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Ok but: When baby Max is like 9 or 10 months, Magnus has to go away for some work reasons so Alec has to take his son to work and he strides into the Institute with his diaper bag and Max on his hip and everything falls a bit silence coz it never happens and Alec's like "Meeting at whatever time, proceed" while Max is babbling and off they go to his office where let's face it, not much happens coz everyone drops by to gush over the baby and Alec ends up with everybody on the carpet playing.

This went in a very different direction than I had planned, but I promise it still involves people gushing over lil Max. 💜 I hope you like it!

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“Alright buddy, are you ready? You get to be my second in command today. It’s a big responsibility, but I know you can handle it.”

Max let out a long string of noises, and Alec took it as an agreement, smiling widely at his son. He had never brought Max to work before, figuring that it was best to keep him away from the bigoted Shadowhunters that frequented the Institute, but he didn’t have a choice in the matter this time, as Magnus was away on official High Warlock business. He took a deep breath, composing his expression. He couldn’t exactly go in with the goofy smile that he wore for Max without having everyone question his authority, so he settled for indifference. He balanced his son on his hip and made sure the diaper bag was secure on his shoulder before he entered the building, and braced himself as he felt every pair of eyes lock in on Max.

The room fell silent aside from Max’s babbling, and Alec stared back at them defiantly, daring them to challenge him. He was never one to back down from a fight, especially when it was in defense of someone he loved. If anyone even breathed harshly in Max’s direction, Alec would put them on their ass without hesitation.

“The meeting regarding downworld relations will begin at 10 o'clock sharp. I expect all available personnel to attend. Don’t be late,” He said, his voice stern as it traveled across the room. Max laughed at this, seemingly delighted at the change in his tone, and it was nearly impossible for Alec not to laugh along with him. He knew that he wore a mask when he was at the Institute, and how big of a contrast it was from when he was at home. It wasn’t that he wanted to hide- he made sure that everyone was well aware of who his family was and what his values were- but he didn’t want to be close to these people. For most of his life he had trusted what everyone else told him, felt hatred for Downworlders without even knowing why.

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So as you may have guessed I saw Coco today and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it! I won’t say much about the plot because there’s a lot of twists and turns that are easy to spoil, but it’s a lot different than The Book of Life. The face designs for the skeletons still bugged me, but the rest of the movie was strong enough that I was able to overlook it most of the time. The scenery is gorgeous and the music and songs were beautiful and I wish my Spanish was better so I could fully appreciate all of it.

Oh yeah and Olaf’s Frozen Adventure really didn’t need a theatrical release. It was mediocre and should have gone straight to TV like it was originally planned.

Nanowrimo 2017 Day 11/23

Happy Thanksgiving. 


Okay well, yes and no. My original plan for volume 2 has been pushed back, and I wrote a completely different volume 2 to take its place >> Details still need to be finalized, and of course editing, but hey, I might actually get around to publishing Volume 2 early next year like originally planned. 

New Volume 3 of Graveyard Shift still needs plenty of work (the plot just grows longer and longer) BUT HEY PROGRESS. 

I also see the end of the Future Arc for wwbtf. One, maybe two, chapters to go.

AND I BROKE THE 40k MARK. -confetti everywhere- 


  • Beatdown (KHR/BNHA)
  • We Weren’t Born to Follow 37
  • Personality Swap [tentative title] (KHR)
  • We Weren’t Born to Follow 38
  • We Weren’t Born to Follow 39
  • Beacon of Hope (Tenkuu Shinpan) *posted
  • Falling in Style (how to fly) (Tenkuu Shinpan) *posted
  • The First Hello and Every Last Goodbye 03  *posted
  • The First Hello and Every Last Goodbye 04
  • Empty Sky 02
  • Water the Roots 02
  • Always Someone Higher (Bleach/Graveyard Shift)  *posted
  • Salt the Earth (ATLA) *posted
  • Weeds in Concrete Sidewalks (BNHA)*posted
  • Let stardust and ashes fill my lungs (Persona 3/Naruto) *posted
  • Broken bits and shattered somethings (Persona 3) *posted
  • Empty Sky 03
  • Forgiveness (BNHA) *posted
  • We Weren’t Born to Follow 40
  • Binary (BNHA)  *posted
  • Ripples in the Water (Bleach) *posted
  • Oath of Rebellion 01 (Graveyard Shift)
  • Graveyard Shift Volume 2 
  • We Weren’t Born to Follow 41

41,690 / 50,000 words complete


Drow-  In a race that has a traditional, set look, I really like to play with variance in skin tones, hues, hair colors and textures so as to highlight the genetic diversity that would be present.  I like to give assumed features like the generic elf ear unique shapes and tilt and unless two characters are related, I really try to push that distinction so that a race that can tend towards blandness feels broader, more interesting, and more realistic.

