my platonic otp

i rolled up my sleeve the other day and my friend was like “oooh damn you got some nice muscles” and i was like “no this is just fat” and she started feeling my arm and was like “it’s hard tho?? just a lil squishy. you have sexy muscles, deal with it” and what i’m saying is that this was an interaction hunk and lance have had

Platonic Marriage - imagine your brotp
  • Me: *looking fondly at my best friend*
  • Best Friend: What's wrong, bro?
  • Me: Bro, if there was some kind of platonic mariage for friends, i would have proposed the shit out of you by now.
  • Best Friend: Bro
Gay Ships IRL

So there are these two boys in my school, one of them is a punk dude and the other is a complete nerd. these two dudes are best friends and literally everyone ships them. the nerd one happens to be in all my advanced classes and talks to me about the punk one A LOT. I already know the nerd one is gay, but the punk ones sexuality is still unknown. These two boys are so protective over each other its unbelievable. In gym this one dude was joking around with the nerd dude and i guess it got way to aggressive because he punched him REALLY hard and he left a bruise on his arm, The punk guy sees this and gets really mad at the dude and yells at him for punching him to hard. He then goes over to the nerd, makes sure hes ok, and proceeds to look at the arm to make sure he is in fact ok. soMEONE HELP BECAUSE THESE BOYS WILL BE THE NED OF MEE!!  will keep story updated   


“Their relationship is the foundation of the show.” – Dylan O’Brien
“They’ve been there for each other when no one else was.” – Jeff Davis
“Stiles is Scott’s person to lean on.” – Tyler Posey
“They don’t have a lot to lean on, in their lives but they have each other and have had each other their whole lives.” – Dylan O’Brien
                          “Scott and Stiles are the real love story on the show.” – Jeff Davis

OTP Idea #881

Imagine Person A constantly finding excuses to sleep in Person B’s bed, from “storms scare me,” to “it’s too cold to sleep alone tonight.”

Whatever you’re doing, don’t imagine Bellamy sitting on Clarke’s bed in her cell on the ark. Don’t imagine him looking at the drawings on the wall and on the ground, tears streaming down his face. Don’t imagine him having his heart broken and telling himself on repeat in his head “I should have told her”.
Don’t imagine Bellamy Blake thinking Clarke Griffin is dead for six years.

Okay, I’m done, you’re welcome, bye.

OTP Idea #773

Imagine Person A is a researcher, particularly interested in the study of whatever you may choose (ex. Evolution of birds, geography/cartography, etc.) Their research brings them to a small, isolated town full of odd and secretive people. Person A then meets Person B, the only person who seems to be ‘normal’ within the town. That is, until they learn more about Person B and the town itself.

OTP Idea #862

Person A and B have a long-distance relationship, so they Skype everyday.
Person A has insomnia and Person B apparently has a soothing voice that’s made A almost fall asleep multiple times.
One day when A is tired and wants to sleep but can’t, B starts humming trying to sooth A’s insomnia and makes A fall asleep.

B is also tired but “God Damn I care for you more than myself” and/or B doesn’t realize that they made A fall asleep.

Do you ever find yourself wondering about the magical potentialities of Varric’s friend circles overlapping?

Cole and Merrill are my platonic friendship OTP. I mean just picture it: Cole would encourage Merrill to believe in herself. Merrill would sternly admonish anyone who calls Cole creepy. And they would probably do endless cute things together like make hats for each other and spend ages looking at very small bugs and partner up in running some kind of unsettling lemonade stand.

So this post helped realize how iconic Kristoph and Dahlia would be as friends and I haven’t stopped thinking about them since. Thanks @theblogfounder​ for the inspiration to give these rockin’ kids heelys.

OTP Idea #825

Imagine that one day, it’s storming so hard and your OTP has no hope of defeating their boredom from being stuck inside. After hours with the storm still raging on, Person A thinks of a game that the two can play. Both Person A and Person B must stand outside in the rain for as long as they can, and whoever goes inside first loses. Although the risk of catching a cold is insanely high, Person B is too bored out of their mind to care and goes along with the game.

Bonus points if they both end up catching a cold, and one of them almost gets struck by lightning.