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for a second i thought i was actually being productive sigh

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some more physics notes

apparently the only good thing on my physics notebook are the notes. anyways, I wanted to ask to all of the girls following me : what’s your favorite durgstore concealer? I really want to find the right one for me and I just don’t know where to start! 

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As promised, here’s another piece that I did for @garrulousgibberish‘s wonderful Lighthouse Keeper AU. I just couldn’t get the idea of an older Mabel in a Navy uniform out of my head, so I drew her in one! I’m tagging @impishnature as well, because her wonderful fic The Light Keeper keeps dragging me deeper into this AU XD

Maybe Mabel joins the navy when she gets older? Or possibly becomes a member of the Coast Guard, to help save people in peril from the sea? I’m not sure! But I do think she would become involved in some sort of rescue-at-sea group, even if it was just a volunteer position :)

(Also this was done in the back of my Physics notebook, so that’s why there are notebook lines through it ha ha ha). Enjoy!

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3rd May 2017. Studying for a test. That is my new physics notebook (it is an old mathematics notebook but we only have one month until the end of school year and it was too beautiful)

3 (W). What are your goals for this month?
I’d really like to keep my grades up, and I would also want to finish all my homework before the last minute. Being able to start studying for tests a week before them would be great too, but it depends on my poor schedule lol. (I usually start three to four days before).


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43/52 Summer Days of Productivity

Notes from yesterday ! I love the cover of my AP physics notebook. 💙

I’m going to have to self study for 3 APs this year because my school doesn’t have them but I really want to take them. I’ll still have help from my normal teachers tho so that’s good.

organization tips!

Oops this is a bit long but I thought I’d share how I plan to stay organized this semester at university.

Find a note-taking system that will work for you

I have 5 different notebooks for each of my 5 classes. For Chemistry, Calculus, and Physics, my notebooks will be strictly for lecture notes. For textbook problems and practice questions, I’ll use loose leaf paper and organize everything in 1 binder. For Biology, I will write textbook notes in the notebook and annotate/add info during lectures. I’m using this system b/c my prof won’t be posting slides online (however, last semester I typed all of my notes for bio from the powerpoints before/during class because the slides were posted beforehand.) For psychology, I’ll type lecture notes during class and write them out in the notebook later (if you’re going to rewrite notes, organize the content in a different way and explain in your own words).

On the first day of class, I write all the necessary info for the class on the first page of my notebook. Basically, pull all the important bits from the syllabus. I like to include: class name, times and location of the class, the prof’s name, the prof’s office hours, location, and best way to contact them (usually email), a breakdown of your grade (i.e. how much your final is worth), important dates, and any other necessary info (such as if the prof posts notes online, if they’re strict about attendance, etc.)

Use a planner

You could use a bullet journal but personally I find planners more functional because I can easily plan ahead my entire semester. Most planners will have a few notes pages so I like to write out my schedule there. It’s easy to reference if you’re still getting used to your schedule. If it’s your first semester at a new institution, include little tips on locations, such as “Oh my psych class is in the same building as that coffee place I like and english is in the building near that big statue,” or anything else you might find useful. 

As soon as you get all the syllabi, write down all those dates in your planner! Obviously include midterm dates and such, but also include which readings need to be done each week, which lab is being done each week (for chem labs I’ll do Lab K one week and suddenly Lab E is the next week and it’s super stressful not being sure which prelab to do), etc.

As well, it’s really helpful to plan out your studying for midterms and finals. It depends on how prepared you feel you need to be. I simply would write a note that my physics midterm was two weeks from now, to serve as a reminder to start studying soon. One of my friends likes to write in specific times to study. So if the midterm was in one week, she would schedule a one hour study session on Thursday and then two hours on Saturday and so forth, all leading up to the midterm.

Get everything ready the night before

There’s nothing worse than being rushed in the morning and starting off stressed. Do meal prep, pack your lunch, lay out your clothes for the next day, pack your bag, and clear off your desk. I also keep a pen and sticky notes beside my bed. This way, I can put my mind at ease by writing down something I think I might forget or by writing a to do list for the next day. 

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Physics Notes, Lecture 3, MCAT Prep (6/11/2015).

One of my first decent-looking physics notebooks! The highlighting on the side was to indicate the stuff I needed to go over again at home, since I didn’t do the reading beforehand and didn’t quite follow the instructor when he was explaining it. I also tend to go through color schemes–I assume on this day I was trying not to fall asleep, so I switched the scheme partway through.