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Daily Doodle! 6/27/17

Based on @imaginashon and @spatziline Pirates AU! FUN Story! My friend has been throwing Murder Mystery Dinner parties every year, and this year’s theme is PIRATES!! so of course I asked if I can bring my accordion and play some sea shanties, and he said yes! So I drew this for that.. cause pirates, accordion, fun.


“Who are you?!”


Introducing my newest Klance AU, The Prince and The Pirate! (technically its not that new, i’ve had it in mind for a while lmao)

BASICALLY, Lance is a prince who’s next in line for the throne, and Keith is a pirate. Lance was at a party meeting his suitors one rainy night and Keith’s pirate crew raided the place, but the storm picked up and destroyed the boat. these two ended up washed up on an uncharted island together, and now they gotta figure out how they’re gonna survive ヽ( ͡͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °)⊃━☆゚. * ・ 。゚


Meanwhile, Oikawa is sulking hiding behind a rock.


Ok guys, ask and ye shall receive! This was SO MUCH FUN. Have included the image on its own so you can see all the details! Please observe how the list of charges becomes increasingly more absurd as it gets smaller~

Dedicated, for all your participation in this now life-consuming AU, to: @fireflyfish@forcearama@lurkingcrow @albaparthenicevelut @bodirooks @writegowrite @resistancepilots​ 💕💕💕

Also credit to redheadstock over on DeviantArt for the great brushes I used on the poster.

i read @attilarrific‘s pirate au fic the other night and i can’t stop thinking abt how Good it was nd how well these two were written and i’m just so,,, sets hand over heart

Crop top Mafia Viktor to go with @foxpirates-art Crop top cop Yuri
Go check out their work, its awesome!!)

Inspired by @crimson-chains Mafia AU (Super fun comic, read it if you haven’t)
@zephyrine-gale Crop top movement XD (Look what you started…. *Pst… thank you*)

Also a quick splice together of the two of them together^_^