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Today is officially the solar eclipse… I hear its supposed to bring huge changes. 

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All I can say is fuck I hope so. I feel like the whole world needs it so bad. So far it feels like a full moon on steroids. Yesterday was a shit day for almost everyone I know irl. All I could do was remind myself that change is coming, and it really helped.  Everyone around me is hurting so much, and I AM hurting so damn much. We need a change

So, I plan to do everything in my power to harness this new energy we’re being blessed with and manifest a better life.

By the might of the Sun and Moon combined, may we be energized and empowered to fight our demons and nourish our weary hearts. 

All my love to you all. 

writer appreciation!

the original plan was to write out a few special thoughts I hold close to my heart for all my favorite writers, but I knew the post would be way too long if I did that. 

So, instead, I’ll say the words that always come to mind whenever I read a masterpiece by any of you: Your writing is the work of the gods, and I cannot believe you’ve allowed us the privilege of seeing your magnificent work. I appreciate and love every single one of you, and I hope you continue doing what you love for a very long time.💖

thank you, thank you, thank you for being the magnificent, wonderful people that you are, and remember that your writing is some of the most artistic pieces ever known!

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fanfic writers’ appreciation day

okay, so I wasn’t planning on posting anything today, but I have been recieving so many kind words and messages and tags that I felt like I need to give back and have some happy energy on this blog

To you, the reader: I want you to know how much your support has meant to me over the past year. I may be the one writing, but this blog would not be where it is without your constant love and support. Your love has given meaning to my work which are usually just products of day dreams and me trying to express or process how I am feeling in my real life.

If you have chosen to stuck around after I put war-of-hormoan to rest, I am forever grateful for you support in the next chapter of this blog.

These past few months have been some of the hardest, in my personal life and on here. And as this blog has reached an unbelievable milestone, I feel like I have less and less to offer lately. I have hit a wall with my writing and inspiration has been far and few between. 

I’ve been questioning my place in the community but today has me really overwhelmed and humbled and grateful. I want you to know that I hope to come back soon with more content and continuation of the series I know you’re all waiting for patiently.

I love you. Each and every one of you.

thank you.

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but on a more personal note, I want to mention a few people.

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How can you be so positive? I mean, i'm hurt, i can't stop thinking negative. How the hell can you be so positive about Destiel? Have this trust on the writers ? And Jensen, Jared and Misha? Did they changed your life like they changed mine withtout even knowing me?

I feel like I know stories well and in my opinion at THIS point (past 11x11) it makes NO sense to not carry through with canon Destiel. Story wise it is the only logical outcome.

The actors I think are cool and everything but it’s the story that gets me really intrigued and obsessed to this point (and Misha lbr, he’s our shining star of goodness and ethics and is a sunbeam in this sometimes shit tip of a world).

There is a small, very small, minute part of me that feels that perhaps they still may not follow through on canon Destiel due to socio-political reasons that I can’t affect and that would be totally shit and a step back for humanity and our culture but STORY wise it’s literally like writing Pride and Prejudice and them not getting together at the end, it’s like writing Lord of the Rings and Aragorn and Samwise just being the backdrop or Saruman winning. It makes NO sense to what they’ve built so far and the EFFORT they’ve gone to building it ROMANTICALLY not fraternally.

Given how they’ve now taken the story they HAD and made it even stronger, built it so much, it just doesn’t make sense that they would do that and then back out.

It’s logic and having read a shit load of books and seen a shit load of TV and movies so I recognise what they’re doing, that pushes me to feel that it is endgame.

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Hi! I've seen you've been reading a lot of fanfictions and I'm just new here. Would you mind recommending me some good writers? And also, do you write or do you have plans to? Thank you!

Sure, I would love to. :)

@inktae - If you haven’t come across Mari’s blog or writings yet, please be informed that she’s our resident angst writer. Just go and read everything in her masterlist with a roll of tissue by your side. She never disappoints and I think everyone will agree with me on that. I have no more words. 

