my point still stands

‘oh my god, Incineroar looks so uncreative and unorginal! it’s another fire/fighting type!’

me: uh…it’s fire/dark type and is called the ‘heel’ pokemon which is a wrestling term for villains in wrestling which the dark type tends to be refer to as the ‘evil type’ - pretty much Nintendo was aware the fire/fighting type is overuse.

‘…but it’s bipedal! we don’t have a quadrupedal fire starter!’

me:…oh yes;

we don’t have-

a single fire starter that runs on all 4′s.

nope, none that I can think of.


hashtag throwback to edgy spoonboy 

I hope people understand that Tony is actually treating Peter the same way as he did in civil war: willing to help Peter out and upgrade his tech so he’s not as vulnerable when he’s out fighting, but also unwilling to allow him to partake in massive battles where the chances of Peter getting super injured are high

and in the case of homecoming, Tony kinda has even more of an incentive to protect Peter from the vulture, since I’m pretty certain the trailer implied that not only did the vulture and Peter once interact/fight pre-civil war, but also vulture absolutely beat the hell out of Peter (assuming I’ve interpreted the trailer correctly of course)

and if Tony knows about this, he might not want Peter to fight vulture again and be hurt so badly, not when this time there are people who Peter can rely on and protect him if there are just some fights that are too big for him to handle and if there’s a chance that Tony can protect Peter then he’s gonna take it (perhaps he also thinks Peter was traumatised from the fight?)

but I suppose this would frustrate Peter because of wounded pride, of frustration knowing that vulture beat him so soundly and now there’s a chance that Peter can prove himself better both to the vulture, to Tony and to Peter himself Tony isn’t going to let him take that opportunity. Peters spent so many months working by himself, keeping his secret to himself and really only being able to rely on himself that now there’s a team Peter isn’t sure how to handle it.

Especially since he fought in the battle of leipzig against captain america and the winter soldier holy shit?? knowing that Tony let him participate in such a fantastical fight but then returning back to Queens and being told to stick to the sidelines must feel like such a step down for Peter, no wonder he was upset in the trailer and wanting to prove himself so badly

it’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out, if Peter and Tony will become more willing to understand each other’s viewpoints

If u had experienced homophobia u would not compare ‘aphobia’ to it js Edit: Ive deleted transphobia from this post bc in the context of me being cis it has been taken as offensive sorry ! My point still stands tho