my pins

ds9 is slaying me atm …. these two literally own me istg.

dont ask me what theyre celebrating …. i just thought ‘hey they should be holding something’ and so i gave them champagne. i imagine theres some big fancy starfleet do happening and everyone brings plus ones so naturally bashir invites garak along. quark bets him two strips of gold pressed latinum that bashir wont kiss garak in front of the stuffy old cardassian-hating starfleet admiral that sisko begrudgingly had to invite along. bashir bets six strips that he will [all the while garak is rolling his eyes in the background]. bashir wins the bet of course.

anonymous asked:

i id as agender and recently ive been feeling rlly down bc despite the fact that i got a binder and a shorter haircut im still not andro? ppl call me ma'am in public and i get called a girl and im just,, rlly hh,,, any advice?

eyebrows help sometimes, if you fill in your eyebrows a little then it can make your face look more andro. I also love “my pronouns are ____” pins, you can find them for a dollar on etsy. Sometimes hips can make you look feminine so boardshorts can sometimes square you out. 

You are still valid if these dont work/you dont want to use them :)

-mod rin

the-undead-greaser  asked:

Okay so i went to the Hot Topic and my sister started being really rude and saying some really homophobic shit to me when I said Melanie Martinez was cute anD THE CASHIER PUT A GAY PRIDE PIN ON MY SHIRT AND TOLD ME IT WAS ALRIGHT I ALMOST CRIED

Awwww omg. That’s so amazing :’)

I lost my dearest crystals
and my square hoops that hira retrieved one of from Atlanta and brought me in new york
and the bullet earrings my mom gave me that I’ve lost and refound like 4 times
and the little grim reaper holding scales that Andy got me in Mexico
and the rose quartz my mom gave me that i wear to protect my heart
and my void pin

How the hell did anyone, at all, in the entire world ever convince themself that Steven Universe is all about the straights? Everything in it is queer coded. EVERYTHING.

I mean, in the first forty-five episodes alone we have Pearl in classical tragic love with Rose Quartz. It’s her major theme for the season. Amethyst was clearly into both RQ and Greg, and had no idea how to handle it. Womanhood is literally placed on a pedestal multiple times, the house statue is ENTERED THROUGH A VULVA, fusion dances oh my god when Garnet pins Pearl to the wall, and




Stevonnie and the RQ -> Steven transition aside, presentation, identity, and body dysphoria are some of the dominant themes of the season. It doesn’t beat you over the head with it, but there’s a very clear message: what you feel is real. If your body feels wrong, it IS wrong, and everyone deserves the form they know is right. You are valid.

Maybe you’re struggling to transition, or exploring labels and presentations. Maybe your situation isn’t ideal and you have to stick it out for now. Maybe you have to beg an old white man for help. You are real, and you are valid, and that is the most powerful message I can imagine.

And it’s for kids. This show is so important.