my pizza is ruined

I was super bummed out about Pizza Steve ruining my original Mr. Gusite picture… but Uncle Grandpa felt bad and… I dunno how… he called in a favor and got the CREATOR of Steven Universe, REBECCA SUGAR, TO DRAW MY GEMSONA! I guess Uncle Grandpa’s got connections at Cartoon Network!

Thus ends my gemsona experience! Thanks for reading everyone!

Record Pt.1 -  Jikook scenario (Multiple parts)

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Okaaay so i was going to make this a fanfiction, but i’m just making this a scenario split into multiple parts. it will probably have around 5 parts so enjoy this very nsfw jikook scenario XD

“I thought i would surprise all of you with a quick stream,” Jimin giggles, placing down his phone on top of the toilet off the public bathroom he was hidden in.

Park Jimin, well known and loved cam boy. He can’t recall the last time he touched himself off camera. His soft and sweet personallity drew in lots of men, treating him as their baby boy. Baby Min, Jimin his online ID. The name everyone knew him by.

“Tony! I haven’t seen you in a while, i missed you,” Jimin whispers, watching people join the chat one by one.

He leans in closer to the camera, showing off his plump lips. One of the things his viewers adored.

“You want me to take them off?” He smiles pointing down at his pair of ripped jeans, “Hmmh, of course you do.

Slowly and teasing he slides them off, dropping them on the bathroom floor. His hand brushes over his striped underwear. White and baby blue, two colours that suited his pale skin beautifully. He lets his tongue dance over his lips as he rubs himself, the chat going crazy as he does.

“I even brought my toy.”

“Jimin when did you start doing shows in public,” Hoseok laughs, sitting down at the dinner table with the others.

“I do it occasionally, they like it.”

“I should try it out, it seems fun,” Hoseok adds, downing a big bite from his pizza.

Jimin lived together with two other camboys, Hoseok and Yoongi. Both of them also got a fair amount of views, especially Yoongi. He had dubble the amount of viewers than the other two did, even receiving money and lingerie from some. Just like his ID he was sweet like Suga. Giving his viewers anything he wanted.

Hoseok on the other hand wasn’t as soft. He was known for being adventures and somewhat wild. He got a lot of the kinky perverts watching, not like he really minded though.

“Save some pizza for me when i get back cunties, i gotta run,” Jin groans, his high heels almost blocking out the sound of his voice.

“Jin you should eat first,” Yoongi states, handing him a slice of pizza.

“First off all, that will ruin my fifty dollar lipstick. And second, It’s Amethist when i put this wig on,” He replies, closing the front door just as quick as the slice flew back onto Yoongi his plate.

Jin, or should we say, Amethist, was one of Seoul’s better known drag queens. He lived with the three camboys for a while now, communicating as little with their horny asses as possilble.

“I kinda want to fuck him in that latex dress,” Hoseok says, downing another of pizza.

“You want to fuck everyone,” Jimin answers, watching Hoseok nod proud in response.

“Kook! Jungkook! Homie!” Taehyung, Jungkook his best friend, screams as he runs into the others bedroom.

“What?” The youngest groans, still half asleep in bed.

“I just found a golden fucking website man!”

“If it’s that meatspin website again i’m throwing you out of my window.”

The other sits down next to jungkook, forcing the camsite into his face.

“That’s a dick,” Jungkook groans confused, taking the phone from Taehyung.

“He’s makes me fucking crazy, look at him.”

Jungkook takes in the stranger his appearance, his cheesy ID drawing his attention.

“HopeXXX? Did he run out of original ideas?”

“Geez, i’ll send you the link, there are a lot more guys on there.”

“Go back to bed man, it’s only 10 Am.”

The two friends moved in together after college. Most people assumed they were dating, which besides a few drunk nights, they weren’t.

“Why are you even watching porn this early?”

“I got horny.”

“Are you ever not horny?”

Pizza Balls


Pairing: Misha X Reader

Word Count: 240

Warnings: V short, theft 

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The familiar screech of the director’s voice echoes through the room and into my ear, alerting me that the scene is finished. Falling out of character, I allow a small smile to grace my lips while heading to the catering table. Careful not to ruin my lipstick, I pop a pizza ball into my mouth. The taste of cheese, ham and tomato mix in my mouth, being chewed together before thrown down my throat.