These are some characters from probably the best D&D game I’ve ever played.  The elfess with the facial scar is Lilith, and I played the guy with the big spider-shaped scar on his chest, Zyrus.  I wanted to play an underdog type character and rise up through the system, so I went with a very average looking male in training to become a wizard.  He was rude, blasphemous, ambitious and insensitive, and just a blast to play.  He got involved with Lilith, a priestess of Lolth and it went about as well as a heathen carrying on with the zealous acolyte of a murder-godess can go.

I’ve always loved Drow for some reason, so this game was right up my alley.  It was a lot of fun to design a world that is so different from traditional, pristine fantasy.  Thinking about how a matriarchal, evil society (and later a matriarchal good society) would realistically work was so so fun, and I still plan on doing some more art with actual armor at some point in the future, especially since Lilith was such a boss. 


Bonus (’cause I was lazy again):

Li©king Someone Pt. 2

In which Lance is jealous - no matter how much he tries to convince himself otherwise, and Kuro effectively shuts him up. By licking him. (and claiming him as his by the way ♥)

So… this one came out a bit different than I had originally planned. xD But I still like it though. The story is kind of a sequel to “He Wears Death Like Prada” written by the wonderful @bymidnightflame . Originally, that fic was supposed to be the story for my new Kuro comic. But somehow I ended up with this instead…? I don’t really know what happened.

Anyway, here are some headcanons for Kuro’s newest adventure :)

  • Back on earth Lance as well as his siblings established the “licking-rule”, which means that if you lick something like a chocolate bar, it’s yours.
  • Kuro used that rule on Keith right after he woke up from his last run-in with the Red Paladin in his private quarters. He did it to tease Shiro and well… because he wanted to lick Keith. (based on @bymidnightflame ‘s fic)
  • Lance gets pretty upset and jealous about this - he tries to tell himself it’s because everybody wants Keith, but in reality it’s only because one special person acts like he wants to get into Keith’s pants.
  • Hunk had his suspicions concerning Kuro’s behaviour towards Keith. There was something off in his opinion and bearing witness to whatever brain short circuit caused Kuro to lick Lance’s lips, only fueled those suspicions.
  • Shortly after the licking-incident Hunk joined the secret Luro-fanclub (which at that point consisted of Shiro, Keith and Coran)… He may have shedded one or two tears of joy over the fact that they had already given Kuro and Lance a ship name.
[TRANS] ‘WINGS’ Concept Book Interview - Jungkook

© peach_kku
KRN - ENG © ktaebwi

Thinking of <WINGS>, I feel like I have a lot in common with Sinclair in <Demian>. He wants to break free from the care of others and be an adult, and so do I. Rather than saying it’s a special album, I would say it made me think a lot after hearing the album concept. “I want to be a real adult too.”

You graduated from high school.
“If I kept studying and spending time with my friends like an ordinary person, I would think ‘So I finally became an adult’ when I graduate. But since I started living sort of an adult like since I was 15, I still feel like I’m a kid. I’m 21 but my mental age is like 15 years old. There’re a lot of adults around me too.”

Do the other members treat you as an adult?
“Rather than treating me as an adult, they tell me “You’re an adult now”. Things like ‘Be mature’, ‘You’re an adult too, act carefully’ (laughs) Especially when my jokes go too far, they tell me to stay still, to not go too far. I tend to have to go through something to know it. If they tell me so, I’ll fix myself little by little. I’m gradually learning thanks to the hyungs,”

What you said earlier is what your solo song “Begin” is about.
“There was a time when Bang Shihyuk Producer-nim and the 7 of us gathered and talked about all the stress, the distress we had been piling up for a long time, and we all cried together. Rap Monster-hyung listened to my story from that time and wrote the lyrics.”

