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Achievement Hunter as kids from my Philosophy class

Geoff: EVERYBODY SHUT THE HELL UP, I can’t focus on being depressed with all of you shouting at the same time

Jack: okay everybody, we’re building a fucking fort out of our chairs. Adam, get the scotch tape!

Jeremy: OKAY Y’ALL LISTEN TO MY RAP ABOUT EDGAR ALLAN POE…oh fuck wait I forgot the beat :(

Michael: Someone dare me to eat this whole Bundt cake!! I’ll FUCKING DO IT!!!

Gavin: do you think Ghandi studies about us in heaven?

Lindsay: “Miss Collinway, you better be doing your essay and not looking up some damn video of a Siamese cat” but mISTER ANDrews, did you know that technically they’re called THAI CAT!??!

Ryan: look here’s a picture of that caterpillar I found underneath my bed. i placed it in a box in my room. I named it Bob. I love Bob. ANDY SHUT UP, Bob is better tHAN YOU!

Trevor: shhhh shut the fuck up, I’m trying to throw peeps into Donny’s backpack without him noticing. wHY you ask? BECAUSE I CAN!

Matt: so I built a mini replica of the Addams Family’s house with a bunch of leftover superglue. does it look okay? should i add more windows???

BTS as Fathers Would Include: Jin

Fatherhood BTS Series

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  • his children would always be in the latest fashion
  • “repeat after me, Jin is the best BTS member”
  • probably would run around with the baby in the air yelling “MY BABY IS BETTER THAN YOUR’S” to your friends’ and members’ children
  • probably giving you a heart attack along the way
  • waking up when the baby cried so you don’t have to

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“You are lovely” Self-love Spell

“Won’t you stay alive,
I’ll take you on a ride,
I will make you believe you are lovely.”

~”Lovely” by Twenty one pilots

Intent: A spell designed to encourage self-love and strength. It could be tailored to fit anyone, but I specifically had mental illness in mind when crafting this spell. For me personally, my bipolar has been acting up terribly and I’ve found that I’m trying to talk myself into loving and caring for myself, and this helps with that.

This spell is a bit of a process, I’m sorry about that. I needed something a little stronger than my usual spells.


  • Hair or nail clippings (your own - hair might be better)
  • Jar and bowl
  • Objects that remind you of your negative feelings - could be crumpled up homework, pictures you don’t like, a journal entry about your negative self-worth, or any little objects that have negative connotations with you
  • water, salt, crushed bay leaves, black pepper, cinnamon, anise (basically any herbs you association with healing, cleansing, and new beginnings)
  • Permanent marker


1. Prepare the jar: drop some hair/nail clippings into the jar, as well as the objects that represent any overwhelmingly negative feelings you have. Think about how each object makes you feel as you fill the jar and imagine that this jar represents one half of yourself.

2. Prepare the water: pour some water into a bowl, drop in some clippings, and leave the bowl out to be charged by moonlight. When you feel it is ready sprinkle the rest of your ingredients into the water. Save the bay leaves for last. As you sprinkle those in, speak or think the following words:

“I’ll pray that one day you see
The only difference between life and dying
Is one is trying, that’s all we’re going to do
So try to love me and I’ll try to save you.”

3. Mix the water up good. Visualize this mixture as representing the healthier side of yourself, the side that wants to keep fighting and triumphing.

4. Bring the bowl to your jar and slowly pour it over the objects. Say or think the following phrase:

“I will make you believe you are lovely”

5. Lid your jar, take your marker and write “you are lovely” across it. 

6. Each morning remind yourself that you are lovely, strong, a fighter. If you get any deeply negative, self-destructive feelings write them down on a piece of paper and shove it in the jar. 

And a short message from the writer, to anyone who might be reading this: I know it’s hard, god I know. Living with an illness that constantly pits you against yourself is a constant painful struggle. But you are so much stronger than you know, and you will never truly be alone. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to someone if you feel you can’t cope on your own: there is no shame is asking for help.

