my pizza is ruined

}{ Apparently Zell isn’t the only one destined to drama today. Today is Monday, which means fish for dinner. Which means preheating the oven cause that’s how we make it. I’m sitting here starting to write Laguna’s reply when something funny smelling catches my nose. I sniff again and can’t place it. Sometimes my mother leaves a pan in there because it’s bulking and annoying to put in the cabinet. I sigh, as this has happened over a dozen times. I go to the oven, open and there’s a fucking pizza box in the oven. So now there’s smoke coming out of the oven, and I grab those mitten things to get the shit out and I fling the box at the sink. The sides are burnt. Like it was seriously starting to become inflamed. So naturally I open the box, now thinking the pizza from Friday is ruined, to my dismay the fucking thing is empty. There was a fucking pizza box in the goddamn oven since fucking Friday. I could have seriously burnt the house down making dinner because one guy didn’t feel like throwing the fucker out that night or even the next day Saturday. What-the-ever-loving-fuck. }{