@lthyl - Her masterlist is a variety of au!s sprinkled with so much sin, so please binge read her works. My favorite work of her is Pandora even if it’s not yet out. :D

@1honeypot - READ! HER! WRITINGS! She will have you crying with laughter for a minute and crying with heartache the next, but everything is worthwhile. Her masterlist is more worthy than anything on the romcom rack of your local DVD rental store.

@blushoseoks Have you seen Grey Area around here on tumblr? Please tell me you did. Emna is a very talented writer and mind you she’s just 17(I’m jealous in a good way lol). I am 10 000% sure you’ll fall in love with her writing style. 

@wonderer-ru Go check her writings! She recently had this drabble game which is very cute and don’t forget to read this. You’ll have a lot of fun reading her works too.

Now on the sinning department and A+ smut, I wholeheartedly recommend you everything (again) in the masterlists of the ff: 

@jeonjagiya @btssmutgalore @avveh and of course @ellieljade (Mr.Min is a very good read tho you need to prepare lots of glue sticks to piece back your heart after chapter 3) 

If you happen to run out of fics to read, just go and indulge on their fic rec pages by navigating on their blogs. Thank you for trusting my taste and asking this anon. Have fun! 

Fan Fic Writer Appreciation Day!

So, I got a message from @aussie-sass about this, and decided perhaps the best way to show my appreciation would be to show my bookmarked fics with the notes I have for them (I have removed tags as they would be too long, but I will link the page to my bookmarks at the bottom, so you can check them out properly). In no particular order (I think it might be based on date?):

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Game On is my first entry for the @oqpromptparty:  Robin and Regina meet and fall in love in their fifties. I do hope you enjoy it, for there are planned additions to this verse as the week progresses. :D

You can read it here or on

She’s there every Friday night, perched on the same bleacher in the same aisle, wrapped up in her blue and white blanket even though it’s rather warm for an October evening. He noticed her the first game of the season–how could he not?, what with that dark hair that just teases her shoulders, a strand of which she continually tucks behind one ear, and full lips that are always tinted either a warm burgundy or a deep red. She’s stunning, there’s no question, and he’d hardly be a man, much less a single man if he didn’t notice her.

But she’s a loner in a sea of faces, just like he is. And that’s what draws him to her most.

He really ought to say hello tonight. It wouldn’t take much effort on his part, a mere sliding down and over a few rows, a polite query as to if she’d like a cup of coffee or maybe a hot chocolate. But he holds back, cursing himself for his cowardice as she pulls the blanket even tighter around her petite frame. She’s cold. Perhaps his moving next to her would offer an extra modicum of body heat that would help her warm up.

Just do it, you dolt.

He inhales sharply and decides to make his move, laughing at himself as his knee protests a bit too loudly for his liking, feeling more like his teenage son with his first crush than a fifty-one year old widower who hasn’t been on a date in longer than he can remember. There are similarities, he supposes, and he promises not to laugh at Roland’s unrequited crush on that junior cheerleader again as his own face heats up and his palms begin to sweat.

Here goes nothing.

“May I join you?”

She looks up at him, her eyes such a rich shade of brown they arrest him on the spot.

“No one’s stopping you,” she returns, scooting over a fraction, allowing the leftover warmth of her own body heat clinging stubbornly to the bench to tease him through his jeans.  He’s careful not to sit too close, yet close enough to get a whiff of her perfume, something rich and spicy he suspects hints at her personality.

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Fic prompt: eclipse! Today's actually my birthday and I'm so excited to see the eclipse! How about Jack and Bitty somewhere on vacation seeing the cool eclipse. Georgia or somewhere with better visibility? Xx

Oh, this is a lovely prompt.  Thank you, anon.  I hope you like it. Have a wonderful birthday and enjoy your special day. <3


They had obtained their camping permits months ahead of time, planning well in advance for the trip. The seven hour drive from Madison to Shenandoah National Park was a peaceful one. Jack and Bitty quietly enjoyed the scenery as it danced past them.  They stopped at a small diner for lunch.  They devoured peaches from a roadside farm stand as Jack took a picture of Bitty who laughed while juices dripped down his hand.

