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Pierced - Batmom x Batfam

I guess this somehow inspired me to write a very, very VERY short story about it ? I never wrote anything short so like…Here. Why not. So I wrote this thing in about 5 minutes for fun really. Hum. Oh and thought I’d get Tim for once, cause he has so few moments with his mom in my fics, so here ! Hope you’ll like my silly little story :

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It’s early in the evening when Tim enters the kitchen for a good cup of coffee, a well deserved one after a long and boring day at school. 

You’re already there, reading a book while sipping slowly on a warm cup of tea. You’re too focused on your book to really realize that your son entered the room, and Tim can’t help but smile at himself about this. 

He was pretty sure that, if a earthquake ever happened at the same time you were reading, you wouldn’t even notice it. 

He walks around the kitchen counter and goes to you to plant a soft kiss on your cheek and…That makes you react. 

You turn your head towards him at the speed of light, startled, and you can see your son is trying to hold his laughter in. Little rascal. 

He knows how engrossed in a book you can get, and he knows how it always scares you when someone touches you while you’re that focused on it. It’s like someone suddenly came into the World you locked yourself in, and pulled you out by force. Uh. You hated jump scares. 

But oh, it’s your boy, and you can’t be mad at him for something that small really, and so you smile back, ruffle his hair and kiss his cheek too. 

-Coffee’s ready, my maternal intuition told me you’d be here around that time, seeking caffeine, and I made a pot when I arrived. It’s still warm. 

He smiles some more, and chuckles a bit at your “maternal intuition” thing. It was an inside joke you had with your boys. 

They were often impressed that you’d just know things. Sometimes it was a skill they had no idea you had, and if they asked you where you learned how to do “that thing that just blew their mind”, you’d tell them : “I read it in a book” (though the day you told them you learned how to do backflips and such by reading from a book, they realized you were just messing with them). 

But sometimes, they were completely stunned that you’d know something about them, like the exact time they would wake up, what they needed in that moment to feel better, or the fact that they skipped school that same afternoon and made sure no one could call you or their dad…Then you’d tell them : “It’s my maternal intuition…And you’re grounded for skipping school”). 

Looking over at the coffee pot, Tim smiles at you and goes to…Take the pot. He knew he was going to drink more than one cup, so why bother getting a mug out ? Drinking straight from the pot will do just fine. 

You look at him as he comes to sit in front of you and roll your eyes. He just shrugs his shoulder at you, and raise an eyebrow. 

You probably should tell him something about drinking too much coffee, but then, that ridiculously smart boy would find perfect arguments about why he needs that much coffee to survive, and you’d just get frustrated…So you just smile at him knowingly. 

Besides, he wasn’t as smart as he thought, and probably should have wondered more why you weren’t fighting THAT much about his coffee consumption…There were a reason really, you always made sure to be the one that made his pot of coffee. 

It was decaffeinated. 

You smiled at the thought of your son being completely oblivious to that, as you look at him drinking his coffee, eyes lost somewhere behind you. 

It was a talent, really, how Tim could disconnect from reality and just stare blankly at something without really looking at it…however, he wasn’t completely like you and your books on that subject. If someone talked to him (and he wanted to answer, or he’d just ignore and stare some more), or if someone, like right now, was looking at him intently like you were doing it, then he would snap out of his haze and react. 

-What is it mom ? 

-Oh nothing my boy, I was just…Admiring you. 

-Admiring ? 

-What ? I’m not allowed to look at my beautiful son ?

-Errr, mom…

-Oh come on Timmy, it’s just the two of us right now, we’re not in public, let me tell you out loud how much I love you.

Tim couldn’t help but smile. 

It was a regular occurrence, you almost “fangirling” over him and his brothers (and his dad, and even Alfred). Telling them how great you thought they were, how much you loved them and all. 

Of course you exaggerated things on purpose, acting like a proper groupie…And sometimes, the worst of them all, you’d do it publicly. Right before dropping them to school for example, just to embarrass them. 

But hey, all of your sons would be lying if they said it didn’t make them feel better about themselves, and they would actually be sad if you ever stopped telling them such things…Besides, they loved you a lot too, and would fanboy over you more often than not, without even noticing they were doing it (though the worst of them all would be their father…Oh my God your Broosh would fanboy over you so bad that sometimes, even you would blush). 

To be honest in this family, everyone was impressed with each other, and though some would never admit it (*cough* Damian and Tim *cough*), it was what made your family so close to each other, what made you all know that you’d never be alone, even in your hardest time. And all because of you. All because of your support and your openness to tell them what you feel about them, making them feel like it’s ok to talk about their emotions openly too and etc etc. 