I hope our love is never reduced to a bunch of photographs.
I suppose having something is better than having nothing, but I’d rather have you by my side.
It has been said that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words,’ but I don’t think the creator of the quote took into account all of the poems losing you would make me write.
Whoever you are, I want the ink I spill about you to detail our moments together, not in nostalgic ramblings or alcohol induced mourning, but in response to the inspiration your presence brings.
So please, tell me that the day won’t come when your 'I love you’s’ taste bitter when they used to be sweet, tell me that you’ll remain more than digital.
I know that we can’t know the future, but if you mean it now, tell me you’ll stay.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Once A Day (310/366)

pssst…if you are of voting age in the US then please remember these things:

-you gotta vote. please. do it for me
-you gotta vote for more than just the president. if hillary gets elected president with a republican-majority congress then she wont be able to get anything done
-you cant take pictures of your ballot. take pics of ur “i voted” sticker instead
-you cant vote online. anything that says u can vote online is a scam
-bring an ID to ur polling place
-you’ll feel much better once you get it done.
-have a great day!!

The Best Vegan Hot Cocoa

(My recipe, my picture)

Is there anything better than a hot chocolate on a cold winter night? I don’t think so. This recipe is vegan and super easy to make, plus it will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth! 

The Best Vegan Hot Cocoa

2 tablespoons of cocoa powder

¼-1/3 cup of white sugar (depending on how sweet you want it to be)

1 ¾ cup oat milk

¼ cup oat milk (to be used separately from other milk)

Cardamon to taste


Stir together the sugar and the cocoa powder in a pan. Add ¼ cup of the oat milk, and apply heat to the pan to bring the mixture to a low boil stirring constantly. 

Let the mixture boil for a couple of minutes (keep stirring) and then add the rest of the oat milk.

Finish off with a bit of cardamon if you feel like making the chocolate taste more of christmas! 

xx Wilma

My academic mentor’s wife has a brain tumor and possibly pancreatic cancer. While searching for something uplifting for him and his family, I revisited Bradley Trevor Grieve’s book Tomorrow.

The following nugget jumped out to me, “…the wisdom you glean from your joys and hardships can always be shared with someone else and, by doing so, you will leave the world a little better than when you found it.”

May we all do so. ❤

Picture by Trace Gamble

(The picture is stuck side ways I’m sorry)

@colorfulstormcloud AAAAAH LOOK AT IT ALL??? Wow!! so much stuff and such a variety! QoQ You’ve got shirts, a poster, stickers–all the good stuff~!

Thankyou so much for buying all this–Or thank you to whoever bought it all for you, either way I’m so flattered you wanted so much of my merch! QuQ I’m sorry this is such a late reply but better nate than lever right?

I hope you get a lot of use out of it all and that it all turned out good~! Thank you again!

neonera submitted: 

 Today, I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Not because I lost weight, but because loosing it made me realize I am capable of anything I set my mind to. I love myself even without a perfect body. I’m happy, healthy and surrounded by people who support me and encourage me to be better.


HW: 167 pounds
SW: 156 pounds
CW: 118 pounds

Hard work, hard work and hard work. Don’t stop till you are the person you wanna be.

See more Before and After weight loss pictures  or  SUBMIT yours.


[note: pictures are meant to be read left to right, top to bottom]

i am so PISSED. i dislike when my photos are reposted without credit but what i hate even more than that is when people try to defend themselves and claim they’re not doing anything wrong when they’re called out. just own up to your mistakes and do better in the future, jfc.

this girl blocked me before i could post that last comment and now i can’t see her IG page (but ya gurl still kept her receipts and took screenshots tho HAH) and i would really appreciate it if you all either reported her account or commented on her pictures telling her to cite her posts from now on! (or even just scroll through her account and tell her where a certain picture is from if you recognize it? honestly, anything at this point to get her to acknowledge this problem)

it’s not even like i asked her to delete all of her posts or go through each one and back search it to find the source?! like literally what i said is “cite FROM NOW ON”. that’s a completely reasonable request. i didn’t even report her right away - i offered her the chance to stop doing what she’s currently doing. like!!! i am being so fucking reasonable!!! and she’s just blowing me off!!! what the fuck!!!

so yeah. please tell her to start citing her pictures otherwise you’ll report her. she doesn’t fucking understand why what she’s doing is wrong and this is NOT okay. (like really though. go tell her. don’t just like this post. that won’t help anything.)

