my pineapple head

I once had a conversation with a lesbian who said bisexuality couldn’t exist because she couldn’t imagine falling in love with a man

in other news pineapple isn’t served on pizza because I can’t imagine liking it and sports aren’t broadcast on tv because I can’t imagine wanting to watch them

#glassanimals #season2episode3 #pt2

“Pineapples are in my head
(Pineapples are in my head)
Got nobody ‘cos I’m brain dead
(Got nobody 'cos I’m brain dead)

Somebody said that I’m a fuckin’ slum
Don’t know that I belong
Maybe you’re fucking dumb
Maybe I’m just a bum
Maybe you’re fucking scum
Don’t you go psycho chum
I want you for the world
I want you all the time”

I found some new appreciation for Glass Animals, I was super excited when this new album came out! This is inspired from their song “Pork Soda”, It actually looked a bit more crazy, like she was suppose to have this broken look to her. But it was getting a little too much so I toned it down.