my picts


    — my father sent me to court, I wept and Jaime raged, until my aunt sat me down in the Stone Garden and told me there was no one in King’s Landing that I need ever fear. ‘You are a lioness’ she said, ‘and it is for all the lesser beasts to fear you.’ 


I was asked if it on it’s own.

(from this post)

I really need to find ways to breakdown my fantalks tag…..

Like maybe I should make like “ichashitpost [fandom]” for when I have conversation jokes

and I need one for actual meta, and one for just simple conversations, because my fantalks tag is seriously a mess of shitposts, long meta, and just “ikr kurapika is amazing” post at this point and I need to clear it all up….

… you know considering my art project is supposed to be “the body, its perception, its deformations, its rotting” ect

im wondering if i could not just like, submit my watercolor pict of a clown tearing away his own jaw


but maybe I should avoid the body horror to present myself in an artschool nah