Side by side comparison of my current camera and the one I’m probably going to have to use until I can afford to buy my own

The new camera doesn’t have as strong a flash and I can’t turn up the vibrancy and keep the camera in manual mode the way I prefer to

(also the image quality doesn’t seem as good but that could just be because it’s so much darker)


The second picture is my recriation of the amazing art Our Ends are Beginnings. It is composed by three different pictures, all actually taken with no alteration. It took me a few days on photoshop to put them all together to create this amazing photo, besides a trip to Seattle, 30 minutes in the rain by a lake, and my hostsister volunteering for some poses. I hope you guys like it, and please, do not take my credits. (: By: Agnes Olivo, from ginnyweasleyz

So, I made some things

I work in a library. The teens that come in aren’t readers. I do what I can to spark their interests. So I made some bookmarks. Feel free to use them, or PM me if you want a different template, because I moved them to Google Drawings for easier access. Remember, I’m using them in a non-profit way, so you should too.

I set them to gray-scale and printed them on colored cardstock, but you can do whatever feels good.