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i’ve seen these concept playlists going around and i really wanted to give them a shot so here you go

you’re drinking a strawberry shake in a busy 1950′s styled diner when someone cute walks in and time seems to slow down 

you’re stoned on a rooftop staring up at the stars with someone who makes your hands sweaty (in a good way though)

you’re driving really fast on a bridge at 3 am and your heart is too full for your chest

you were so angry that you punched a hole in the wall but now you’re just hollow and numb and your hand hurts really fuckin bad (but it’ll be alright because your hand will heal and things will get better) 

you didn’t ask for playlists but here

all are from { my spotify }

dancing around the room with wet hair and mismatched socks

these songs give me unrealistic expectations for my first date and I’m kinda okay with that

rain is when the clouds cry and my soul wants to sing

that one person who sits in the corner brooding listens to this as they stare at everyone

let’s sneak out on the roof just to stare at the stars while the wind blows around us

you really don’t want to talk to me if this is playing

it’s dark and we’re running through dimly lit streets, sitting and staring and not caring and feeling too much

when everyone leaves and it’s just me alone at night on my bed with my laptop

never been in a relationship but I made a breakup playlist anyway

there’s a stillness about the night that’s extremely calming 

She’s Gay, Dude

Know Your Name - Mary Lambert // Only a Girl - Gia // Ease My Mind - Hayley Kiyoko // All of Me - Luciana Zogbi // Rude - Madilyn Bailey // Daisy - Zedd // Like Real People Do - Ilia Kate // Paradise Is You - La Roux // Take Me to Church - Ellie Goulding // Closer - Tegan and Sara // Sex - Lauren Aquilina // Rhythm of Love - ukulelemily // Tell Her You Love Her - Echosmith // She Will Be Loved - Dani Shay // Hey Girl - Lady Gaga & Florence Welch // She Keeps Me Warm - Mary Lambert // Let Her Go - Arden Cho // Jenny - Studio Killers // Drove Me Wild - Tegan and Sara // She - Dodie Clark // I Do Adore - Mindy Gledhill // Girls Like Girls - Hayley Kiyoko // Girlfriend - Icona Pop

{8tracks} {Playmoss}

S A P P H I C  S O N G S

jessie’s girl // mary lambert | whatever you like // anya marina | can’t help falling in love // hayley reinhart | girls like girls // hayley kiyoko | midway // bad bad hats | night go slow // catey shaw | i do adore// mindy gledhill | jenny // studio killers | you picked me // a fine frenzy | nobody love // tori kelly | sing to me // mary lambert | she keeps me warm // kat robichaud | sum of our parts // mary lambert | i love you // beatrice eli | she // jen foster | skinny love // birdy | everyone is gay // a great big world | explosion // zolita | i didn’t just kiss her // jen foster | only a girl // gia | boyfriend // tegan and sara | ghost // halsey | girlfriend // icona pop | tee shirt // birdy

+{ listen }


patience: a soft self-care/study playlist for when you need a little healing. featuring instrumentals and music by: Bon Iver, Sleeping At Last, The Head and the Heart, Sara Bareilles, The Paper Kites, Novo Amor,  Ingrid Michaelson, and more…

(listen here.)

fall playlist 2016

it’s finally october, which means the beginning of fall, aka the best time of the year 🍂 i put together a playlist of songs to listen to while the leaves change and the weather cools off ✨🍁🌙