Misha approaches me, his hand coming up and resting on my lower back. “Good scene back there.”

A smirk replaces my smile, cockiness taking my mind away from the food. “I know.”

Without even looking at him, I can tell his eyes are being rolled. “Roll your eyes anymore and you’ll go blind.”

“Never heard that one before.”

Reaching over, yet another pizza ball falls finds itself in my mouth. The savory flavour making my eyes roll into the back of my tilted head and an orgasmic moan leave my lips. Before I know it, I find another pizza ball in my hand, making the journey from the table to my lips.

Closing my eyes, I bring my hand closer to my mouth, ready to be submitted into bliss. Only to find myself biting air. Eyes snapping open, I turn to see Misha popping my pizza into his own mouth. Noticing my attention, he swallows his, MY, food.

“Roll your eyes anymore and you’ll go blind.”

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How much garlic is too much garlic?

when i was a kid my father used to take me driving and hiking up around in the mountains and one time we stopped in a very small town with a restaurant inside of a train and he got me a slice of pizza. on the table we were sitting at there were various shakers for red pepper, parmesan, etc– and i’m like, woah, this is free? i can just, use as much parmesan cheese as i want??? and i loved me some parmesan. so naturally i covered my entire slice of pizza with it, tip to crust, in a solid layer of delicious cheese dust a quarter inch thick. i was hype.

then i took a bite, 

and i discovered in about 0.3 seconds that that shaker did not actually have parmesan cheese in it; it was garlic salt.
and i had buried my pizza in it. 
it tasted like the sweat of satan’s armpit.
i recoiled.
i cried.
not only had i ruined my one golden delicious slice of pizza, but i knew then that free parmesan cheese was just a damn human construct. 
that was the day i first tasted true betrayal.

and that– was too much garlic. 

I was going to post this next week for @robroninlove, but I couldn’t make it fit any of the days so here it is. It’s…well it is what it is.

(bear in mind I know nothing about photography or even that much about art galleries and exhibitions so bear that in mind).


“You look good.” Came a voice in his ear. He gripped the stem of his champagne glass that bit tighter. He didn’t even know why he even had the glass, it wasn’t like he was that keen on the stuff. Still everyone else had one so at least he looked like he fitted right in, even if he didn’t feel like he did.

“You’re late.” He didn’t turn round, not yet. He wouldn’t give in that easily.

“Not by much.” He was so close he could feel his breath on his ear.

“Enough.” Finally he turns round, still fighting the grin that was threatening to break out. These days he found it so much harder to stay mad at Robert, not that he ever wanted to, but now they were settled, finally. Still he wasn’t letting him off the hook straight away. He wasn’t even that mad, more uncomfortable at being here at his own.

Robert didn’t say anything, he just plucked the champagne glass out of Aaron’s hand, taking a long sip from it.

“Well your son falling into me with a slice of pizza and ruining my best suit is the best excuse you’re going to get, I’m afraid.”

“Hmm. How come he’s my son when he does stuff like this?”

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Buck’s Girls.

A/N Okay so this is based on an idea from THIS POST, but it doesn’t go exactly as the  post does, so hopefully it doesn’t suck.

Warnings: well no… unless you consider the natural process of menstruation as something that needs a warning. All fluff!

word count: 2,284

“Has anyone seen Y/N? She didn’t come down to the gym at all this afternoon.” Steve looked around the room at his teammates, all of them there at the same time for once. The guys just shrugged but Steve could read Wanda pretty well. “Maybe I’ll just go check on her in her room.”
“That’s probably not a good idea, Steve.” Wanda peeked her gaze up over the book in her hands. “She isn’t particularly…. hormonally stable.”
“Oh, come on!” Stark shouted. “Do we really have to get detailed?”
“I can give much more detail for you, Stark.” Her eyes flashed red and Tony was quickly scurrying off to his lab, Bruce following quickly behind. “Men,” she scoffed.

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Please nobody laugh at this!

It’s completely stupid and I could probably be judged about it, but I was trying to have my microwaved pizza, I didn’t know that it was really stuck to the plate, I tried my best not to ruin parts of the pizza, my hand decided to twitch and after a second I felt a lot of pain on my finger, I look and see there was a cut, THE DAMN PIZZA SOMEHOW CUT MY FINGER