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Full Stop Management

After months (literally) of looking and pulling threads trying to find Full Stop Management, I finally succeeded!

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All that remains of your house is a slab of concrete and some cinder blocks, what does FEMA say?


Based on your FEMA inspection, we have determined that the disaster has not caused your home to be unsafe to live in,’ the letter read.

Although the disaster may have caused some minor damage,“ both letters stated, "it is reasonable to expect you or your landlord to make these repairs. At this time you are not eligible for FEMA housing assistance.”

They they are, standing in their ‘house’, with their letter.

Meanwhile in Washington: The federal government is clutching their pearls over some dude who texted his peen to someone.

The feds: always so on top of things that matter!

Dylan O’brien’s film and TV projects:

Tyler Posey’s films and projects:

Neither of these actors have done anything groundbreaking or outstanding (sorry Teen Wolf doesn’t count and it’s not that great of a show - I think we all know that) but somehow Dylan O’Brien gets the most praise and get’s called a “movie star” by Jeff Davis despite being in less films and in even lesser TV roles than Posey. 

It’s just so irritating and frustrating that we award white mediocrity while poc actors and artists have to work twice as hard to even make it on the radar. We have poc actors who went to Ivy League institutions to land a couple guest spots. Meanwhile, some white actress with a generic look who went to some low tier acting school is probably getting a new show next year. 

mrniceturtle replied to your post:you know it occurs to me how much, realistically,…

meanwhile beebs was laughing the entire time

rocksteady: this feels great!
rocksteady: rock n roll!
bebop: laughing
bebop: what is HAPPENIN’ TO US

boys no your bones are breaking and reforming to accommodate for a completely different and new bodily structure, you should have been in absolute agony.

anonymous asked:

please talk to me about natalie dormer i am distressed about her and please include gifs


why do i like natalie dormer?? i have no idea. she looks like she could kill me and i would be 100% okay with that. i would give her my last piece of garlic bread. that’s how strongly i feel for natalie dormer. i both want to be natalie dormer and want to be with natalie dormer. i want natalie dormer to officiate my wedding (to her hopefully) and speak at my funeral (death by dormer). it is scientifically impossible but i would totally have natalie dormer’s babies. i would run a marathon if natalie dormer stood at the finish line. I HAVE ALL THESE FEELINGS ABOUT NATALIE DORMER AND I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO EXPLAIN THEM.