I’m so scared.
Scared that you’ll get over me so fast.
That I am just a pass-by, a fling for you.
That you do like that girl that comments on all your instagram pictures more than you like me.
Even though you said you don’t.
That you’d prefer a girl who does look good in the morning when she just woke up,
without having to conceal the dark circles under her eyes.
That every moment with me would easily be replaced for moments with others.
That even though you say you love me, you don’t do nearly as much as I do love you.

Please don’t leave

Excerpt of a book I’ll never write.

first date starters

Send me one to see how my muse reacts. Feel free to alter to fit muses.

  • “Would you like to come in for a nightcap?”
  • “I don’t sleep with someone on the first date.”
  • “I promise, I have a better track record than this.”
  • “I don’t normally do blind dates, but [name] spoke very highly of you!”
  • “This is my favorite place for first dates.”
  • “So – do you want to get together again sometime soon?”
  • “I’m not looking for anything serious.”
  • “I don’t want the night to end.”
  • “I think it’s best if we’re upfront about what we want right now.”
  • “Wow, you don’t look anything like your picture online.”
  • “It’s so great to finally meet you in person!”
  • “I should probably tell you that I just got out of a long-term relationship.”
  • “Want to come upstairs?”
  • “I can walk you home, if you like.”
  • “Walk me home?”
  • “Let’s go dancing!”
  • “Yeah, I don’t think we should do this again.”
  • “This was fun and all, but I don’t see us working out.”
  • “That movie sucked!”
  • “I wasn’t sure you’d come.”
  • “I was starting to think you’d stood me up.”
  • “I’m done screwing around. I want a real relationship.”
  • “It’s too early to call, but I have a good feeling about this.”
  • “Let me get the check.”
  • “Want to split the check?”
  • “It’s nothing personal, I just don’t think we fit.”
  • “This was the worst date of my life.”
  • “Don’t call me again.”
  • “Oh, God, my ex is here.”
  • “That wasn’t exactly how I imagined our first date going.”
  • “This was nice. Just a simple, sweet first date.”
  • “What, no good night kiss?”
  • “I don’t think I can date a Republican/Democrat.”
  • “It’s important to me that I date someone within the faith.”
  • “Want to play a game? Twenty Questions, or something?”
  • “Trust me – don’t want to go there.”
  • “We probably shouldn’t go there. My ex hangs out there sometimes and I think seeing them would kind of kill the mood.”
  • “I don’t date much, to be honest.”
  • “I hate to come on too strong, but I really, really like you.”
  • “Can I kiss you?”
  • “Why do you even like me? Is it the money?”
  • “Look, I gotta be honest – you were rude to the waiter, and that’s a serious turn-off.”
  • Whoa! That’s off-limits until, like, the tenth date.”
  • “Wow, you come on strong, don’t you?”
  • “I’m not making the greatest impression right now, am I?”
  • “Have you ever been here before?”
  • “I’ve never been here before!”
  • “I don’t normally meet up with people from Tinder/Grindr/OkCupid.”
  • “Where do you see yourself in five years?”
  • “That’s it! I’m leaving!”
  • “Hey! You’re on this date with me, remember?”
  • “I like you, but I think you’re hung up on your ex.”
  • “You haven’t let me get a word in edgewise all night!”
  • “Are you always this shy?”
  • “So, what do you do for a living?”
  • “Why did you even agree to go out with me?”
  • “I think I’m in love with you.”

I’ve started a new side blog, Pippin Noodle, strictly dedicated to cute pictures and videos of my kitten, Pippin.  After 2016 being such a rough year, I’ve decided that I want to do something positive and upbeat to put some joy back into the general ether for 2017.  And what better way to do that than by sharing pictures of a kitten who never fails to make me smile?  So stop by  @pippinnoodle for your daily dose of orange tabby kitten and let a bit of therapeutic cuteness wash away some of the stress of your day.

