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i’ve been trying to post a drawing every day so…here’s some lineless practice with allura holding… molten steel? a star? you decide.

anonymous asked:

are there ways to "heal" opposing/squaring planets? in my experience with them a hard aspect just creates insecurity. have you or anyone ever felt like you overcame a tough aspect?

Having hard aspects myself I don’t think you ever really “overcome them” rather it’s something you are always actively coping with and working to better yourself in those areas they impact.

Jupiter Ascending: Subverting Paradigms of Ownership

Despite the peppy gif, warning for heavy topics ahead: politics, capitalism, slavery, IP law, systems of mass oppression, forced breeding.

So I’m at that weird point in adult life where it becomes apparent that I am going to have the option to buy property. Given the poverty I came up in, this is a really foreign concept to me.

I am originally a gutter punk. I believe the streets belong to the people. I believe that “trespassing” and “loitering” are the criminalization of the very existence of the poor. It baffles me that someone should have to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars just to exist in a space. To build shelter. To peddle their wares.

I really feel the awe that Jupiter Jones expresses at the idea of a person owning a planet. A person can own…land?  How even is that? How does it work? From what I can deduce, ownership exists on paper–a rich person or a powerful bureaucracy writes down on a piece of paper that you can have something and then you “have” it. “Having” something is a permission, it just means being able to use it without fear of violent retribution, i.e. being arrested or killed for trespassing. Ownership is a protection against violence.

Except it’s not. If you buy a plot of land in a cemetery you can still be removed from that plot for trespassing. If you don’t pay your taxes, you will eventually be removed from the land you own. And, as Jupiter Ascending demonstrates REPEATEDLY, even if you own the title to the ground you’re standing on, someone can still come to your house and try to hurt you, or abduct you, or your family. Ownership is NOT a protection against violence. In fact, it’s just the opposite. As any gutter punk knows: “having” something nice is the first step on the road to getting jacked.

What is ownership, if not some measure of safety? In terms of broad concepts, the nature of ownership has changed in our lifetime. We have watched our world change into a place where the most valuable thing to be owned is an idea. Laws have changed to protect this new realm of “real estate.” Patent and copyright laws are rapidly evolving. Moreover, this isn’t the first time that we, as a society, have struggled with redefining ownership. In the time and place that my great grandmother was born, it was law that a human being could be “owned.” There are people who are still under the impression that ownership of a human being is possible, that people can be bought and traded. In Jupiter Ascending, it is canon that (some) splices are essentially regarded as property: Stinger speaks about Caine being “sold” to the Legion, and this confirms that splices are made in factories. Their legal status seems to be paramount to objects / slaves. Look at the transaction between Kalique/Maledictes and the Hunters; Kalique doesn’t seem to think the Hunters can be trusted, and Maledictes basically has to spell it out for her that they are people and they will respond to compensation for their work (what a novel idea!)

This (and other) posts point out that it would be logical for Splicers to engineer splices to be unable to reproduce on their own. This would make sense to control the supply of splices and impose artificial scarcity, but considering how capitalism works, it also makes sense that a competitive brand would market a “high-end” splice with full bio-reproductive capability. A reproductively viable splice would represent a rather large investment on the part of the buyer; they would purchase the splice with the intent to breed, and thus pay extra for what essentially amounts to a copyright license to reproduce the DNA sequence. If you think that’s disgusting, please observe that it is ALREADY POSSIBLE to obtain biological patents in many actual countries.

This causes me to wonder what Kalique means when she says: “It’s just a planet, Jupiter. People own far more valuable things.” Is she talking about a technology? A gene print? Is she talking about people? Or is she referring to land, space, whole galaxies? I wonder what she means, but most of all, I wonder what Jupiter wonders: how is it even possible to own something?

There is an in-text answer:

Caine: “Are you ever going to tell them?”

Jupiter: “What, that I own the earth? They’d have me locked up. Honestly, I wouldn’t blame them. I’m still trying to understand exactly what it means, myself.”

Caine: “Maybe it just means that Your Majesty’s planet has a different future than the one that was planned for it.”

Caine does not tell Jupiter she is in control of her planet’s future–he simply points out that the person who did attempt to control earth (Balem) may no longer be able to. The best laid plans of mice and men, and all that. After everything Jupiter went through to discover what it means to own a planet, she ends up with a very vague answer. This is actually quite subversive, I think.  After sustained examination by a curious heroine, the concept of ownership is never really defined, only loosely associated with an unknown, incorporeal affect on the future…

As an adult about to “buy land” for the first time, I am just so feeling this.

Perseid Meteor Shower August 11-12

I’m very excited to remind everyone that the Perseids are about to occur! This is my personal favorite meteor shower and this year it looks promising. You can expect to see roughly 200 meteors an hour on the nights of the 11th and 12th (which are the peak nights for the meteor shower).

I’ve attached an image above from Stellarium that shows you roughly where the meteors will seem to be coming from. This is called the radiant and it’s a little above the Perseus Constellation (thus it’s the “Perseid” shower). If you can’t see the Perseus Constellation from your location on Earth don’t fret: that’s simply the direction they’ll seem to be coming from! The shower will be visible all over the planet!

My past experiences have been fantastic, this one is usually extremely visible. Good date night, family/friend bonding and what not. I’ll remind you again but if your reading this now I highly recommend you make plans to look up that night.

(Image credit: Screenshot from Stellarium)