my phtoto

(part of) The Skulls Exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences last summer. Mostly California sea lion skulls, although part of the exhibit is to get visitors to notice which ones “don’t belong” so, y'know. The one in the middle is fairly obvious.

Harry’s Dimples and My Favs

It’s time to celebrate!

for some crazy reason, all you lovelies have decided i’m worth following!  so to show all my appreciation, i’m making a harry’s dimples post because…who doesn’t love those, right?

i mean, just look at those baby dimples, right?  they make me wanna kiss his cheeks like i do my four month old because they’re just so stinking cute!

anyway.  i thought i would intersperse some of my favorite blogs out there with some adorable harry photos as a thank you and celebration and everything all at once!  so here we goooo…

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