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Top 10 books recs, please?

oh, sure! sorry if this is long and boring, but i had to explain why i recommend these books and make a tiny description of what i think about them, in case you’re interested to read one and have no idea what you have to expect for it.

  • crime and punishment, fyodor dostoyevsky; along goethe’s faust, i think this is my favourite book. even though there are almost 600 pages of heavy dostoyevskian description, complex monologues and even more complex events, i literally devoured it in two days and absolutely love it. if you want a complex read but also a fascinating story with beautiful characters, you must read it. 
  • agony and ecstasy, irving stone; this book changed my life. this novel, which is about michelangelo’s life, emanates such art, with its richness of information and smooth, beautifully-written prose. you’ll immediately wish to know more about art and you’ll become conscious of what a divine thing it is.
  • the blind assassin, margaret atwood; i don’t like contemporary books, but this novel is definitely an exception. her writing style is marvellous, raw, and even though the story seems kind of banal, this book is an experience. an easy, but complex and surprising read. totally recommend. 
  • les fleurs du mal, charles baudelaire; baudelaire is my favourite poet for who i carry in my heart an eternal and intense love. you absolutely need to read his poems! they’re so gloomy, palpable, cold. and i love him. 
  • against nature, joris-karl huysmans; this is the most pretentious book i’ve ever read, but also one of my favourite. however, it’s a book hard to love. the number of the characters is insignificant and the action is almost nonexistent. the book consists mostly on descriptions and monologues. but they’re more than beautifully-written and, oh, i can’t put it into words. life-changing. it’s a small and strange read, but its complexity is fascinating. and huysmans is such an underrated author, he’s incredible.
  • hamlet, william shakespeare
  • king lear, william shakespeare; in case you wondered what are my favourite books by him. they have, especially hamlet, a deeply important place in my heart. 
  • the portrait of dorian gray, oscar wilde; i find this book an essential read only because it utterly changed my view in literature. it was my first classic. you just can’t not love this novel.
  • the aleph and other stories, jorge luis borges; he’s m a g i c a l. his writing style is extremely poetic and wondrous and his ideas are sublime.
  • faust, johann wolfgang von goethe; my absolute favourite book. my heart beats for it. every moment i live, i live with this play in my mind. my love for this piece of paradise is hard to put into words. everything about this was beathtaking and goethe is such a genius. someday, you need to read this book.
  • orlando, virginia woolf; her works are delicate, vernal, fragile. they give me an inscrutable and unique feeling. and this book is my favourite.

BTOB: Water Boy Illustrations

aka i realized that hyunsik, sungjae, and minhyuk all did water-based concepts for their piece of btob projects and i got inspired

Hello :) I just want to say that your work and all of the photographers’ are incredible and inspiring. If I may contribute here a small picture of my “mother island” called Reunion island, a small french piece of paradise in Indian Ocean. More precisely it’s the beach of Saint-Leu during an epic austral winter sunset. Keep exploring you guys !!! #Share_Love

Reaction (SNSD): REALLY good cookies

Taeyeon: “Damn, these are some good ass cookies.”

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Hyoyeon: “Those were some good cookies.”

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Jessica: *thinks to herself* “Holy shit those are like heaven.”

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Yoona: “I don’t understand how I’ve gone my whole life so far, without tasting these little pieces of paradise.”

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Yuri: “Those cookies were,” *starts dancing* ,”sooooooooo goood.”

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Seohyun: “I want more of those cookieeeeees.”

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Sunny: “Shit those were some tasty cookies.”

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Tiffany: “They were so good, I’m going to dance with them, thanking them for how delicious they are.”

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Sooyoung: “My birthday is close. Those cookies wouldn’t be too bad of a present.” *wink wink, hint hint, nudge nudge*

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Haylor one shot inspired by this manip.

“Are we there yet?”

“Almost. Quit whining, you big baby!”

“You better not be planning to murder and dump me in the middle of nowhere,Swift. Think of the millions of teenage girls’ hearts that you will be breaking.”

“If I wanted to get rid of you,there are easier ways to do so. I don’t even have to get my own hands dirty. Anyway, not the point. We’re here now.”

Harry took off the blindfold. The first thing that he noticed was the endless blue. It reminded him the color of her eyes, so intense that it was hard to look away. “Wow.”

“I know right?” She sighed. One of her hand slipped quietly into his. “I stumbled across this place by accident and it was just love at first sight. My own little piece of paradise.”

“I can see why you like it here.” And he really did. Already he felt peaceful and calm from the hypnotizing sounds of waves crashing onto the rocky shores and the smell of the salty sea air. He smiled and pulled her closer. “Thanks for sharing this with me.”

Taylor wiggled out of his embrace,looking slightly nervous. “There’s another reason for why we came.”

He looked at her expectantly and she blushed some more. “So…umm,going back to the point I was making about love at first sight and how that applies to you as well-wait,let me start over-so I was here alone the other day, thinking and then I realize that you and this secret spot are like one and the same-ugh,no! This is not making any sense-”


“-Like the ocean, you are my rock,damn! That’s not it-”


“-I remember there was something about roses. Or was it mosses? Should be mosses because they are growing everywhere here and they are green and your eyes are green-”

Tay!" He grabbed her shoulders. "Stop trying to propose to me.”

Her eyes widened to comical proportion. “How did you-”

“Because you’re predictable.” He dodged the playful punch she threw at him. “Also, I saw the ring.”

“You’re not supposed to peek!”

“Sorry, I got curious. Great choice,by the way.”

“Guess there’s no point in hiding it anymore.” She took out the simple silver band. The saying “Better still,be my winding wheel.” was engraved on the inner surface. “Give me your hand.”

The ring slid onto his finger easily. Taylor commented in a nonchalant tone. “Looks good on you.”

“Uh huh.” He stared at it for a while. It needed some getting used to. “Does this mean I’m Mr Swift now?”

“Well, not until the wedding you aren’t.” She hooked her arms around his neck and her face was brimming with happiness. “I can’t believe that we’re engaged!”

“Me too.” He leaned in for a kiss but she laughed and shoved him away. “Hold on, lover boy. I need to take a picture first. Mom wants it to make a scrapbook or something.”

She angled the phone with practised ease. “Ready?”

“Mmm hmm.” He was going to wait until later to kiss her but then patience was never his strong suit. His lips just barely touched the tip of her hair when the sound of the shutter went off. “Harry!”

“Can’t help it. My fiance is the most gorgeous babe ever.”

“Really?” She positioned herself until their noses were almost touching and their breaths mingled into one. The photo was all but forgotten.“What a coincidence. Mine too.”

“That can’t be true though, we can’t both be engaged to Taylor Swift.”

“Oh god,"  she groaned. ” That was cheesy. I think we established the fact that the two of us suck at being romantic so maybe we should just stop talking and make out already.“

No way he was going to argue about that. Compromising is an important part to a successful marriage after all.