Dont you tell me you wish you could see forbidden love.

Dont you tell me you know what its like
Because your a little straight girl
Who has a boyfriend your parents Dont like.

Dont fucking tell me you feel like me
Dont you fucking tell me you understand.

I know forbidden love.
I know.
I cant hold my girlfriends hand.
I cant kiss her cheek.

I know forbidden love.
I have forbidden love.

I cant show her affection
Because her parents might find out.
You Dont fucking know forbidden love
Until people like you get shot for being that way.

You Dont fucking know forbidden love until you can hold your significant others hand in fear of her being kicked out.

Dont you tell me you know it
Like the back of your hand
Because I know
You Dont.

You're My

You’re my
to my
You’re my
for sweet and sour.

You’re my
teddy bear
for my rainy days.
You’re my
for my sunny days.

You’re my
fresh air
to breathe.
You’re my
that I sing.

You’re my
to my queen.
You’re my
to my princess.
You’re my
I’m your lady.
You’re my sweetie apple pie.

Your body
still remembers
the time you
hurt yourself

Your body
still remembers
the time you
cried yourself to sleep

Your body
still remembers
the time you moved
cities with a look

Your body still has
the scars from
that night when
he left you

Your body
still remembers the time
you were left between
death and life

Your body
still remembers
the burns you gave it
because it felt good

Your body
still remembers
the hell you’ve been
through to feel your soul

Your body
still remembers
even though
you don’t

Your body
still remembers
every touch
and every breath

And your body
still remembers
every lonely moment
and every lost second

Just look
at your body
and you will see
your past

- Hedonist Poet

May we meet again
in ten years
in another life,
when things are right,
when our hearts aren’t broken,
when our thoughts aren’t a mess,
when the ghosts
of us aren’t haunting us,
when we won’t have to
turn our backs on each other
and lead another road,
when it’s our right time
to fix the broken
to love again.
By then it won’t
be the wrong time
or a forbidden love,
it will be another chance
to make things right
when we couldn’t before.
—  R.K
When a boy tells you he loves you, watch the way his mouth forms the words. Is his voice a stuttering apology, or as smooth as honey. When a boy first kisses you, watch his hands. Do they touch your cheek, light as a butterfly’s wing or do they grasp your hip bones. When a boy first breaks your heart, watch the way he leaves. Does his voice rise in anger, or shrink in pain. Does his absence leave a hole, or just a slight crack.
I tell strangers about you, but only about the times we were happy. I paint a picture of you where you didn’t leave a knife in my back. I’ve become so good at it that I learnt to believe my own lies. And when they say how beautiful our love story is, I just smile and wonder if you tell strangers about me.
I was so sad over you. I couldn’t even speak somedays. My mother thought I was losing my mind, I knew I was. I didn’t want to get of bed in the mornings and I cried three times a day. I couldn’t fall asleep without waking up in the middle of the night yelling your name. I was scared, I still am scared. What if I never love someone so much that it hurts again? What if you were the only? What if you were the one?

I saw her
she was naturally curvy
and extraordinarily beautiful

It was a sunny
she had a painful smile and the most
miserable laugh I had ever seen

She was barely
she was invisible to her family
and everyone around her

I saw her arms, her
she tried to escape many times
she hated this prison called life

She was eating or more like fighting
with the food
the sadness was all around her
poisoning everyone

I saw her today for the first
she was surrounded by evil thoughts
self harm, ED, depression and more

Her blue eyes will haunt me
another beautiful innocent soul with no
help and no way out of this hell

- Hedonist Poet

Don’t get her flowers, she hates it when people bring other people flowers, she says that flowers have souls that are prettier than what they look like, and she hates to take that soul away.

She really loves it when you play with her hair, she will tell you to stop but it may just be because she’s sad or annoyed, keep doing it.

She can’t always sleep at night, sometimes she stays awake because she feels sad and empty, she might be shaking, don’t tell her to go to sleep, hug her and make sure she knows you’re there for her.

Don’t drink or smoke when you’re with her, but if she is, it’s okay to share. Please don’t get drunk when you have a fight, I know all you’d want to do is be numb and not have knives twisted in your chest, but please don’t get drunk, it will only make her feel disappointed. Sometimes she needs space and it’s okay if you watch her save herself, it’s okay, she’ll always tell you things are okay.

Hold her hands. She really loves it.

Everytime you’re out on a sunny day, focus on her hair, see that color? That’s not black, she thinks it’s black, but if you really focus you’d see the darkest shade of red, it’s extremely beautiful.

Her mom isn’t very nice, try to get her expensive wine or a cute apron, it worked with me.

She isn’t always quiet like she is the first time you meet her, she talks a lot, she feels a lot, and she loves a lot. She will keep telling you stories about her grandmother, please don’t be annoyed, they’re really funny.

Kiss her too often, and hold her right knee down, it will tremble whenever you tell her something nice.

She really loves it when you tell her you love her, you’ll see it in her eyes and how they shine, she will fall in love too fast and too deep, don’t let her break, don’t let her heart shatter, hold her, make her feel loved, tell her she’s beautiful, for she has a soul of gold and diamond and everything beautiful.

Don’t try to get her away from her friends for she’ll need them when you break her heart like I did.

She’s not fat, I know she has stretch marks and she eats a lot, but she’s not fat, don’t tell her to stop eating, don’t tell her she’s gaining weight, she will hate and starve herself for you, I swear I’ll kill you if anything happens to her.

Don’t let the alarm wake her up, you do it, kiss her good morning and watch her rush out of bed and get dressed, it’s okay if she runs late sometimes because you want to cuddle or watch her sleep, but not always.

Don’t tell her she’s sexy, tell her she’s beautiful, tell her how warm she makes you feel, not everything is about looks, she has a really beautiful and hot soul too.

Listen to her, every word she says, pay attention, stare at her and lose yourself in her eyes, memorize her, every bit of her, draw it all in your mind, so one day, when you feel like you’re dying and when you can only think of her, you’ll be able to remember how beautiful she is, just like I do too often.

She’s so precious, please don’t break her, please don’t take her for granted, please hold her and be gentle on her, she doesn’t realize how beautiful she is, sometimes she hates herself and she wants to disappear, never let her believe that, never.

Take her to concerts and parties, but when she’s on her period, stay home with her and make her hot chocolate and buy her cute shit.

But the most important thing is, don’t ever let her go, don’t ever let her walk home alone, don’t ever let her sleep alone, she has nightmares, don’t ever forget to get her vanilla shampoo. Love and cherish her. She is a flower, and she has the most beautiful soul, and she will change you, and you will become beautiful, and you will see how much she put of herself in you, and how much she gives without taking back, and how much she tries to make you happy, and how much she cares, and how much it hurts her when you push her off. Keep her safe, she’s fragile, she’s a masterpiece. And love her, maybe you’ll keep her longer than I did.

—  E.Bj // how to keep her (via styleskissesxx - wattpad)
Before you decide that he’s the one you want to spend the rest of your life with know that he was mine and I was his. I came before you and there isn’t a place where my hands haven’t been. He loved me. He might still love me now and if you ever fall asleep beside him- know that I one day did too with my head on his chest. I loved him. I think that I might still love him now.
Before you decide that he’s the one for you- know that I, too, thought there would never be a day where I’d have to live without him- know that I was wrong. He doesn’t know how to stay and you won’t be the one to teach him. You won’t be the one he stays for. His mother raised him to belong too much to hisself and never to anyone else and I wish somebody would have told me that. I wouldn’t have spent so much time loving him if I had known what you know now and I don’t mean for this to sound bitter - but sometimes love isn’t enough to stay.