my point still stands

Secondly, let’s talk about Lance. 

The last we see of Lance is here, talking with Shiro and Coran as they are flown into the depths of space. 

Now, before this we don’t see much from him. He battles stuff here, freezes stuff there, but other than that we don’t get many close-ups of him. We see him attempting to stop Keith from charging without a plan, as shown below. 

Right after that, he’s discussing what to do with Pidge and Hunk. And while they’re doing most of the talking, in the background we see him very, well… stressed. 

Before the scene cuts, he proceeds to do the “zooming” motion thing they do when they’re forcing their lions somewhere. 

And well… that’s about it with him, except the small scene in which he shouts about saving Hunks butt. My point still stands. This is a huge thing to worry about because, while we have a basic idea of what’s going on with Shiro, and even Keith, we have little to no knowledge or information on what’s going on with Lance. 

So, things to worry about with Lance!

1. He’s away from his friends/family. 

2. He’s stressed, like, way stressed. 


Next up? Hunk! 


Sorry I went on a bit of a rant there, but all of my points still stand.

- Enjolras

About the blog

A while ago I made a post (which has since been deleted) in which I stated my considering to deleting this blog due to my lack of free time/motivation to update. However, after receiving so many lovely messages, I managed to simmer down and decide against it. So this blog definitely won’t be deleted!

That being said, my original point still stands. I’ve found myself becoming less invested in Hetalia (though this isn’t surprising considering my interests/obsessions tend to fluctuate) as well as having little free time to focus on this blog due to university and other adult (ew, i said the ‘a’ word) responsibilities. So I must stress that frequent updates aren’t within the near future. My apologies for this!

Though don’t be shocked if I suddenly post a request seemingly out of nowhere. I will post whenever I can, however sporadically that may be.

My passion for writing hasn’t left me though! It never has. I’ve just been working on other things (mainly my own fictional pieces and Miraculous Ladybug fics because I’m ML trash). I’ll likely post them at some point, probably on AO3 or my (seldom used) personal blog, so if you’d fancy seeing any of that, let me know I suppose.

In regards to sex ed questions, I’m still happy to answer them. I check this blog pretty much daily in order to respond to messages and the like. So do feel free to keep sending those in! I’ll do my best to answer them promptly.

Oh and if you’re interested in knowing what I do spend my free time doing, I’ve gotten back into cosplay! I post photos on my Instagram page if any of you lovelies would like to see.

TL;DR: I’m not deleting this blog, but updates will be infrequent for quite a while (apart from sex ed asks which will be answered asap). I’m also a nerd who loves ML too much and cosplays when I actually get some free time.

Hope you’re all doing well! Take care.

Full Stop Management

After months (literally) of looking and pulling threads trying to find Full Stop Management, I finally succeeded!

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On the procreate app
20~ hours

Dear Markiplier,

You will probably never read this, and even if you do, I am sorry to burden you with a cumbersome and tedious story. I have been very physically ill, to the point that my life came to a complete stand still. While the exact details of it are inconsequential for this, my illness has caused me to spend a great amount of time alone in my apartment, in bed, away from my friends. This caused me to go into a helpless depression.

One particularly bad night about a month ago, I asked my friend to “send me something funny” and that’s how I found the Markiplier channel. Within minutes I was rolling, laughing in ways I hadn’t done since I became sick. I went on a Markiplier binge that night, and me and my cat sat up to the wee hours of the morning watching Let’s Play after Let’s Play. It was comforting to have a voice there, even if you didn’t/don’t know I exist, and I made a habit of watching you every day. Even the days that I couldn’t move very well, I would pop up your YouTube channel and smile.

I’m slowly getting better, and I still make sure I watch all of your updates, because like I said, it’s comforting to see you and watch a humorous, non demanding game play. On good health days, I watch an episode. On bad days, I watch entire play throughs. And I guess, really, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for making me smile again when I wanted to cry from frustration at my physical condition. Thank you for having me laugh when I could barley move. And thank you for still making videos that I can enjoy as I slowly get better.

Thank you.

(My real name)


I feel like Arthur would be an (unsweetened) Earl Grey with milk kind of man, while Mesi would drink the bitter tears of her enemies rooibos with bits of dried pineapple and agave syrup.

modmad, feel better soon and good luck for finishing the comic page!!!!

All that remains of your house is a slab of concrete and some cinder blocks, what does FEMA say?


Based on your FEMA inspection, we have determined that the disaster has not caused your home to be unsafe to live in,’ the letter read.

Although the disaster may have caused some minor damage,“ both letters stated, "it is reasonable to expect you or your landlord to make these repairs. At this time you are not eligible for FEMA housing assistance.”

They they are, standing in their ‘house’, with their letter.

Meanwhile in Washington: The federal government is clutching their pearls over some dude who texted his peen to someone.

The feds: always so on top of things that matter!