my point is... why the hand movement

Reasons why Seventeen "Highlight" is hands down (in my opinion) one of the best songs ever
  •  the vocals are AMAZING. No ones voice like “stands out” among the rest, everyone is highlighted (lol) equally and no one is meant to be the main feature (in my eyes)
  •  the songs build is amazing. And even when it gets to the highest point, it’s not too in your face. It’s subtle, but still powerful.
  •  the choreography is perfect. It’s intricate, but not distracting. You are able to focus on both the lyrics and movements at the same time. And though it isn’t like super hard hitting or idk something like “boom boom” for example, it is still satisfying choreography.
  •  the feeling the song gives off. Rarely has a song made me emotional and like, struck a cord in me. This song just, literally, hits me in the feels and makes me emotional. But it’s not like a sad emotional, it’s almost like a happy and energized and like motivated emotional? The song just feels like it’s meant to motivate anyone who listens to it. Though I think I’ve looked at the lyrics and I can’t remember but what they say but I’m sure it doesn’t go with this argument of mine lol.
  •  the live performance is so powerful and beautiful! I’ve seen one live stage so far, but, with the members in all black the stage seemed very like intimate (not in “that” way lol) but there weren’t any flashy outfits with bright colors to distract from the vocals and dancing and everything as a whole. If that makes sense? And you could get the emotion behind the song and performance from each of the members when it was their lines or the camera was on them. The backdrop or like screens in the background as well weren’t flashy or too distracting, really helping the viewer and audience to focus on the song.
  • (addition bc I’ve now seen a second live stage) I just can’t get over how good the song is live. Like I know some members are highly featured more; Jun, Dino, Hoshi, and The8, but I LOVE that! I feel those are members that often don’t get a whole lot when it comes to lines and such. But even though they re featured more, you don’t notice it. If that makes sense. Like everyone else still has their moment and the overall performance as a group is just so well done that I don’t notice if S Coups doesn’t rap, or if Seungkwan only sings a few lines. The performance just entices you and is so pleasing that I don’t mind the lack of lines for other members. (I’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense it’s hard to explain)
  • the song is something you wouldn’t, or at least I wouldn’t, have expected from seventeen, but I love that about it. It’s mature and different from everything else they have done, it’s a nice change of pace.
  • again I’m going to reiterate how powerful this song is. Like the beat, the vocals, the dancing, all of that together just makes this song so amazing. Watching a second live stage I again just was in awe of how like uplifting? the song is, and motivating and emotional it makes me when watching/listening. I mean I freaking had tears again and like I don’t do that ever haha.
  • having vernon be alone on stage for his part was such a good idea. I feel it makes his rap that much more powerful, and it makes you really pay attention to his part even though it isn’t for very long
  • the facial expressions were on point. Like hoshi/dino/jun/vernon/the8 (everyone was good, but these 5 just stood out to me) did a great job and pulling the viewer in and like capturing your attention and providing the emotion that you look for performers to have when on stage
    • side note, I also just really loved dino because he was highlighted. lol, very well and I just think he has developed into an amazing performer and like seeing grow from their debut to now is just really like great to see because he’s killing the game right now lol
  • also the ending, the ending is like idk how to describe it, but just like satisfying? Like as the all look up, but then just walk off as vernon drops his hand, like ugh that moment just like idk makes me happy? It’s just like even though the song is over your not sad cause the song just made you feel good inside? Idk I’m probably sounding dumb now but I just can’t figure out the best way to put into words how I feel about this song lol
  • overall I think the song itself is one of the best in awhile, like across all kpop. From the vocals, choreo, and live performance, all of that together just makes “Highlight” a really freaking great song.
  • and if you don’t agree with me or you think my arguments are invalid, I’m sorry, but I just really love this song and I realized how much I truly loved it after watching a live stage lol