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Picture Perfect, or how Oliver Queen secretly catalogs his marriage to Felicity Smoak-Queen [1/?]

A/N: Starting another series, because I don’t have enough to do apparently. I have no end target in mind for this. I’ve just got a bunch of faceless photos that remind me of Felicity, and they need to be used. So here we go! 
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He doesn’t mean to see the bride before the wedding.

One moment, he’s racing across the lawn–in his tux–because Thea said there was some kind emergency with the ring bearer? And apparently Uncle Oliver is the only one who can console John Junior. While it’s not ideal to be dragging the ends of his suit through the damp grass, Oliver is absolutely not going to let his best man down in his time of need…

But in the next moment, everything changes.

He blinks, and a vision of white in his periphery literally stops him in his tracks. Oliver freezes so abruptly he almost loses his footing–and he never loses his footing. He’s fought Mirakuru soldiers and magic and aliens…but all it takes is one woman in white to make him stumble in the best way. His heart’s been stumbling since the day he met her, since the day his well-thought plans slowly began unraveling. Why should today be any different? Of course all of his previous intentions fall at the mercy of her feet. He’ll happily keep stumbling for the rest of his life, as long as he gets to stumble with her beside him every step of the way.

Even as he struggles to catch a full breath, Oliver can’t help but move closer. The world could be crumbling all around them, and he wouldn’t notice or care.

Felicity stands with her back towards him, a colorful bouquet clasped between her hands, and yet he barely notices, unable to tear his gaze from the flowers tucked in her loose waves or the layer of pink and tan skin peeking out over the top of her dress–not quite as tan as when they were in Bali but a little darker than usual. Since announcing their engagement, she’s been slowly building up a tolerance for whatever “sun-filled excursion” he’s promised to take her on for the honeymoon.

She stands shrouded in greenery, and the branches themselves seem to be converging towards her, creating a natural archway. The earth bends for her. For so long he lived in the woods, but he never felt at home in them. Yet she seems to make everything feel like home.

Oliver is equally struck by how different her dress is compared to the one she wore during that…ridiculous, fake wedding that still felt painfully real to him. While this dress may not fan out like a ballgown, this one flows down her body in an alluring manner, garnished in simple but elegant lace and more buttons. Maybe he’s biased considering the day, but somehow this dress feels more…Felicity.

Oh, he wants to marry her right now. Ten minutes suddenly feels far too long.

Before he has a chance to give it too much thought, he’s pulling his phone out of his pocket and snapping a quick photo of his wife-to-be.

Felicity must hear the rustle of fabric, or her technology-is-near sixth sense must start tingling, because suddenly she spins around, thankfully just as he’s stuffing his phone back into his pocket.

“Hey,” she says, looking surprised but not displeased to see him.  

“Hey,” he says, aiming for casual, but his heart gets caught in his throat when she turns around completely. “Oh, Felicity, you look…” He can’t seem to come up with the right words to describe her or how he feels seeing her like this. Beautiful seems too small.

She tips her head, blushing a little. “So do you.”

He swallows, his voice finally coming back to him. “What are you doing out here?”

“Oh, I just…um…I needed to get away for a bit. My mom’s been hovering and I know she means well, but I didn’t get my regular coffee this morning so I’ve been off my game all day. And then when she and Curtis started arguing about which perfume would go best with the bouquet, I started getting a headache, and I just–”

“Felicity.” He takes a step closer, already laying a hand on her shoulder.

She sighs, and he can feel the muscles in her shoulder relaxing. “Thank you.”


She licks her lips, studying him for a bit, before she suddenly asks, “Is everything okay?”

“Yes. Everything’s fine.”

Fine.” She sounds skeptical. “Not good. Not great. Just fine?”

He tries to ignore the panic the flares inside his chest. Everything is great, of course, but he’s suddenly feeling nervous for reasons he cannot explain. “I was just thinking…”

“About?” When he doesn’t reply right away, she reaches up to run her palm against his cheek. Out of habit he leans into her touch, wondering if he could stay like this forever. “Hey, talk to me,” she says.

There are too many things to pin down, so he settles for the one thing he can. “Why didn’t we do this sooner?” he breathes.

And he knows the answer to that. Because they weren’t ready before. Because of the vocations they’ve chosen. Because of a million other reasons and excuses and just…life always seeming to get in the way of them.

“The important thing is we are now,” she answers, sounding so wise and sure.