Comparing before and after debut, do you feel you have changed a lot thanks to the members?
“I changed a lot for sure. I gained a lot of confidence too. I couldn’t even talk like this before. I kept watching the hyungs doing interviews from the side and as time goes by, I started talking little by little and eventually was able to do interviews. Hyungs really made me. I learn music by watching foreign artists and pick up basically everything else thanks to the hyungs.”

Are you the type to express your feelings well?
“I’m not good at it. I feel embarrassed even from saying thank you so I basically never do it. I’m good at complaining though. (laughs) I can complain easily but when it comes to good talks, it always feels awkward. I can do it through texts since it’s somewhat easier, but talking directly is really hard.”

BTS grows up along with each album’s story, and Jungkook grows up along with BTS too.
“Thinking of <WINGS>, I feel like I have a lot in common with Sinclair in <Demian>. He wants to break free from the care of others and be an adult, and so do I. Rather than saying it’s a special album, I would say it made me think a lot after hearing the album concept. ‘I want to be a real adult too’. Looking at the other hyungs, don’t they know themselves and do well? They can think and create something by themselves, but I still lack a lot so there’s not much I can do by myself. It’s not like I’m good at composing or anything. I want to try my best and be able to do something well.”

Are you talking about wanting to compose music?
“On some level, yes. I stayed up until 7 in the morning to try composing with MIDI the day before this interview too. I don’t know piano chords since I didn’t learn it, so playing the song’s very hard. The hyungs were all tired, I didn’t want to bother them by asking what I don’t know. I want a certain sound to be at this part but finding it is difficult, so I just try pressing every key. I keep telling the company I want to learn piano so I can start composing, and now I’m planning to properly start working with MIDI.”

But is it necessary for every member of the team to make songs?
“Just because 2-3 members of the team will make songs doesn’t mean the others don’t have to do it. It’ll be great if everyone can. Besides, the kind of music and emotions I like are different from what the other members like. I want to make my emotions into a story and hear it in sound. But I’m upset that I still can’t do it well. Not long ago I was playing with MIDI before I slept and it make me think I want to get my name on the album credit soon too.”

To what level do you want to make it?
“I haven’t considered that. I just plan to do it slowly without thinking too hastily.”

What kind of music and emotions do you like?
“I like quiet songs. The emotional and sad songs, kind of gloomy rather than bright. I really like listening to piano and guitar sounds. When I want to get excited I listen to loud songs such as hip hop or EDM, but usually I listen to quiet songs, like pop ballad.”

You have been nicknamed “Golden Maknae” for being multi-talented since debut, is there any time when you have no confidence?
“Rather than having no confidence, I’m the type to cower inside a little bit. I tend to think I have a long way to go even if I dance well, or think “I can’t sing” even if they say I sing well. I would still be like that 10 years later, when I practice and become someone who can really sing well. I would keep this thought even if I’m the ultimate vocalist. I’m originally this type of person.”

Don’t idols have to show that they think “I’m the best” on stage?
“It’s different on stage. There, I must show everything I can there and then come down. Only after that do I think about myself. It’s closer to thinking I have a long way to go than me having no confidence.”

<WINGS> contains the solo songs of each member and it somewhat revealed each person’s color a little more in various ways. What do you think is your role in BTS?
“What am I in the team… I’m curious what the hyungs think about me but I have never asked them. Can I ask like ‘What do you think about me’? (laughs) I just wish I don’t cause harm to the team, that I’m helpful. And, of course the other members are doing very well but, I hope I can become the kind of existence that without me, a part of it will fall apart. I hope I can become a member that shows our synergy when the 7 of us gather.”

To do that, it would be important to find what is of your own.
“I still don’t have it yet, my core. I’m thinking so. That’s why I have to learn more and work harder so I can step up my game. Finding what only I have is, in some ways, the goal of my life.”