Pippin Noodle updates at least twice daily with new pictures and/or videos.


i was tagged to post 6 selfies from 2016 by @tarinya-quinn, @hobbitsmind, @ddraconian-love  and @acid-spit-bitch. while i looked through my old pictures many good and bad memories passed by. a lot changed and i became a different person, but i’d say a better person. my years ends better than it started and i am looking forward to 2017. i wish my friends all the best and that your wishes come true!

usually i don’t tag a lot of people, but this time i will tag my fave blogs and tumblr friends :)
@adalbertfrigidus, @asylumsammet, @blodbranddod, @carelessreaper, @chaosr-evolution, @chlamydia-trachomatis, @cutefreakshow, @d-e-r-n-h-e-l-m, @dark-triumph, @depseth, @dur-undume, @elixmia, @ethereal-valkyrie, @fjorne, @fleshbutt-apocalypse, @hreggsvoel, @katarina-von-abyss, @leprozorium, @norse-forge, @perunathor, @punkularity, @reposoir, @s-a-o-r-s-a, @scarsoftheshatteredsky, @servantofmorgoth, @just-one-more-bridge-to-cross, @sonn-av-fenrir, @surtr-sunnan, @war-of-the-metal-gods, @weallliveinthesamenightmare, @yggdrasil97 and @yggdrasill–.

I think the most worrying part about skn is when you look at a song and realize you don’t even have to change the lyrics, just the context. For instance:

“So I’ll watch your life in pictures like I used to watch you sleep”

“The water filled my lungs, I screamed so loud but no one heard a thing”

“There is nothing I do better than revenge”

“My daddy’s gonna show you how sorry you’ll be”

“You made a really deep cut”

“Still got scars on my back from your knife”

“Everybody’s waiting, everybody’s watching; even when you’re sleeping, keep your ey-eyes open”

“You can tell me when it’s over, if the high was worth the pain”

“It’ll leave you breathless, or with a nasty scar”

Just stop rereading the old texts. Stop spending your days scrolling through your old pictures. She isn’t coming back so just stop. You deserve to realize you are better than that. Delete the old texts and burn all of your pictures. Erase her from your life but don’t forget how she treated you. You deserve to heal and you can’t do that if you continue to hold on to her. So let go.
—  Let go because you deserve so much better

Today I am 28lbs lighter than I was in the picture on the left. It’s crazy how everything on your face suddenly starts to look bigger as you keep losing weight. I feel like my eyes got bigger, my lips and nose became more prominent, my dimples and eyelids got deeper, etc.

I want to keep continuing losing and being better and get to my goal. It’s only been 5 months since I started working out again and this is the progress that I’m seeing. Things don’t just happen over night, everything good in life takes time. This is one of the things that took time and effort. I know I just can’t expect to see results right away, but I also know that I’m getting there slowly. Everyday is a challenge and everyday is a struggle to see if I truly want that burger or pizza or hot cheetos, but I grow stronger everyday. I don’t want to give up on this. I’m already half way there. I want to see myself change and be better, and I know I will. I will do all those things. Stay strong. Patience is everything. 💪🏻


Okay, guys, listen up! Unless you’re Jacksepticeye, in which case look away now :P

Jack has made my life so much better and got me through so much, so I wanna give something back for his birthday. What a better way than to do a little project with the community! 

I’m gonna just keep it simple! 

All I need from you is this: 

“Jack has changed my life because _____ [insert your reason here]”

And that’s it!

But here’s the exciting part! :D

If you want to add anything extra with this, such as a piece of fanart or a very short video of you saying your reason, or saying thank you - and of course, happy birthday! You could also submit a favourite picture of Jack, or a selfie of you (with Sam, in JSE merch, doing the boss pose, etc)! Just throwing some ideas out there :P 

But these things are optional! Although they would be awesome :)

Then what I will do is I will take all your submissions and make them into a video! :D

To submit whatever it is you want, you can: 

- Send your message in an ask or message me directly 

- Message me if you want to send me videos, and I will give you my email address to send them to 

- Send any photos/fanart by messaging me 

If you have any other ideas, don’t be afraid to ask me and I can tell you what I think! I’m open to your ideas :) I can’t accept everything, as I will be balancing this along side my uni/college work, but most likely I will be okay with whatever you suggest! 

