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the recent SP7 episodes have had me very emotional, so i churned this out to deal with it. i bet that boy is having a hard time with what happened, despite the evidence against it. that’s really all i have to say.


and yes i drew the whole thing (save the shitty background job), its not an edit lmao

edit: wow tumblr eats the quality so fullview for best results!

a very tiny sp7 parker/cib darker timeline ficlet

So I haven’t been able to stop thinking about a canon divergent sp7 au where Parker does come back but he comes back soulless. Today’s ep seemed to cement that Everyone is Chill (for now) so I’m taking that as permission to run w my idea. Here’s like 1.3k of that.


“Do you know how I know I’m not him anymore?” he asks.

Cib frowns. Something more serious flickers behind his eyes. “How?”

Parker sighs, sits down against the wall. And yeah, he knows what kinds of things have touched that wall, he just doesn’t care. He doesn’t care about anything anymore, and that’s the problem. “I know I’m not him,” he says slowly, “because he was in love with you.”


Parker offers to cook dinner. It’s the first thing he does after he says hello to all of them, apparently unperturbed by the fact that they’ve broken into his house. James thinks that’s fair, honestly, considering how many times it’s happened before. It just never happened quite like this.

When Parker greeted them, his smile was…off, in a way James couldn’t and still can’t seem to place. “Hey boys,” Parker had said, casual as ever. A shiver ran down James’ spine.

People don’t come back from the grave. That doesn’t happen.

As soon as Parker gets into the kitchen, everyone else breaks out into hushed whispers. “Dude,” says Steven, eyes round and wide as dinner plates, “this isn’t happening, right? Pinch me, fucking pinch me, come on, pinch- ow!”

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anonymous asked:

how about some angst??

Oooh good choice anon. Always down to recommend some angst!

Angsty Fics

You Came Through So Low Key by BurningBroadripple – 26.7k, T


Five times Otabek had Feelings but couldn’t express them to Yuri, and one time Yuri understands anyway.
(The Beka-centric high school AU literally no one asked for.)
Or the one where Otabek pines, Yuri searches for validation, JJ has some growing up to do, and Mila sticks her nose in everything.

College Days by katsudope (WIP)   – 6.9k, E


Yuri Plisetsky just can’t find his skating mojo after making the move to America to attend college and train with his best friend Otabek Altin. His coach and friends think he’s not adjusting well, but in reality something else is distracting Yuri, something he needs to realize himself before he will be able to skate like normal again.
In other words, a story of falling in love with your best friend and being too awkward to realize it. 

Monochromatic by RayJay47  – 21.6k, NR


Soulmate AU where you only see in black and white until you meet your soulmate and then everything is in color. Almost everyone meets their soulmates when they are in their 20s so teachers are alarmed when 2 first graders start seeing in color.

Also has a sequel which is setting itself up for some ultra angst.

S.O.S. by ArabellaFaith  – 46.4k, E


Otabek picks Yuri up on a street corner. He was expecting a simple exchange. What he wasn’t expecting was for Yuri to become a fixture in his life. And he really wasn’t expecting Yuri to save him from himself.

AU where Yuri is turning tricks to pay for college, and Otabek is a rich novelist. Lots of sexy times ensue.

Hope you love these as much as I do!