They continued the drive and then the Blue Ridge Mountains appeared before them as they got closer.

“I had no idea they actually looked blue,” Jack said with quiet awe.

Bitty smiled.  He adored how Jack still had this natural sense of wonder in him. Whenever he’d see something inspiring, something in nature, something that made him question, he lit up in a way Bitty could never get enough of.

“It’s the trees, sweetheart.  They affect the atmosphere and make them a hazy blue.  Pretty, right?”

Jack nodded and looked at the horizon, eyes wide.

They’d arrived five days before the solar eclipse and would camp out, exploring the park, finding quiet amongst the anonymity of the trees, the blind eyes of the clouds, and coolness of the streams.

After setting up their tent, Jack and Bitty hiked along a trail.  They had been warned by Suzanne that it would be hot, but it wasn’t. The days had a certain dew to them that clung to their skin, and the mosquitoes – in a rare display of courtesy – hadn’t even bothered to show up.

They ate sandwiches and fruit, they crossed streams, and watched birds.

“That one right there is a tufted titmouse,” Bitty said as he handed Jack the binoculars.  Jack smirked at the name as he lifted the binoculars to his eyes.

“It’s pretty, Bits.”

“Mmm…” Bitty said watching it jump from branch to branch.  “I think there are hummingbirds here, too.  Maybe we’ll see one if we’re lucky.”

They sat on a giant boulder they had climbed and looked at the valley below, neither of them saying a word but just studying the horizon ahead, in love with life and one another.  They listened to everything around them, and nothing at all.

That night, Jack poked at their campfire with a stick watching the flames jump and spark.  He became mesmerized by its dance, feeling tranquility wash over him yet again.  Bitty came up behind him and curled himself around Jack, long legs wrapping around his body.  

“Look up at the sky, sweet pea,” Bitty whispered in Jack’s ear, lips brushing against his lobe.

Jack gazed up at the vast dark blanket which enveloped them, shimmering with thousands and thousands of stars.  He inhaled sharply and squeezed Bitty’s hands.  

Jack still wasn’t used to this night sky overhead, it almost frightened him – to feel that small, that insignificant in the grand scheme of it all.  Bitty hooked his chin over Jack’s shoulder and whispered, “It’s okay though, cause we’re traveling through this world together.”  

Jack closed his eyes and smiled, he listened to the silence all around them.  

The fire crackled as Jack pulled Bitty around and into his lap, plying him with soft wet kisses that became deeper and deeper still…

They had discovered one small stream that wasn’t too shallow or rocky.  The water was cold, so cold, but they swam nonetheless.  Bitty’s lips turning a slight blue, teeth chattering.

“How can you stand this water, but are practically dying back home the minute it hits 50 degrees out?”

“This is different, somehow,” Bitty said with a smile as he went under and reemerged in front of Jack’s face.  

The two kissed in the quiet of the stream, keeping each other warm.

When the day of the eclipse arrived, they drove to the southern section of the parkway.  The relative solitude they had experience the last five days was now gone as they were surrounded by crowds wanting to see the eclipse, wanting to experience this in the same way they did.

At 2:30, Jack and Bitty sat on a blanket as they ate the treats Bitty had put out for them: peaches, salami, cheese, crackers, sparkling water.  Bitty took out their glasses and handed a pair to Jack.

“So about seven minutes, with 71 seconds of totality,” Jack said, then took a slice of peach and continued, “We need to keep our glasses on during the partial, diamond ring, and Baily’s beads phases of the eclipse.”

“Diamond ring and Baily’s beads.  Funny,” Bitty said with mirth.  “You’ve certainly been doing your homework, huh, Mr. Zimmermann?”

Jack smiled and shrugged. “Are you really that surprised?”

Bitty smiled and stroked Jack’s face.  “No, sweet pea.  Not at all.”

And as the moon began its dance to cover the sun, and the crowd of people around them held their breaths and looked up toward the heavens, Jack clutched Bitty’s hand tightly. So tightly.

The corona grew and the daylight hid, bathing them all in darkness.

“My god,” Bitty whispered, squeezing Jack’s hand.