I’m so excited!! I hope you guys want to get involved and bring some happiness to Jack on his birthday and begin to give back what he’s done for us! 

I know I’m not the only one doing a birthday project, but I just had to do something special! I’m certainly not trying to outshine anyone else’s projects at all. Hope you guys want to be a part of this! ^-^

Love you guys! <3

p.s if you want to be anonymous in the video, either message me anonymously or just tell me and I won’t include your name/url :)

Glow, My Love

(For Leia (diydrarry), with hopes that the rest of your week will be much better. Also, I hope you find this picture of Will just as attractive as I do ;) Enjoy, dear!)

It’s easier than Harry thinks it should be to forgive Malfoy. The blond’s shoulders sag in relief, and he leans against the wall of the corridor.

And really, if they’ve come this far, why not go farther? “Do you think we can be friends?” Harry asks, studying Malfoy’s eyes. For once, they’re not squinted in anger–they’re wide open, grey and (he admits) lovely.

“Oh boy, friends with the great Harry Potter,” Malfoy says, and something in his tone makes Harry start cracking up.

Malfoy pulls a face at him. “I’m not that funny,” he raises his eyebrows.

“Only the best for Draco the Redeemed,” Harry laughs. “Really, though. Friends?”

He holds out his hand. Draco reaches forward to clasp it. His hand is soft, grip firmer than Harry had expected. They shake, and then he starts to let go.

But then the glowing starts to happen.

Their hands are… glowing? What the fuck? Harry squints at them, hoping that it isn’t some sort of potion reaction. He glances up at Draco, who has a look of shock on his face.

“Do you know what this is?” Harry asks, because he spies recognition in the other man’s eyes. Draco starts nodding before he even finishes the question.

“It’s… a bond. We’re… mates. Soul mates. It can happen after your 17th birthday. Magic.” His sentences are stilted, and he can’t seem to take his eyes off of their gently clasped palms.

A wealth of emotions happen all at once, and Harry barely has any time to even consider the idea before Draco is breaking into an open, brilliant smile. It catches Harry off guard even more than the idea of bonding did, because he has never seen Draco smile like this. 

And… this open, free expression transforms Draco. Harry doesn’t know if it’s because of the magic or the happiness, but something really beautiful has been done with the person in front of him.

“You’re… happy about this, then?” Harry asks, wondering why.

“Happy? I’m fucking thrilled, Harry,” Draco says, finally letting go of his hand. The glowing fades; his palm is sweaty, but Draco is still talking. “Every magical child is told stories about this. It’s rare,” he says, gesticulating wildly with his hands. “Mates are perfect for each other, down to the magical signature. It means… it means we’ll be happy, for the rest of our life, if we’re together,” Draco’s voice quiets to a whisper, smile wide as ever.

“So, we… are obligated, then? By this bond?” Harry wants to know. He almost wants to be angry, because his life has been pushed and prodded and forced into a single direction by the surrounding circumstances for as long as he can remember. But he can’t find it in himself. Draco’s smile is still bright, and honestly, being content for the rest of his life doesn’t sound like a bad thing.

“No… we’re not obligated to do anything. We could walk away, now, and have normal lives. Or we could have a completely platonic relationship and still be happy around each other. You know. Don’t feel like…” and his smile fades. “Don’t feel like you have to do anything about it.”

Harry’s heart seizes at seeing that wonderful, elated persona disappear. “I–I want to. Be happy. With you, because apparently, you’re supposed to make me happy,” he says, and bites his lip. He feels suddenly awkward to be staring at Draco’s face, so he drops his eyes to the floor.

Thank you,” Draco says, and Harry doesn’t even have time to look before Draco’s slender arms are wrapping around his body, his blonde head coming to rest on Harry’s shoulder. Startled, he does what’s most natural and slips his arms around Draco’s waist.

“You’re… welcome.” Harry is momentarily breathless because Draco’s touch feels soothing and burning at the same time, and he can smell the citrus in Draco’s shampoo.

“So… do you want to be… friends, then?” Draco asks, not letting go just yet. Harry is starting to feel lightheaded, but he can’t bring himself to mind that Draco is still holding him.