He nods, needing a few more seconds for her words to fully sink in.

“Oliver, if you’re…you’re not ready, we can postpone–”

“I don’t want to postpone.”

Felicity smiles, clearly relieved.

“Do…do you want to postpone?” he asks softly.

She shakes her head abruptly. “I want to be married to you.”

His heart practically leaps out of his chest hearing her say that, as though he’s asking her to marry him for the first and fourth time all over again. “Good.” And out of habit, he leans in to kiss her, but Felicity starts pulling away from him.

“Oliver, we can’t. It’s bad luck to…before…”

“Okay,” he says softly and settles for kissing the top of her head instead, careful not to mess up her hair. This way he’s not breaking the rules, technically. Besides, what harm can one little kiss do at this point? Will everything they’ve worked for come crashing down because the groom accidentally stumbled into the bride before the wedding? They’ve beaten better odds, surely.

Oliver notices that familiar glint in her eye, just before she winks at him, like she knows what he’s thinking. She always knows. “Don’t worry, Mr. Queen. I can keep a secret.”

And then, much too soon, she’s walking away from him.

He’s antsy for the next eight and half minutes, until the moment she’s finally walking back toward him.

They spend an unnecessary small fortune having their photos professionally taken during the ceremony and reception. But the photo he secretly took of her in the woods remains his favorite, and it stays set as his phone background during their first six months of marriage.


Jilted At The Altar (REQUEST)

person A getting married to person C. They are in the middle of the ceremony. When person B, person A’s ex steps out to intrude. Every one tries to make person B leave but they won’t budge. Person B keeps reminding person A of the times they spent together and how happy they were. You can decide if you want person A and B to run away or person A makes person B turn their heal

(Y/L/N) Your lover’s name

“If any of you has reasons why these two should not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

I glanced around the picturesque garden venue, eyes meeting with relatives and soon to be family, none of which spoke up.

The day had arrived, the one you always dreamed about as a little girl. From the minute I understood the concept of marriage and weddings, I had the perfect picture in my head of my own. White and silver, flowing gown, the largest bouquet and a Prince Charming to sweep me off of my feet.

(Y/L/N) and I had been together for almost two years, and although some people were quick to judge, insisting that we were rushing things and not thinking things through properly, we knew this was what we wanted. We wanted to be together, and we wanted everyone to know.

I cried when I found the perfect dress, it’s true what they say, you know when you’ve found the one - the minute I tried it on, I wanted to live in it. The figure-flattering ruched bodice with diamante beading on its sweetheart neckline and hip, along with the a-line skirt oozed sophistication and gave me ample confidence.

I couldn’t believe that I was settling down. With (Y/L/N). My last relationship obscured my outlook on what love truly is, I thought he was the one I wanted, the one I wanted to marry, and then (Y/L/N) came into my life. Justin, his name.

Our relationship was short and sweet, but in that time to say that we went on a rollercoaster ride would be an understatement. We experienced the highs and lows a life-long marriage would go through in the space of 8 short months, it was suffocating.

“I do.”

Though, this wasn’t the “I do” I wanted to hear.

A simultaneous gasp left everybody’s mouths, and heads turned to spot the objector. My eyes screwed shut as I recognised the voice, I could call it a mile away. (Y/L/N)’s palms left my grasp and I couldn’t bring myself to face the appropriate direction.

I knew he was stood beside me, at the head of the altar, but I didn’t want it to become reality.

“Justin, don’t do this…” I whispered, eyes finally opening and connecting with his.

“You know you don’t want to do this, (Y/N).”

“Excuse me, I think (Y/N) is mature enough to make a decision for herself.”

“I wasn’t talking to you, asshole.” He spat, his jaw clenched, “You took away the one thing away that meant everything to me.”

I could’ve sworn my heart stopped for a split second at those words. In this moment, nobody else was here. Just the three of us, but mainly Justin and I. He took my hand and I hesitantly allowed him to hold it, a glimmer of hope in his eyes as he noticed.

“I love you. Heck, I know we weren’t together for a crazy amount of time, but what we had was real. Raw and real, right?” He asked, staring deep into my eyes. I nodded.

From the corner of my eye I could see (Y/L/N) becoming frustrated; infuriated, even - and still my eyes remained fixated on the hazel ones I’d grown to love.

