my piece of paradise

I have a really great new art project to work on: I’m going to be humanizing the birds-of-paradise! The birds-of-paradise (from the family Paradisaeidae) have beautiful and dramatic feathers and live in mostly Papua New Guinea.

This little guy from the show Planet Earth is one of them!

Essentially I’ll be creating gijinkas—I hope to have diversity in the characters and costumes I create. I’m also going to be drawing and sharing a bit of information about the birds themselves. I’ll be posting the results piece by piece to my tumblr in its tag, #birds-of-paradise.

Please support me and my new project!

Reaction (SNSD): REALLY good cookies

Taeyeon: “Damn, these are some good ass cookies.”

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Hyoyeon: “Those were some good cookies.”

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Jessica: *thinks to herself* “Holy shit those are like heaven.”

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Yoona: “I don’t understand how I’ve gone my whole life so far, without tasting these little pieces of paradise.”

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Yuri: “Those cookies were,” *starts dancing* ,”sooooooooo goood.”

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Seohyun: “I want more of those cookieeeeees.”

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Sunny: “Shit those were some tasty cookies.”

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Tiffany: “They were so good, I’m going to dance with them, thanking them for how delicious they are.”

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Sooyoung: “My birthday is close. Those cookies wouldn’t be too bad of a present.” *wink wink, hint hint, nudge nudge*

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My favorite pillow // Closed


Tony picked up on the words and he turned to look at Winter with a small sad smile, he knew the other won’t hurt him or leave but Tony had the opposite happen to him multiple times in his life that he just can’t believe those word, he’ll fall too quickly, he’ll love too hard and he’ll just crash and burn.

At the mention of whereto begin, Tony clapped his hands spread them out around him, “here, this is my paradise.. my little piece of heaven. I work here, my lab.. and those two are my bots” He nodded towards the bots that were on the far wall, charging. “That’s DUM-e and U .. my helper bots, oh and FRIDAY?” he called out when a woman’s voice responded, it had a softer tone to it far too advanced for an A.I.

“yes boss?”

“This is Winter.. Winter, this one of my A.I’s she runs everything and if you ever need anything just talk to her, she’ll order anything and everything” He smiled with joy and pride before adding, “and she’s connected to me directly so if you ever need me she’ll let me know”