“I want… if it’s as you say, and the bond is just an indicator, then I want us to carry on normally. So, friends, and then if something else happens, then it does,” Harry decides. He still has questions, but he knows now that he has more than enough time to ask them.

Draco’s squeezes him tighter for a millisecond, then pulls away. “I’m so… happy. Merlin, Harry, I’ve dreamed of finding soulmate. Everyone does. And it rather makes sense that it’s you, doesn’t it? After everything. The bond is smart, it waits until you’re of age to manifest because younger wizards aren’t mature enough.” Harry can tell Draco is nervous, because his gestures are a little shaky and he’s rambling a bit. “It was the perfect timing, too. I was really quite relieved that you forgave me… for everything. I’ve forgiven you too, of course. And now we’re friends, I suppose, and… I always wanted to be your friend when we were younger, do you remember?”

Harry only realizes that he’s been staring at Draco’s lips for the entire speech when Draco stops talking. They’re a light shade of pink, pillowy, and he keeps licking them, the red of his tongue just peeping out.

A lump forms in his throat. Harry feels heady, imbued with a new and fantastic piece of knowledge. He’s always wanted to be loved unconditionally–he’s received some of that love through Hermione and the Weasleys. But the idea of being loved so intensely in a romantic way, even just the idea that it might happen, makes him feel giddy and wonderful.

“I want to kiss you,” he admits, even though he has just said that he wants their relationship to flow naturally. But there’s never been anything natural about their relationship, anyhow, so he feels that he’s allowed some artistic license in his decisions.

“You do? Good,” Draco says, and that smile is back. Harry’s heart thuds loud and clear, and he takes a tiny step forward.

Draco closes the gap, putting one hand on Harry’s shoulder and using his other to tilt Harry’s chin in the proper direction. Harry’s eyes flutter shut, because the sensory input is simply too much for him to handle. If simply having his face touched by Draco is this wonderful, then this kiss is going to be–

He leans forward, and then Draco’s lips are touching his. It’s like every kiss he’s ever had, but more, because Draco seems to know exactly how to twist his lips against Harry’s in just the right way. They break apart, kiss again, again, and Harry’s arms slip around Draco’s waist. He never wants this to stop. 

They pull away to breathe, just for a moment, then go to kiss again, except this time they bump noses first. Harry feels Draco smiling against his lips, and a bubble of laughter escapes from his mouth.

And then Draco takes the opportunity to slip his tongue between Harry’s open lips, and Harry decides that he could make out with Draco for the rest of his life. Draco’s tongue is soft and delicate, but not hesitant–he moves it against Harry’s quite insistently until Harry presses his tongue toward Draco in response.

He’s getting hard, he knows. Draco can probably feel him, but he doesn’t mind; he thinks he can feel Draco hardening against his hip, as well. He’s kissing Draco. He’s getting turned on by Draco. Never had he expected… this.

Weightless. He feels weightless, held to the ground only by Draco’s long fingers and slender arms.

They’re both leaning against the wall for support. Finally, they have to pull away and catch their breath. Draco is looking at him with an expression that is almost fond. Harry thinks he likes that.

“Fuck, Harry, if I had known that kissing you would feel like that, I would have done it a long time ago,” Draco chuckles. Harry finds himself admiring this new side of Draco, one that laughs and smiles and kisses Harry.

He nods, too overcome by happiness to speak.

Then, a familiar smirk appears on Draco’s face. It’s slightly changed, because it has happiness behind it instead of enmity. “You want me,” he lowers his voice, flicking his eyes down to Harry’s crotch.

Harry flushes and nods, but then directs his eyes to the slight bulge he can see in Draco’s trousers. Draco grins.

“Yes. I want you,” his eyebrows raise. But then, his expression softens. “Not now, though. We have loads of time, and you said you wanted to do this slowly.”

Harry grins, finally finding his voice again. “I think I might be open to suggestions.”

Draco snorts, and then, just as suddenly as last time, wraps his arms around Harry. “I feel like the luckiest person in the world right now,” he whispers in Harry’s ear.

“I don’t think so,” Harry shifts to return the embrace, Draco feeling warm and firm in his arms. “That would be me.”