Tim was thinking about that when something caught his attention. You were about to go back to your book but before, you needed to stretch and yawn. Loudly. With your mouth completely opened. And…

Something new that he never noticed before. He was SURE that if it wasn’t there before, at least a few months ago. He clearly remembers seeing you laugh with your mouth open and this wasn’t there (oh Tim and his incredible and a bit creepy memory). He raises an eyebrow and before you start reading again says : 

-Really ? A tongue piercing ? 

You raise your head once more to look at him and shrug, not even bothering answering him. Yes. You have a tongue piercing. You got it two months ago. You always wanted one when you were younger, but never had the money to actually do…And when you talked about it to Bruce he encouraged you to get one like, “do whatever you want my love”. 

And that’s what you did, because yes, you still wanted a tongue piercing. Why not ? You still loved them. So you just shrug at your son and take your book, but of course, as you suspected, he isn’t done. Though you’re pretty sure he’ll regret ever talking more very soon. He says : 

-Mom, like, how old are you ? Tongue piercing are for teenagers…

-Excuse me Tim but I don’t think teenagers do what I do to your father with my tongue piercing.

-They d…Wait what ? …Oh…OH ! …Gross…

-You asked for it boy.

And here it was. He tried to be witty with his mom and it came right back in his face. He should know though, that he could never win against you. Suddenly, his pot of coffee didn’t seem that appetizing, and with a last “Ew” look to you, he left. Besides, you’re smug expression was infuriating and the way you childishly stick your tongue out at him ? Oh when you wanted, you could get under his skin just fine. 


-Did you know mom has a tongue piercing ? 

Tim asks his brother, that same night, as they’re all getting ready before their night patrol. It’s their father’s night off, and he and you already came to “kiss them good night” and tell them to be careful…and that’s good. That it’s Bruce’s night off. It means Tim can talk about your piercing without fearing any comments from their dad trying to gross them out. 

Jason turns to Tim and, his eyebrows raised and his mouth curled down, says : 

-I didn’t know, but, cool. 

Dick nods in agreement as he laces his boots, and even Damian doesn’t seem to care much. Tim continues : 

-Are you serious guys ? Mom got her tongue pierced and you don’t even care ! 

Damian turns to his older brother and just says : 

-I just hope it didn’t hurt her too much. But really, it would explain why she only ate soup for a while a few months ago. 

Tim facepalms himself and…but of course, why did he not notice that ?! 

-So all of you are cool with this ? 

They all shrug, and Dick says : 

-I mean, she’s a grown up, she can choose for herself, if she wanted a tongue piercing, why wouldn’t she get one ? 

-Yeah no I agree with that, I don’t mean like I…I’m…Ok honesty time. I don’t care about the piercing. I don’t mind. But I tried to tease her about it and…

His brothers burst out in laughter before he can finish his sentence and, yes, but of course. Trying to be witty with their mom, to tease her, was very dangerous. You had quite the reputation to be the “Queen of wits and sarcasms” so of course, he should have known what was coming. Just thinking about what you might have told him send them reeling in laughter. 

After a while, they finally stop and Tim, not even able to be vexed though he wants to, smiles and chuckles with them. Dick asks : 

-So, what did she tell you ? 

-Oh believe me my dear older brother, you don’t wanna know…You don’t wanna know…

But his words are enough to give them a hint at what you might have possibly told them and…”EWWWWWWWWWWWW”. 



It’s stupid and bad , I don’t know why I wrote that haha. But I guess the idea made me laugh. Anyway. Here. The end. 

anonymous asked:

can i have the panthom thieves with a s/o that looks a delinquent(sharp eyes,piercings) but its actually super sweet, and caring ?

did you mean eikichi Oh god I looked like this in high school. Thank you for sending this, it’s really cute. Enjoy!


  • Appearance doesn’t concern Akira too much, and he’s very attracted to individuals with good hearts, so there could be no better person for him than S/O. 
  • He’ll actually steal some of their clothes from time to time. gotta live up to his reputation
  • His favorite thing in the world is making them flustered because it’s such a stark contrast to how ‘intimidating’ and ‘tough’ they look.
  • S/O may have sparked his interest in getting ear piercings. sojiro said no
  • for now
  • Akira absolutely loves how sweet they are to everyone, and he appreciates all the small favors they do for him (playing with Morgana while he works, feeding his plant, encouragement, etc.).
  • His heart stopped when he saw S/O working at the flower shop with their little apron on. cue blushing akira


