my plans for super bowl sunday

Super Bowl heads up

I had a brainwave this morning; not this weekend but next weekend (February 5) is Super Bowl Sunday, and since I’ll be home for it this year I’ll be doing my second annual “Superb Owl” stream all day. 

It’ll be a little different this year; I’ve decided I will be following up on a suggestion from @sunsetofdoom and liveblogging as many Star Wars movies as we can get through. 

But since there are A Lot of them and I have to get up early on Monday, I will probably spread the movies out across Saturday and Sunday. I plan to start on Saturday with A New Hope and proceed in Machete order, including The Force Awakens and Rogue One (if I can get it), across Saturday and Sunday. 

I’ll be working on scheduling this week, but we’ll probably start sometime between ten and noon on Saturday, go all day, and then start again at ten on Sunday (all times Central). Mark your calendars!