And when the eclipse reached totality, Jack and Bitty quickly took off their glasses and took one look at the sun, then turned to look at one another.

“I love you,” Jack said.  “I love you, and will love you until the end of time.”

Bitty smiled and kissed Jack’s hand without even saying a word, even as they were obscured by the darkness around them, Jack could see all the love in Bitty’s eyes, could feel Bitty’s heart in his, and knew Bitty felt the same way.

They put their glasses back on, and watched as the sun began to reappear and greet the world.

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how about something like in third person so like the gang reflecting on malec and how happy they make each other when they see them be all in love at the insitute

Okay so this went in a very different direction than I had originally planned and I realized halfway through writing that they were supposed to be at the Institute, but I was in too deep by then. I hope you like it anyway! (read on ao3)

send me malec prompts and i’ll write them asap! (sorry if it takes a while)

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Say something

Say something, I’m giving up on you
I’ll be the one if you want me to
Anywhere I would’ve followed you
You’re the one that I love
And I’m saying goodbye
Say something, I’m giving up on you

“So, Ámbar? Are you going to explain yourself?” She could see he was hurting. Bad. But she was speechless.
“Please tell me I wasn’t just a plan to break up my best friend and her boyfriend. Please.” He pleaded, tears welling up in his eyes. Ámbar wanted to reach out and touch his face, his beautiful face that was now in a frown, that was scarred with unshed tears - and all because of her.

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When You’re A Parent

So thankyou so much to the anon who sent me this prompt, because even though it’s 2am and I am exhausted (xD), this is the longest fic I have written in a while and that is brilliant. Thankyou anon, you’re great :) It really made me smile to know you wanted more family stories. I hope you like this :) This is also dedicated to my twinsie, because she loves long fics and won’t be expecting this after what I told her about earlier xD This wasn’t in the plans.

Amelia was woken up at first by the sound of her door opening, and then by the sound of little footsteps walking along her bedroom floor and causing the floorboards to creak just a little bit. Before she could properly open her eyes and readjust to the conscious world there was a little person in the bed beside her, crawling up against her and laying down, resting her head against Amelia’s shoulder.

“Mommy.” A little voice said at a whimper. “I can’t sleep.” She carried on.

Amelia rolled over to meet her 4 year old, her youngest, in bed beside her with sadness filling her blue eyes.

“What’s wrong honey?” Amelia asked, reaching out an arm and putting it around Charlotte, pulling her close and placing a soft kiss on her red hair.

“Feel sick.” Charlotte said, snuggling up closer to her mommy and trying not to cry. She knew her mommy could make it better, her mommy made sick people better every single day, and sometimes in the night too. Sick people were her thing that she knew. Her mommy would make her all better.

“Have you been sick anywhere?” Amelia asked, so she could get a better idea of what they were dealing with here.

Charlotte shook her head, but didn’t say anything. She felt better if she closed her eyes, but she couldn’t sleep because she felt too sick. She just wanted it to all go away.

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Hi! I'm so sorry if this is not an appropriate question or if it's not phrased the right way - I'm very nervous asking this so it might show - but I was wondering if you were planning on adding any of the Natasha or Clint artwork from the_life_of_bucky_barnes to your Redbubble. Natasha is my favorite Avenger and I'd love to have some of your artwork of her, if you're adding some to Redbubble!

Hi anon ^^

When I read the beginning of your message I was wondering what the hell you were going to ask me xD OMG, was it gonna be one of these tricky fandom questions again, you know, the ones that have no right answer?

Well, no, it was just a question about RedBubble! ^^ And no, it wasn’t inappropriate to ask this kind of question or anything :)

you were planning on adding any of the Natasha or Clint artwork from the_life_of_bucky_barnes to your Redbubble. 