“We wanted to see the world together, (Y/N). We wanted to settle down, have babies… be happy. W-what was it about him that blurred that vision? Hm? Tell me, baby…”

My head bowed, unable to look at either men without crumbling. In truth, it was the arguments that drove Justin and I apart, but we’re always told to fight for what we want and believe in. I believed in us, we believed in us… but at the time I guess our hearts just didn’t realise it.

“I-i um…”

I spotted my father about to stand from his seat in protest, but my mother tugged him back down by the arm. The entire congregation sat awaiting my response, (Y/L/N) too.

“I can’t do this…” I whispered, pulling my hand out of Justin’s.


“No, I can’t do this. Not right now…” I turned to (Y/L/N), “I’m so sorry… I love you, I do.”

Justin looked hopeful, “And I love you… but for now, I-i, I need some space.”

Pushing past the both of them, I dropped (Y/L/N)’s ring that had been clutched tightly in my left palm and ran to my car. My breathing was shaky and I could feel the tears streaming down my face. Staring blankly at the just married car with no emotion or feeling attached to it, I put my key in the ignition and sped off, leaving everyone bewildered.

This was definitely not the perfect picture my six year old self had in their mind, but nothing is ever as simple in reality.

anonymous asked:

make a list of your favorite 90's movies, please

(I can’t put all movies, but they are the minority that I love very much)

goodfellas (1990)

home alone (1990)

pretty woman (1990)  

my own private idaho (1991)

pointbreak (1991)

the terminator 2 (1991)

the silence of the lambs  (1991)

beethoven’s 2nd (1993)

groundhog day (1993)

schindler’s list (1993)

what’s eating gilbert grape (1993)

forrest gump (1994)

pulp fiction (1994)

the shawshank redemption (1994)

léon: the professional (1994)        

It takes two (1995)

jumanji (1995)

before sunrise (1995)

the basketball diaries (1995)

toy story (1995)  

se7en (1995)

romeo + juliet (1996)

good will hunting (1997)

picture perfect (1997

titanic (1997)

jackie brown (1997)

my best friend’s wedding (1997)

the truman show (1998)

fight club (1999)

10 things I hate about you (1999)


Headcanon: Marrying Zyglavis

How he proposes: His proposal would be elegant, although a bit shy. One day, as you were finishing up from work, a flutter of darkness would catch the corner of your eye. Feeling like you were being watched, you would search for the mysterious figure, fearing that Ikky and Teo had arrived to play a prank on you. However, you would eventually see the silhouette against the wall. It was  a mere shadow, resembling a long haired man in a long cloak; and it beckoned you to follow. It fluttered ahead, leading you to the mansion, and through the door to the heavens. The wind would swirl with flower petals, and the stars would glitter above like millions of diamond fragments in the soothing darkness. Finally, standing beneath the lover’s tree would be Zyglavis in his human clothes, blushing and stammering. Seeing the ring box in his hands, a few happy tears would trickle down your cheeks and break Zyglavis out of his stupor. He would wrap his arms around you, and whisper in your ear. “I want to give you everything you’ve ever wanted. I want to take you everywhere you’ve ever wanted to go; I want to build a home with you, to start a family and grow old with you. Being with me won’t be easy, and chances are, I won’t be able to give all of these things to you, but I need you. You make my world a warmer place. So please, please say yes.” 

How he reacts to seeing your dress for the first time: Zyglavis would be positively stunned. Out of respect for the rules, he would insist upon seeing it for the first time at the alter, and be rendered breathless by how beautiful you look. His beet-red blush would quickly fade into a seductive smirk. “You look absolutely ravishing, my dear.”

The ceremony: While he would agree to have a small ceremony for your friends and family on earth, the main event would be in the heavens. As per tradition, all of the high-ranking gods and goddesses would be invited, try as he might to keep Leon, Teo and Ikky from attending. The king would oversee the ceremony, and your vows would be refined and classic. Zyglavis’s: “ Through all the tough times, I promise to love you. I promise to remember that neither one of us is perfect, but will strive to remember the ways in which we are perfect for each other. You are my other half; no one else completes me. I am yours, for rest of our lives.”

First dance: Perfect Picture by Bea Miller “I can’t believe that I’d end up here. I can’t believe, can’t believe that, not when the road was so clear. Had no idea, had no idea that you’d come right out of nowhere, spin me around. How did you make my world come crashing down? Tonight, you made my perfect picture look like black and white. Though, I’ve never seen my colors look so alive. With you around I know that I’m gonna be fine, tonight. You made my perfect picture come to life.”