my pokemanz

My Gen 4 Pokemon Team

I use this team on my Pokemon Platinum a lot.

Saix Lv. 50, male

Mamopig Lv. 50, female

Starkles Lv. 51, female

Lucas Lv. 52, male

Kyle Lv. 54, male

Mediator Lv. 56, origin forme

I really love my team XD I don’t know why but I favor a lot of the blue pokemon, but maybe that’s because there are more blue pokemon than anything.

Even tho i’m a total pokemon novice we still the pokemanz crew. My job is to just sit and wonder what pokemon that is while the poke senpais wrek shop. Also I want that lucario kigu irl*^*

starexorcist as Starachi, badgersinbowties as Micachu, and me as Lucaraibo (I tried)