pet peeve of yours? Bad manners.

-Good advice to give? The whole lyrics to “Vienna” by Billy Joel.

-What are three songs you’d recommend? oh well, “Vienna” by Billy Joel, “Handwritten” by The Gaslight Anthem and “Lover, You Should Have Come Over” by Jeff Buckley.

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// may 5 //
my sleep schedule is really really messed up because before last night I hadn’t slept for 36 hours.
I’m starting to feel very overwhelmed and all I want to do is curl up and go to sleep until this week is over.
I feel like I have too much to do and I don’t know where to start D: ugh. bad day. bad bad day.
in other news I made some pretty pages for my political philosophy final on Thursday :) I thought I would share because I like the way they turned out!