The Signs as Panic! At the Disco Songs

Aries:  I lost a bet to a guy in a Chiffon skirt, but I make these high heels work. // “Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time”

Taurus:  Whether near or far, I am always yours. // “The End of All Things”

Gemini: Everything I do is bittersweet. You could tell me secrets that I’ll probably repeat. // “Bittersweet”

Cancer: Blink back to let me know. // “Always” 

Leo: Oh, we’re still so young, desperate for attention. I aim to be your eyes, trophy boys, trophy wives. // The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage”

Virgo:  They were young and independent, and they thought they had it planned. // “Memories”

Libra:  She said, “at night in my dreams, you dance on a tightrope of weird” // “Crazy=Genius”

Scorpio: I’ve got more wit, a better kiss, a hotter touch, a better fuck. // Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off”

Sagittarius: Static palms melt your vibes. // “LA Devotee”

Capricorn: I don’t love you I’m just passing the time. // “She Had the World”

Aquarius: So give it to me now. We’re lost in a dream now. // “Vegas Lights”

Pisces: Your eyes are the size of the moon. // “Nine in the Afternoon”


Words: 12k
Genre: Extreme fluff for all you bitter people out there (me being included)
Read the sequel drabble: here
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I f*cking love crossovers.
- The Ravenclaw dorm has an unspoken rule: do not turn off the radio
- Back in 1983, a team off Ravenclaws figured out how to make a radio work in Hogwarts, but something was off
- It only picked up one station: Night Vale Community Radio
- The students didn’t know what to make of it. Was it a fictional station? Was it a real place?
- Regardless, they left it on. They never once turned it off, to this day.
- It’s a morale strengthener and bonding exercise for the Ravenclaws
- Every evening all the Ravenclaws gather in the common room to listen to the American’s sultry voice
- Some of them study, some of them create, some of them just listen silently, but all of them listen
- Eventually, one bright student learns that Night Vale is a real place
- The head of Ravenclaw house has to send them all to bed because of the party
- Many Ravenclaws head to Night Vale after they graduate and are just so happy because Merlin’s beard, it’s real
- All of the other houses are completely baffled by the Ravenclaws
- “What the hell are they talking about?”
- Luna Lovegood, especially, takes a shine to the radio station and brings some of her friends to listen one year.
- Namely, Ginny, Hermione, Harry, and Ron
- Obviously, Hermione breaks a little bit
- “Muggle technology can’t work here!” “This is obviously just fiction!” “This can’t be a real place!”
- Ron and Harry work together to stop her and they all listen in rapt attention
- Ginny falls in love with the station, and Harry likes it
- Ron doesn’t buy it
- Hermione is convinced it’s fictional, and that there’s no such place as ‘Night Vale’
- Years later, Luna takes a trip to America after graduation
- And Hermione receives a post card with the words “Welcome to Night Vale” on it and a photo of Luna in front of the sign
- She has to sit down and absorb it
- It’s a tradition for seventh years to tell first years what they need to know about the radio
- Most importantly, not to turn off the radio
- It’s a tradition that still stands today.
- It’s a big reason of why Ravenclaws are the weirdest, wackiest, and most creative house as a whole
(I plan on doing different crossovers with Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin, too, this is just my Ravenclaw pride coming through)

by @loveisalaserquest17

“Harry! I’ll tell you what,” Louis exclaims, clapping his hands together. There’s a big grin on his face. “If both of us are still single by your thirtieth birthday, we’ll marry each other.”
Harry’s head snaps up, eyes widening. “What?”

Harry and Louis have been friends forever, but they couldn’t be more different. One night, with a little too much alcohol, they make a pact to marry in ten years if they’re both still single.
Now, one month before the deadline, Louis is willing to do whatever it takes to avoid ending up with his best friend. But is he, really? (Loosely inspired by The 10 Year Plan)

Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson | 55k | Complete | Explicit | Spotify Playlist | Read Now on AO3

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Hey,girl! I love your "canon Arya Stark" stuff! I think think that the class privilege is an important part of her arc,even with her interactions with peasants and commoners. I mean,she was a sheltered girl,so she was naive at the early books in a way,IMO.

Class privilege is definitely a theme in Arya’s arc. She did start off very sheltered, and yes a bit naive, hence why the incident on the Trident hit her so hard. I’m not referring to her grief for Mycah when I say that. That grief for her friend is very human and relatable even to an adult. I’m referring more to her shock and anger that nobody did anything when Mycah was killed.