1. all is now harmed - ben howard
2. all too well - taylor swift
3. always - panama
4. angela - the lumineers 
5. antichrist - the 1975
6. atlas - coldplay
7. autumn leaves - ed sheeran
8. better love - hozier
9. big bad world - kodaline
10. bloom - the paper kites
11. bones - ben howard
12. call me in the afternoon - half moon run
13. canyon moon - andrew mcmahon in the wilderness
14. change of heart - the 1975
15. cherry wine (mahogany sessions) - hozier
16. clocks go forward - james bay
17. coming down - halsey
18. conrad - ben howard
19. days go on - greg laswell
20. dive deep - andrew belle
21. down in the valley - the head and the heart
22. the emotion - børns 
23. everlong (acoustic) - foo fighters
24. fade away (acoustic) - rebelution
25. faded (odesza remix) - zhu
26. fire and the flood - vance joy
27. the ghost on the shore - lord huron
28. gold - imagine dragons
29. grand optimist - city and colour
30. habits of my heart - jaymes young
31. half moon - blind pilot
32. haunting - halsey
33. heartbreak warfare - john mayer
34. heartless - the fray
35. hometown - twenty one pilots
36. i found - amber run
37. i know places (taylor swift cover) - vance joy
38. i’ll be good - jaymes young 
39. if you ever want to be in love - james bay
40. jerome - zella day
41. the last time (feat. gary lightbody) - taylor swift 
42. meet me in the woods - lord huron
43. mess is mine - vance joy
44. northern wind - city and colour
45. one day - kodaline
46. peaches - in the valley below
47. rebellion (lies) - arcade fire
48. red - taylor swift
49. red eye - vance joy
50. shadow preachers - zella day
51. silver and gold - city and colour
52. sleeping sickness - city and colour
53. somebody else - the 1975
54. sparks - coldplay
55. stop this train - john mayer
56. the stranger - lord huron
57. sweet disposition - temper trap
58. to zion - trevor hall 
59. trojans - atlas genius
60. trouble (stripped audio) - halsey
61. way down we go - kaleo
62. the wolf - mumford & sons
63. the wolves (act i and ii) - bon iver
64. yellow - coldplay
65. 90210 (feat. g-eazy) - blackbear

Because people who change the lyrics of covers to make them more cis/straight when they sing them are weak and will not survive the apocalypse {listen}

Sweater Weather: Kina Grannis // Ho Hey: Catey Shaw // Riptide: Taylor Swift // Best Song Ever: Gabrielle Aplin // Valerie: Amy Winehouse // Santeria: Washington // Whatever You Like: Anya Marina // Say My Name/Cry Me A River: The Neighbourhood // Electric Feel: Katy Perry // No Scrubs: Bastille // Call Me Maybe: Ben Howard // Heart-Shaped Box: Kawehi // Sex and Candy: La Chansons // Dancing on my Own: Kings of Leon // Hot in Here: Jenny Owen Youngs // It’s My Party: Kings of Convergence // Rude: Kina Grannis // You Oughta Know: Jonathan Coulton // Jolene: The White Stripes // Take Me to Church: Neon Jungle // Be My Husband: Ed Sheeran // Teenage Dirtbag: Mary Lambert // Hey, Soul Sister: Marilou

gay playlist concept: 

you’re in the lunch room when the boy you have a big ass crush on sits relatively close to your table and keeps making eye contact with you and your heart is about to beat out of your chest, you’ve been struggling to open this pudding cup for the last five minutes because your hands are shaking so bad, and you glance over to make sure he’s not watching you and fuck, he is

you’re stoned af sitting on the sidewalk at 3am eating a shitty convenience store bought ice cream bar when the sound of a bike in the parking lot catches your attention. when you look over, you nearly drop your ice cream in shock. it’s the weed, you tell yourself. you’re just really fucking stoned because there, walking his bike across the lot, is your crush at 3 in the fucking morning. maybe if you sit still enough he won’t notice you. despite your heart thundering in your chest and your brain frying itself in its panic, you risk a glance over and oh. oh shit. he’s right beside you and he’s smiling. “can i join?” he asks. you panic. “no.” instead of getting pissed, like you are at yourself (you fucking idiot!) he laughs and sits right down, on the ground, beside you. his knees are bony and his legs are so long and fuck fuck fuck he’s so cute. 

