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Allenbert Superhero AU:

Barry Allen one of the two resident CCPD CSIs also happens to be the flash, Central City’s very own hero. What happens when he gets rescued by a new superhero who’s incidentally dressed like a villain ?

Team flash tries to figure out who this new player is and it looks like the guy has one recurring habit other than saving people: protecting Barry at all costs.

ALDNT Extras: Catarina

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Queens, NY

Magnus inhales. Slow. Deep. Lets the smoke fill his lungs. And he holds it there. Waits for the burn.

Eventually, he lets the flame extinguish from the tip of his thumb.

And he exhales.

He doesn’t blow in any direction, he just sort of… opens his mouth. Lets it fall out. And with his head hanging upside down off the foot of the bed, the smoke falls right into his nose before it can dissipate.

“You shouldn’t do that,” Catarina says flatly, not even looking up, “it’s bad for you.”

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When you love someone… You cook them something nice every now and then.

Part of a series of gifts for @bluebudgie that I’ll draw every day til their birthday on the 1st April. The theme is “When you love someone” but the pictures won’t necessarly depict romantic relationships.

This first one feature their sylvari kid Veiju and my big charr mom Aoife as well as my glutonous pine Oylbhe.

New Chapter: Whelve

Chapters: 25/?

Fic summary: Things are instantly sour between experienced homicide detective Raymond Reddington and the unit’s newest recruit, Elizabeth Keen. He resents being partnered with someone so new and inexperienced, and she dislikes his constant sarcastic remarks and uncooperative attitude. When they’re given a routine case that rapidly turns strange, they learn that they must at least be able to tolerate each other in order to solve the murder. However, as they work closely together, their toleration gives way to mutual respect and perhaps something more.

Chapter preview:

This is what longing felt like, she thought. Everything seemingly ripe for some romantic moment—the music, him making her dinner, his…looks—but then there were other things that weren’t right, like having a healing slit in your belly, and two years worth of betrayal from your ex-husband making you frightened of any kind of meaningful relationship again.

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