This was the first time they had supped with the men since arriving in King’s Landing. Arya hated it. She hated the sounds of their voices now, the way they laughed, the stories they told. They’d been her friends, she’d felt safe around them, but now she knew that was a lie. They’d let the queen kill Lady, that was horrible enough, but then the Hound found Mycah. Jeyne Poole had told Arya that he’d cut him up in so many pieces that they’d given him back to the butcher in a bag, and at first the poor man had thought it was a pig they’d slaughtered. And no one had raised a voice or drawn a blade or anything, not Harwin who always talked so bold, or Alyn who was going to be a knight, or Jory who was captain of the guard. Not even her father.

Arya is the only person who defended Mycah and tried to keep him from harm. Everybody else knew he was one of the smallfolk, and people in Westeros just don’t cross a king (or a prince) to defend one of the smallfolk unless they are Dunk and we saw how that turned out. I say class privilege is a theme in Arya’s arc, and it is. Arya didn’t want to be a highborn lady, and after she has to flee the Red Keep to escape capture she finds out exactly what it’s like to not have that class privilege. GRRM is pretty brutal in showing her how sheltered she was in Winterfell, and she doesn’t stay naive for long at all.

I’d actually argue that abuse of class privilege is the stronger theme in Arya’s arc. We see that from that moment on the Trident, with Joffrey, and then Cersei’s and Robert’s actions too, but more so once Arya leaves King’s Landing. The confrontation with Ser Amory Lorch and the death of Yoren, the actions of Ser Gregor and the people Arya meets on the way to Harrenhal and in Harrenhal itself are gruesome illustrations of abuse of power.

Arya witnesses one injustice after another, from knights and the highborn, from people who have sworn vows and these people are acting completely contrary to these vows, and they just don’t care because they’ll face no punishment, if anything their behaviour is condoned because of their class and it’s all so wrong.

Hot Pie was being silly; it wouldn’t be ghosts at Harrenhal, it would be knights. Arya could reveal herself to Lady Whent, and the knights would escort her home and keep her safe. That was what knights did; they kept you safe, especially women.

This is how it’s meant to be. That quote is how a true knight should behave but there are very few true knights out there. Dunk is one (please read Dunk and Egg if you haven’t), and Brienne, and they’re not even really knights! Arya is taught a cruel lesson on the way to Harrenhal, and the injustices are the beginning of her list, a list that began from feeling powerless, but not only that. Every person on that list has committed crimes, and for most of them it has been an abuse of power that has gone unpunished because it has been committed by somebody with privilege, or in service to somebody who is privileged.

And it’s wrong.

Arya’s there to show us all this, to feel her powerlessness and her outrage and we should feel it. She might be highborn but that didn’t help her, not when she’s on the run and her identity must be kept secret to keep her safe and it’s a poor sort of safety when she goes from one place where she is abused onto another, on an entirely different continent, where safety means repressing your identity and thanking your hosts for slapping you. 

IT’S NO SECRET (2018) — A Bellarke Rom-Com [hd poster]

Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley) and Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) have always been at odds. They thought they’d never have to deal with each other again after high school. New York had other plans. When a race for a promotion reveals corruption in the agency that they work for, they must let go of the past and put their differences aside. The head and the heart realize just how good of a team they make.


westallen wedding week: day one
wedding preparations - cake testing

I believe in the power of prayer, but only insofar as matters beyond my control are concerned.

I don’t pray for a clean house or a charged phone because those are my responsibilities and I can fix those myself.
If you are in government, if you sit within a position of power, you forfeit your right to “thoughts and prayers”. You can still pray, obviously, but when you THINK about victims, you need to think “what could I have done to prevent this?”

When a mass shooting happens on the other side of the country, I, personally, think “if only I had been more forceful with my messages about gun control,” and then remember that I am a young adult with a blog. Paul Ryan, on the other hand, could think “What if I immediately called for a special session of the House and had us all lay out plans for gun control?”

That’s the difference.


battle couple:

it didn’t take long, the blue glow of his blade and the burning red of magnus’s magic lighting up their faces and before alec knew it there was some semblance of silence, the two of them standing there panting. magic was still crackling in the air and alec had ichor on his hand, dripping down his blade. x

@ other adult people living in the US who like, own homes and shit, if you needed to replace a gas range stove (hahahahahafuck) where would you look? So far I’ve just been looking at Lowes and Best Buy (cause apparently Best Buy is still a thing, who knew) but I have no idea what brands are good or not on this continent or where to buy such things and not get screwed over. I do plan on asking the mil for advice but her idea of affordable and my idea of affordable are wildly different.