Not particularly but I can add some Clintasha or some solo Clint and Nat artworks I have in store to my shop in the next batch, no problem. ^^

Thanks a lot for enjoying my art and for your interest in my shop! ♥


A/N: Welp, change of plans.. this is gonna have to be the last for now… I can’t stay away from writing, woah… Inspired from this quote that I saw from quotemadness… good stuff. I mean, I might as well write while I have the escape as of the moment. Psuedo-Continuation of “LATE” I guess…


~Shintori Khazumi




“I am hopelessly in love with you. I imagine your deft fingers gently brushing away the tiny hairs from my forehead and your lips stealing a kiss from my own, and I think that we could have had a good life had you chosen me too.”

Akko gave a small sigh as she thought such things, these words on this old paper; staring out the window of a less-than-homely little café at the edge of the town she was currently staying in for the night for rest from her very important magical mission.

It had been eight years since Diana had been wed, and three since she left for a long-term mission that should have only taken a few months, but now, it had been years and she was yet to be heard from.

It had also been a few years since Amanda had given up all hope of a blossoming romance between her and her best friend, thus sending the letter that contained the message Akko could never quite seem to get out of her head.

“… a good life had you chosen me too… huh…” She muttered, taking a sip of her warm coffee, the graying skies outside only serving to dampen the mood, rain pelting against the large windows.

A chuckle escaped her lips, and once more, Akko found that she was laughing at herself. Her current state, her sorry mentality.


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My opinion on The newest episode of The Strain.

As you’ll soon find out, I fucking love this series. I love the books, the comics and crappy spin off comics. I also love the show.. As hard as its been in its last season.. I told you guys I would have rambles about things. So, I’m starting here.. with this episode “Tainted Love”.. (I’ll circle back to last weeks episode too… don’t get me started on that mess).(I don’t plan to explain any characters to new people.. this is a rant specifically for the fans of the strain.. so.. skip this post if you have no interest in this show.. comics.. books.. cause you’re in for a long post.. also SPOILERS)

The Strain is a good series.. Good.. not great.. Its a good TV show if you like vampires, moderately cheesy dialog and a fun cast who all seem to blend together well. This episode was chalk full of humor between characters like Quinlan and Fet.. Eichorst(who is my favorite character) does things.. like being a bad ass and driving a truck shooting at a plane..(which also comes off cheesy in some ways). The main things I wanted to touch on though for this episode of scenes related to Quinlan and Zach.(I hear your groans already. but hear me out..)

Zach this season is more bratty and horrible and we’re starting to see him break down in some ways.. Which is actually pretty awesome.. When Abby is being killed he is seen holding his head and trying to block out what is happening. The books mention him having OCD rituals and anxiety problems due to The Master’s care.. Seeing that part of him freaking out was  a nice touch. But it was also a nice touch seeing something so real happen in the series.. I told friends why the scene was hard to watch.. But in a not cringy way.. in a “This hurts on levels only some people will understand”. Its a very real scene of what happens to many people now and days. Zach reacts to rejection like many people have lately.. Abby becoming the victim to that reaction.. I can not tell you how many times I or friends have heard the lines.. “I was nice to you. You were nice to me. I gave you things. Why can’t I be you significant other? You better like me or else”. While.. we all saw her character’s death from a mile a way.. It still stuck out to me. Its one death that will probably stick with me for some time. I’ve been in a dangerous situation where being nice to someone got me hurt because they thought something simple like holding their hand so i don’t fall meant.. “Take me now”.. We hear lots of things on the news or social media of victims being hurt due to someone “rejecting” their love. Abby herself even says “I don’t owe you anything. Thats not how this works”. I loved it.. It was a great scene. So if there’s some one you’re crushing on hard.. If they don’t feel the same way.. please don’t murder them or hurt them.. 