you’re at a party debating whether or not you should just steal a fifth of vodka and dip out when you spot him in the kitchen. his face is flushed and his forehead is kinda sweaty but he still looks good. the cute son of a bitch. now you really need that fifth of vodka. but then again being drunk always makes you a little more sensitive so maybe you should get high. yeah, definitely high. you manage to push your way through the throng of grinding teenagers to the quiet(er) back porch. you’re halfway through a joint when the glass sliding door opens up behind you. it’s him. he doesn’t ask to sit down this time, he just does, and even holds out his hand. you pass him the joint and oh. he’s hot af smoking. also, technically, this is a indirect kiss. so point one for you in this gay agenda. you’re about to say something, anything, to fill the silence, when a hand on your cheek silences you and you’re kissing, he’s kissing you, and everything explodes 

She’s Lighting Up the Sky - Star Butterfly Playlist!

playmoss // spotify

☆ Break the Rules - Charli XCX //  ☆  Power & Control - Marina and the Diamonds //  ☆ Don’t Stop - Foster the People //  ☆ Warrior - Steve James (ft. LIGHTS) //  ☆ Overtime - Cash Cash //  ☆ Never Give Up - Sia //  ☆  Can’t Pin Me Down - Marina and the Diamonds //  ☆ Blackout - Breathe California //  ☆  Raise Your Weapon (Madeon Remix) - Deadmau5 //  ☆ Famous - Charli XCX //  ☆ Blow Your Mind (Mwah) - Dua Lipa //  ☆ Swoon - Imogen Heap //  ☆ Rise Up - Imagine Dragons //  ☆ International Smile - Katy Perry //  ☆ Verge - Owl City //  ☆ Invincible - Kelly Clarkson

A playlist of showtunes about being done with putting up with shit and deciding to do something about it

i. rent - rent // ii. do you hear the people sing? - les misérables // iii. revolting children - matilda the musical // iv. epiphany - sweeney todd: the demon barber of fleet street // v. run and tell that! - hairspray // vi. enough - in the heights // vii. dead girl walking - heathers the musical // viii. cell block tango - chicago // ix. gotta get out - ordinary days // x. the world will know - newsies // xi. get out and stay out - 9 to 5 // xii. what you own - rent // xiii. touch-a-touch-a-touch me - rocky horror show // xiv. letterbomb - american idiot // xv. goodbye - catch me if you can // xvi. genetic emancipation - repo! the genetic opera // listen

B A C K W A T E R  W I T C H C R A F T ( T H E  S E C O N D )

“an ancient suitcase full of beeswax candles and unknown bones wrapped in dirty burlap, gris-gris bags and jars of anointing oil.”

(a convenient followup 8tracks playlist of my favourite voodoo blues, southern gothic, swamp witch sounds)

[ tracklist ]

I Put a Spell On You - Joss Stone  |  Don’t Go Into That Barn - Tom Waits  |  Black - Kari Kimmel  |  Special Death - Mirah  |  Black Cat Bone - Lightnin’ Hopkins  |  Gold Dust Woman - Fleetwood Mac  |  Instructions to Meet the Devil - Tom Brosseau  |  House of the Rising Sun - Lauren O'connell  |  Oh Death - Rising Appalachia  |  Black and Evil Blues - Josh White  |  Diggin’ My Grave - William Elliot Whitmore  |  Season of the Witch - Donovan  |  Beat the Devil Tattoo - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club  |  Mississippi Queen - Mountain  |  No Place to Hide - Jace Everett  |  She Belongs to the Devil - Washboard Sam  |  Little Drop of Poison - Tom Waits  |  Sign of the Gypsy Queen - April Wine  |  Black Magic Woman - Santana  |  The Love Me or Die - C.W. Stoneking  |  Nothing But the Water (Part 1) - Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

l i s t e n  h e r e


you can listen to this playlist here

hi guys, i thought i’d make a playlist of the music i listen to when i study. this kind of music helps me focus & get in the mood to study, i don’t know why. 
i’m not sure how i should describe this playlist but i would say it’s kind of –soft, calming, dreamy and (generally) slow. 
hope you like it!