Are there any brands in particular I should avoid? Thoughts? experiences? Sympathetic hugs?

Those Four Words

Summary: “You absolute fucking prick.”

Word count: 1.6k

Rating: Teen+

Warnings: Swearing (guess it’s a little late for that though whoops I’ll just put that in the tags), food mention

A/N: Inspired by a debate between @botanistlester@insanityplaysfics, and some anons on Phanfiction Catalogue about whether Dan or Phil would propose. I, um, might have been one of those anons btw (*cough* #TeamEliza *cough*). I hope this serves as an acceptable compromise.

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Dan doesn’t bother to look away from the episode of Steven Universe they’re watching, acknowledging his boyfriend only with a noncommittal sound somewhere between a hum and a grunt. Phil’s using his ‘idea’ voice, and as it’s barely past ten in the morning and Dan was up pacing the lounge until nearly five, he has neither the energy nor the mental capacity to pay attention to anything more complicated than cartoons right now. He pops another spoonful of cereal into his mouth and hopes whatever Phil has to say is brief.

(He gets his wish).

“Marry me?” Phil says in the exact same tone he used last week when he suggested that they go miniature golfing in the middle of a typical London downpour.

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Was bored at work, so got a guy fired and possibly sent to prison for fraud.

(long story)

I work the night shift as a receptionist at a hotel in Norway, and most nights are spent watching Netflix/playing games. Last summer was really slow and I also worked a lot extra, so I ran out of stuff to watch and games to play. One night I got a mail from “Scooter”. He wanted to book a room for almost 20 days. I just had to send him the price and confirmation that we had rooms available, and he would then send me his credit card info for me to pre-charge. Normally we just delete these kinds of mail, but I was bored out of my mind, so I responded with an offer for around 2k$ for the entire stay. Also made sure to inform him that he could cancel for free up until the day of arrival.

This is probably the most common fraud attempt in the Hotel/travel industry. Unlike most businesses, we are able to charge credit/debit cards with only the card number and exp date. No need for a pin code, cvc or other auth methods. Our software also allow us deposit money directly to local and international bank accounts by using the card number. Because of this, shitheads like Scooter will try to prepay with stolen/skimmed cards, but then cancel the booking and asking us to refund the amount to a different card.

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How I Manifested In 30 Days:

I have had an amazing personal manifestation I want to share with you all!

What to write: At the start of May, I wrote in my journal:

Dear Universe. I know you are always willing to show me something wonderful. Give me a breakthrough. Give it to me in the easiest and fastest way possible. Give me anything that will contribute to my happiness, finances & purpose. And give it to me by or before Wednesday 31st May 2017.

How to write: Hold the pen a little tighter. Feel the ink on the paper as an extension of yourself. Not anger. But intensity, yes. And absolutely come to the decision that this goodness can be absolutely anything, and come from absolutely anywhere. 

Why it worked: This conversation I was having with the Universe was a bit different, as you can see. It was scaled back, to the point and for the first time in my life, I didn’t try to add a limit or condition to it. I have my goals, and I am clear on them. I still want those to happen. But, sometimes we can have a wonderful experience just waiting in the invisible. And it cannot come uninvited. In all your expecting & planning, you must keep a little space open for something different to come in. 

What happened to me: Several days later, uncharacteristically, I wrote to someone for advice. (I am always seeking to connect with high-performance individuals and cold-email them often, but never for advice.) We began talking, and there was a flow. A connection. Within a few more days I was asked to contribute to a book project. That has now increased to 5 different projects. On Wednesday 31st May 2017, the deal was sealed as they say in money-terms. The best part of all of this is to share a connection to a like-spirited, like-Soul that I shall probably continue to know until the end of our days. 

So… what are you waiting for? Dear Universe…. 

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Q&A Cristina, Kieran, Mark and the politics of trust

“clockwork-artifices said: Hello, Cassie. I<3 Cristina, so i wanted to ask about her. She’s been described as someone who’s been hurt and betrayed in the past (and recently), therefore she doesn’t really trust people that easily now, so with that in mind i couldn’t totally understand 


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