  • Ryuji’s also a ‘delinquent’ with a heart of gold, so he can understand S/O. power couple
  • He’d be lying if he said they didn’t intimidate him when they first met, but he’s glad he followed through with the principle of not judging a book by its cover.
  • Truthfully, he finds their look to be pretty badass and attractive. 
  • Like Akira, Ryuji will steal their clothes, but he mostly goes for the tops or beanies. boi just go to hot topic
  • S/O’s kindness catches him so off guard sometimes, and all he can do is blush and stutter out a thank you.
  • Partially due to his short temper, Ryuji truly adores how S/O treats everyone with warmth and respect, even when those same people treat them coldly because of their appearance.
  • Whenever S/O does something nice for his mom (brings her flowers, helps her cook / clean, etc.), he just stares at them with wide, love-struck eyes. 
  • Ryuji secretly finds himself considering a tongue piercing at one point. let that sink in


  • Ann’s been judged by her appearance for as long as she can remember, so S/O’s style doesn’t bother her.
  • Moreover, she thinks the ‘rebel’ look is attractive, and S/O’s great personality makes it that much more so.
  • She’s more drawn to their caring disposition, and she especially loves seeing them get along with Shiho. her two fave people
  • S/O visits Ann’s house often because her parents always leave her alone when they go on business trips, and they don’t want her to feel lonely.
  • They brought a stuffed animal with them once, and Ann’s heart nearly exploded when she opened the door and saw them standing there with it. at least invite them inside
  • S/O also helps Ann style her hair with their various hair products. 
  • Additionally, if their piercings get stuck in her hair when they kiss her head, she’ll just laugh it off and tease them a little.


  • If he can find the beauty in lobsters, Yusuke can find the beauty in S/O’s look.
  • Besides, his paintings and color scheme are kind of edgy plus he’s a huge advocate for self-expression, so he really appreciates S/O’s aesthetic. life imitates art
  • Their generosity sealed the deal for him; he’s especially thankful when they call him just to tell him good night and that they love him (he gets really lonely at night).
  • Yusuke has definitely asked them to dye his hair before.
  • He loves their eyes; he could stare into them all day. and he has bc he wanted to paint something with the same colors
  • For every sweet thing they do / say in public, he’ll give them a kiss when they’re alone; however, he always ends up showering them with kisses, and he’s very conscious of their facial piercings because he doesn’t want to accidentally hurt them. 


  • Makoto’s highkey into S/O’s appearance and personality. they’re too hot someone save her
  • She greatly admires them since they’re reliable and always willing to listen to her.
  • Sae occasionally hogs S/O because she likes their style too, and she’ll even ask for clothing store recommendations. 
  • Makoto apologizes to S/O after the fact, but they brightly smile and tell her that they don’t mind; they actually enjoy it. she blushes like a fool bc they’re so cute
  • Unlike some thieves, Makoto will actually ask to borrow their clothes; she has a weakness for chokers and combat boots.
  • She discussed piercings with them once, and she’s determined to try it once, even if it’s just her ears. a labret would look cute


  • Futaba’s taste is similar to S/O’s, so she thinks they look really cool and stylish.
  • S/O steals her clothes. they love her boots and tees
  • She almost cries when they send her pictures of cute animals with the caption “that’s u an me <3”.
  • Futaba sincerely does value their compassion, especially when the two venture out in public together since S/O lets her stay close and they’re always attentive to her comfort.
  • When she first brought them home, Sojiro was incredibly cautious and concerned, but he slowly warms up to them after seeing how lovingly they treat Futaba. plus he thinks they’re real chill
  • She notices how nice S/O is to waiters or customer service, and she thinks it’s really admirable since she’s too shy to speak half the time. it’s okay your doing your best


  • These two look adorable together purely due to the fact that they are complete opposites in appearance. plus they look happy af
  • Haru’s pretty fascinated by their sense of fashion, and she claims she could never pull it off as well as S/O. 
  • She smiles and blushes whenever they hold the door for her or compliment her.
  • If she catches anyone throwing shade at S/O for their appearance, she’ll shut them down in the most polite way possible with a honey-sweet smile on her face. s/o is so shook
  • They’ll frequently ask if they can help tend to her garden, and Haru falls in love all over again when she watches them nurture the plants with such care.
  • S/O’s considerate nature is just everything Haru could ever ask for… but their ‘troublemaker’ appearance is such a bonus for her. 
  • She tried on their clothes once (with their consent), and she looked… really cute, actually. s/o blushed so hard that they almost passed out

From yesterday. Felt lovely and I really like this picture of myself. Generally I hate pictures but I felt really good here.

(For the anon that needed to see more positivity and self love in others. Hopefully this can give you some comfort and encouragement. ♥)

So I had a free afternoon - I thought about paying my bills, cleaning the flat and preparing some elaborate dinner … but somehow I ended up trying to make a tribute ‘trailer’ for the Sith Warrior and their crew :3

Oh well

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