Now on to Quinlan. This character is drastically different from his other counter parts in the comics and books. Quinlan pretty much doesn’t talk till book 3.. I expect changes to the TV show version. They have to make him super cool and stand out from the others.. They want him to seem mysterious and cold.. Which.. I know that show writers.. stop hammering that into my head. Last week’s episode and this week we learned more about his back story.. Which.. I will literally rant about this for hours on end about why the changes to his background just fall flat and don’t work.. Last week we were introduced to Louisa and daughter. The TV show counter part to Tasa and her daughter.. Like many book fans.. I didn’t like this… (I’m expecting a visit from a certain “critic” for writing this). Louisa is seeking out Quinlan.. because he brother is dying or now dead.. and its the stupidest shit show ever.. (I told you.. i hate it). The flash backs are written like a bad fanfic.. Like.. a bad knock off fanfic. I know I’m suppose to care about this cute child set in a time period I love so much.. But I don’t.. She’s not mentioned or hinted at like Quinlan’s family in the books and comics. She has no tragic back story like Tasa and her daughter.. There’s no real drama or conflict to make me care for them. Tasa was a slave like Quinlan and something they had in common. In the spin off comics we see Quinlan rescuing Tasa and her child while his people are raiding her village.. We’re pretty much set up to care about these characters from the get go. Louisa and her child are well to do. Their story isn’t tragic or set up to make me care about them. She paints Quinlan up(don’t get me going on this make up and wig…) to look human and they… Umm.. I guess have sex? I don’t know what to call the love scene really.. It made me feel.. embarrassed.. I was embarrassed for watching one of my favorite show. Maybe if I wasn’t watching with other people.. I’d feel less embarrassed.. I doubt it.

Anywhoo.. Quinlan fights Papa Master and doesn’t win.. Papa kills not wife and child and Quinlan just sighs and releases his “family”. There’s no heart or soul to these scenes. There’s no drama or heart ache.. It falls flat. In the comics Quinlan is tricked and runs home to Tasa and their child who are now turned and attack him. He’s taunted and has to slay his family.. Its more heart breaking because there’s more of a build up. We grow to like these characters for a few brief moments and really get to see Quinlan grow more as a character. We get to see him “act “ human with out having to be painted human. He is loved for himself and has earned this family. We see them act like a family and Tasa sings to him. We see him being taken care of in the comics by her(the spin off comic)..  Louisa’s daughter is seen playing with Quinlan in this episode but It feels stiff. I don’t get the sense of this being a family. We aren’t showed a montage of them being more family like.. or them growing more.. We don’t get to see how close they have gotten. When he says “I have to go fight the master”. Louisa is upset and slaps him.. “What about us” I eye rolled faster than Eichorst dodging bullets. Nothing really feels at sake.. she guilt trips him into her death.. I don’t feel a sadness for these characters.. The only thing that will keep their memories alive is fans going, “You guys remember that awful sex scene?”. I understand many show watchers may not feel this way due to the fact they’ve never read the books.  But those who have.. (the many I’ve talked too) do feel that way,

Also, can we talk about what a bad ass Charlotte is? She’s in my new top favorites for the show. She’s a strong female character who can actually defend herself and handles people like a champ. She’s not mean or cold towards Quinlan. She’s the reason they get out of there because she stuck around to fight off Eichorst. She’s not stupid and knows what she wants and how shes going to survive. I’m sad we probably wont see her ever again. But I really did enjoy the character. Her explaining to Fet she wasn’t coming with was one of my favorite parts of the episode. The Strain doesn’t have very many strong female characters at this point.. I don’t count Dutch, her character is awful.. (I have a rant about that later). Sorry let a person gush about a new refreshing character.

Also, when did Eichorst have time to heal from being burned? Gentlemen, I do believe he was on fire.. I know he’s a vampire and all.. but I don’t feel like he had time to heal that fast and go find Quinlan and company out in no where land. I know he had some burn marks.. but.. like.. We skipping where he was ON FIRE?

Welp, I’m going to wrap up this post here. I already know people are going to hate this a lot. But, I welcome the discussion and hate.I know there’s a certain “critic” making her rounds to these things.. So I’m expecting her to appear. 


I rant about shit.. and say stuff i like. 


BIGBANG | A Good Man (Electric Love Tour 2010)

Can we please appreciate this masterpiece that T.O.P created back in ‘08! The lyrics are so heartfelt, the composition is different and unique, you can even feel emotional from the flow of their voices alone. I was planning to only post T.O.P’s rap because it’s one of my favorites, but how can I cut out the beautiful essence that BIGBANG’s vocals create along with it?? This entire song and performance is something that needs to be known & appreciated.