my pineapple head

I once had a conversation with a lesbian who said bisexuality couldn’t exist because she couldn’t imagine falling in love with a man

in other news pineapple isn’t served on pizza because I can’t imagine liking it and sports aren’t broadcast on tv because I can’t imagine wanting to watch them

“Pineapples are in my head
(Pineapples are in my head)
Got nobody ‘cos I’m brain dead
(Got nobody 'cos I’m brain dead)

Somebody said that I’m a fuckin’ slum
Don’t know that I belong
Maybe you’re fucking dumb
Maybe I’m just a bum
Maybe you’re fucking scum
Don’t you go psycho chum
I want you for the world
I want you all the time”

I found some new appreciation for Glass Animals, I was super excited when this new album came out! This is inspired from their song “Pork Soda”, It actually looked a bit more crazy, like she was suppose to have this broken look to her. But it was getting a little too much so I toned it down.

How To Be A Human Being - Album Review

How To Be A Human Being is the second full album from Oxford born band Glass Animals. Similar to their first full release, Zaba, How To Be A Human Being is packed with surreal, experimental sounds and instruments.

Life Itself-

Life Itself starts the album with an intro that blends an oriental style with electronic and tribal drumming. This continues into the first chorus in which the vocals come in, low pitched and somewhat mysterious to begin with, progressing to a higher and brighter tone in the chorus. The instrumentals develop into a more impacting sound, with the addition of brass, before it settles back into its enthusiastic synth for the bridge. Overall, Life Itself is a really fun and interesting start to the album, and certainly showcases what Glass Animals have in mind for the remainder of the album.


Based around guitar, drum and piccolo lines, Youth is a very energetic and cheerful song. Dave’s vocals are mainly a mix of alto/soprano, and this compliments the instruments, especially when he begins to harmonize in the chorus. The lyrics in this song are very playful; this is seen in the chorus of ‘one I want you, two be happy…’ Glass Animals songs often have little to no lyrical meaning, but can be interpreted to fit a personal meaning. I feel Youth achieves this well, and its feel good lyrics and beat don’t really need an explanation- it’s a song about having fun.

Season 2 Episode 3-  

For me, this is the most exciting and innovating track on the album. Heavily nostalgic uses of video game music and sound effects create the laid back vibe of this song, giving the listener a glimpse of the character’s attitude in the song. It’s written as a story, and the mixture of bass fueled riffs and electronic beats paint an amazingly well produced scene. The use of reverb and distortion on the vocals, particularly in the intro, make the track sound very dream like. Season 2 Episode 3 is a perfect song for a relaxed day, or just something to chill out to.

Pork Soda-

Filled with plenty of drum fills and synthesized melodies, Pork Soda is a very stand out track. Its use of deep, rich vocals in the verses provides a certain atmosphere leading up to the chorus. ‘Pineapples are in my head’, a chorus line, became the bands signature gimmick- anyone who has experienced Glass Animals for themselves will know pineapples have become central to their live shows and promotion. Pork Soda is an expression that Glass Animals are a serious band as well as a fun one; the use of a darker sounding track with a lot more profanity than any other song indicates they’ve grown since the Zaba days.

Mama’s Gun-

Possibly their most eerie song, Mama’s Gun not only handles dark topics but has a suitably sinister feel to it. This track is made of predominantly distorted orchestral instruments, and features the use of human voices as instruments, singing or crying or whispering in one or two notes each. The message is disturbing- using your mother’s gun to murder someone- and a message like this is hard to clearly portray without sounding badly made or slightly uncomfortable to listen to, as if they’ve tried too hard. However, Glass Animals nail it. The subtle changes in vocal dynamics and use of backing vocals really create a twisted interpretation of the situation dealt with.

Cane Shuga-

Cane Shuga shows us the perspectives of two recovering and relapsing drug addicts, and the whole song is basically just a journey through a drug trip. There are no plain instruments in the whole song, and even the vocals are heavily edited through a vocoder. It’s a very vibrant and exciting song and brings certain uniqueness to the album. Although I find it very interesting, it’s definitely one of the less complex and most disappointing songs on the album. I feel like the idea was a great starting point, but the repetitiveness of the song annoyed me.

[Premade Sandwiches]-

I was debating whether to review this, as it doesn’t officially feature on the tracklist. Lasting only 36 seconds as an extremely sped up and edited spoken word interlude, there isn’t a lot to say about Premade Sandwiches. The lyrical content is fascinating, and acts as a commentary on current society. The most stand-out line for me is ‘people standing in line to buy whatever the McFuck they might want to shove down their food pipes tonight’. It’s a creepy and packed track, but has a strong message.

The Other Side Of Paradise-

For new Glass Animals fans, this song is an essential. It tells the tale of a person whose lover left to be a star, and consequently left them behind and started their own life. This track is the best example of the bands new techniques, namely using voices in place of instruments, keeping instruments minimalistic and using vocals to make more of an impact than particularly instrumentals. The tonality switches from major to minor to reflect the mood of the character, and they make the transitions swift and effective.

Take A Slice-

Take A Slice is Glass Animals’ most provocative song by far. Dave himself said it was the ‘naughtiest song [they’ve] ever made’, and this is shown in not only the lyrics, but in the way it’s sang. They sample guitar parts that have been distorted to sound like human voices and moans, and guitar plays a prominent part in the whole song. There’s plenty of riff fills and guitar solos. All in all, it’s an excellent song, but somewhat awkward to listen to with your dad.

Poplar St-

Poplar St reminisces on childhood memories of a slightly strange childhood home, involving prostitutes and sexual encounters. Similarly to Take A Slice, Poplar St uses guitars in a seductive manner, however it uses a lot more instruments to portray different moods and emotions throughout. The vocals transition from deep and quiet to loud and punchy, with a driving chorus and heavy atmosphere.


As the final song on the album, Agnes delivers an emotional message and a hard hitting chorus. A song dedicated to a loved one who committed suicide, the lyrics ‘you’re gone but you’re on my mind, I’m lost but I don’t know my’ stay memorable until the album ends and beyond. The use of keyboard and more simple instruments makes it interesting, yet delicate and respectful. Personally, I think Agnes is an excellent end to a stunning album, and it keeps the feeling of Glass Animals alive.

In summary, How To Be A Human Being’s must listens are Season 2 Episode 3, Pork Soda and Agnes. It’s a wonderfully executed album, beautifully produced and a major success for the Glass Animals boys.

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