my point still stands


“The Fireflies Guy”. 

There’s a few more that aren’t in my itunes library as well. (a lot of his blog tracks and hymns) Sure that 1 song about lightning bugs from one of his many albums is great but I urge people to listen to everything else he’s done too ❤️

this has been regurgitated a million times already at this point but i just cant help but feel nothing but so happy for alan. villainous was like, something he genuinely cared about. somthin he made as a kid on deviantart and instead of abandoning it he kept going on to improving and finally being able to see something he cares about made into a show that everyone can see and the best part is that its getting SO much support and attention from thousands of people,
besides that, imagine how much hope this gives for kids working hard on a story or characters they’re creating that they want to see projected to a bigger audience that will love their stuff. we should really be encouraging this stuff more instead of calling kids cringey like a bunch of douches are doing right now. all i ask for


I’ve joked about this before eons ago, but Tintin being Extra™ and dramatic while fainting from heat exhaustion has always been kind of hilarious to me

also, that art progression tho!! 💯👌✨

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You know that shipping any Shaladin ship is shipping pedophilia right??

Hello Anon!! :) 

I actually have a parent who worked against pedophilia and child pornography so let me tell you something!!

First of all, what is pedophilia??

And what is prepubescent??

So now we know that a pedophile is someone that is sexually attracted to children who has yet to reach puberty. Does that sound like our paladins?? Pidge is the only one I’m unsure of. 

Secondly, I live in a country where the age of consent is 15 and it has been announced that Lance, Keith and Hunk are all “late teens” (15-19). That means that in my country, they are legally allowed to consent to a sexual relationship with someone older than them. I see nothing wrong with that as long as it is consensual. (If you ship Shidge and headcanon Pidge as having reached puberty/older than 15 then I see nothing wrong with it!!)

Another thing I can say about this is that consent is the most important thing. If you ship a shaladin ship that is not consensual then, yes it is wrong. But other than that, I really don’t giva a damn what you ship as long as it’s for the right reasons. (Meaning for your own enjoyment and not because it turns you on or because you simply want to be anti another ship.) (Remember that I’m not accusing anyone of anything, just stating my own opinion.)

If you ship Sheith, Shance, Shidge, Shunk or any Sahladin ship because it makes you happy, I respect you. I don’t hate you. You’re not pedophilic for shipping them. I personally ship Klance but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to ship anything but Klance. Ship what you ship, it’s fine by me. 

Thanks for the ask Anon, and have a nice day!! :)

Edit: Shiro is confirmed to be 25 by @keith-against-sheith’s post about SDCC but my point still stands!!
The Data Theory

This theory was originally developed by derekscorner and revised last night. I delve into the theory a little bit myself and came up with something pretty incredible. Again, most of this theory is in credit to derekscorner. All I’ve done is branch it out a little more. You can read the original post along with what I came up with here.

Kingdom Hearts is never entirely clear on how it’s universe works. The only trustworthy information you can get is spoken by characters in cut scenes, usually rather vague and said with symbolism, or it’s hidden somewhere in the “Reports” you recover throughout all of the games.

Because of this, the game can constantly flex it’s rules to bring about more scenarios and fix discrepancies it might have had in the past. But assuming, with the release 1.5+2.5 for the PS4, all of those discrepancies were fixed and the game is official, theories about this game will now become all the more relevant. And sensible.

Most things in Kingdom Hearts can be explained away in a rather convoluted essay. However, there are still select few scenarios that fans can’t seem to tackle because it wouldn’t make sense for how the game’s universe operates. One of these leading scenarios is the issue of bringing the lost Nobodies back into existence. I’m talking about Roxas, Naminé, and Xion.

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You know what I love most about the Drumfred kiss?

That it was so pure. It wasn’t sexualized in any way. It was pure romance and bliss, two people finally happy and together. Two people in love. 

It’s what’s completely normal when it comes to het couples, that’s usually the moment it all builds up to and everyone is counting on. And they did the same here, with a wonderful development of their attraction over the entire season and then let the kiss be the culmination, the expression of that love.

Sure it can lead to “more”, but it is super important to show that when it comes to queer people it’s not all about sex, an impression that often seems to be deeply rooted in people’s perception of LGBT people. No. What’s important is that it is about two people who are in love, and who share a moment of pure joy and passion and happiness. It’s important to normalise that, and they did a splendid job with Alfred and Drummond.

On that note, I’m in love with their love.

ok so i get why people are saying “sana is better off without a love interest!11!!1!” but as a muslim teen living in the uk, i think it’s v v v important to show that we too have crushes???? like obviously sana has so much layers to her and there’s so much things that could be explored but i just think that it’s key to show anyone who doesn’t know us personally that we’re literally just the same typical girls?? we’re no different, we like boys, we develop crushes, we have feelings and are just like sana in that respect (unfortunately i don’t have a yousef acar round my house every saturday to stare at but doesn’t mean i don’t stare at boys and think of them). and just because sana has a crush, it doesn’t completely rid her off being a relatable and multi-dimensional character. there’s so much to her ofc, but y’all got to understand that yousef is important in showing that she’s legit no different and shouldn’t be treated differently.