my point still stands

this has been regurgitated a million times already at this point but i just cant help but feel nothing but so happy for alan. villainous was like, something he genuinely cared about. somthin he made as a kid on deviantart and instead of abandoning it he kept going on to improving and finally being able to see something he cares about made into a show that everyone can see and the best part is that its getting SO much support and attention from thousands of people,
besides that, imagine how much hope this gives for kids working hard on a story or characters they’re creating that they want to see projected to a bigger audience that will love their stuff. we should really be encouraging this stuff more instead of calling kids cringey like a bunch of douches are doing right now. all i ask for


I’ve joked about this before eons ago, but Tintin being Extra™ and dramatic while fainting from heat exhaustion has always been kind of hilarious to me

also, that art progression tho!! 💯👌✨

ok so i get why people are saying “sana is better off without a love interest!11!!1!” but as a muslim teen living in the uk, i think it’s v v v important to show that we too have crushes???? like obviously sana has so much layers to her and there’s so much things that could be explored but i just think that it’s key to show anyone who doesn’t know us personally that we’re literally just the same typical girls?? we’re no different, we like boys, we develop crushes, we have feelings and are just like sana in that respect (unfortunately i don’t have a yousef acar round my house every saturday to stare at but doesn’t mean i don’t stare at boys and think of them). and just because sana has a crush, it doesn’t completely rid her off being a relatable and multi-dimensional character. there’s so much to her ofc, but y’all got to understand that yousef is important in showing that she’s legit no different and shouldn’t be treated differently. 

so lemme get this straight

you’ve got grown-ass men drawing loli porn and hypersexualizing young female characters (maybe not in this particular fandom, but my point still stands), and yet the people you choose to shit on are the (mostly) younger girls who enjoy a cute shark guy?? bc its ‘cringey’ or whatever the fuck???

miss me w/ that garbage lmao

on that note, instead of complaining that there’s more pics of sidon than female characters (which is a little sad but a lot of people mostly like drawing characters they personally find attractive), why not:

1). draw it yourself or

2). commission one of your favorite artists to do it

because both of those options are much better and more productive than pretending you have some sort of superiority over other people just because you don’t like a character

people get so mad about symmetra like “she requires no skill play a better hero” but you wanna know who really doesn’t require skill???? junkrat

yeah symmetra doesnt have to aim but junkrat doesnt even have to see the enemy. just fucking shoot in the general direction of the baddies and you get play of the fucking game. sue me.

You know, I think it’s kinda funny when people say that Archie Comics’ portrayal of Dr. Eggman is “too dark”, considering the sorts of things he’s done in the games all these years.

Such as when he burned down an entire jungle for no apparent reason:

Or when he burned an entire city to the ground with a giant demonic Metal Sonic:

(a hypothetical scenario, but my point still stands)

Then there was that time he planned to utterly demolish a definitely populated city with a god-like monster just so he could build a monument to himself in its place. (blowing up the city with a big missile was Plan B.)

Don’t forget that he blew up half of the f***ing moon simply as a demonstration of power!:

He also shot a big ol’ f***-off laser into the Earth with the intent of fracturing the planet to unleash a horrific eldritch-being!:

Sometime afterwards, he conquered an entire alien race to be used as a fuel source:

While we’re on the subject, let’s talk about “organic batteries”, something that has been in use by our good doctor since his very first appearance:

Sure, from the right distance it seems silly and fairly inoffensive for a cartoon villain, but Eggman is literally using living animals as batteries! That’s pretty damn creepy!

And need I remind you that this is the same guy who litters all of his bases with things like giant buzz saws and flamethrowers with the clear intent of horrifically maiming and killing anyone who trespasses!:

And that’s when he’s not being particularly imaginative!

And then there’s whatever the hell this is all about:

So you can understand my amusement when I hear someone say that something like this:

is “too dark” and “out of character”.

You see, it is entirely possible to have a character that is both affable on the surface while also having a warm gooey center of horrific insanity! He doesn’t need to be just one or the other at all times.

Well, that’s all I have to say about that. I’m not even sure this is a topic of discussion anymore (I’m not terribly active within the fanbase). But yeah. :p

You know, why is it that hardcore yuri shit always goes down in the nurse’s office, and the nurse is never there? It’s like, all these raging lesbians are hanging out in their office either conducting sexytimes or dramatic/romantic tension or both, while the nurse is constantly curiously absent from the place during such moments. From this, we can clearly gather that the nurses must totally be in on it. Like, I bet she’s got a secret camera set up somewhere so she can greedily sweep up the memory card later, foaming at the mouth thinking “aWWW YISS LET’S SEE WHAT DELICIOUS YURI I’VE CAPTURED TODAY.” Eventually this situation becomes increasingly frequent as her prey in question are lured into a false sense of security by her unknowingly intentional absence, and the nurse finally decides to create a compilation DVD out of her hobby titled, “Tales of the Mythical Lesbians: Poor Communication Kills.”

I will never understand why people wear fake glasses?? I had to pay $300 for mine (after all was said and done) and have to wear them in order to see a foot from my face. They are not a fashion accessory. You look like a dumbass wearing a hunk of useless plastic pretending to be a medical device. Please stop.

i watched Teen Titans vs The Justice League and also The Judas Contract today and see I’m conflicted bc I absolutely adore the characterizations of most of the titans, Damian especially, BUT IT SO HEAVILY FEATURES DICK AND STARFIRE AND I’M NOT REALLY ABOUT THAT LIIIIIFEEEEE  (not to mention that beast boy and terra had me cringing like a motherfucker)

i mean. it wasn’t unbearable. but judas contract especially so heavily focuses on the romance aspect and i kind of just am disinterested in romance in general. They were kinda cute? but nah not for me thabks. Damian and Raven were my saving graces in that whole series tbfh