my photoshop skills need work


Ripley Tuttle

My third sole survivor, but the first one that I’m actually enjoying playing as. Also, finally got some tattoos going. Still not satisfied with the arm tattoo and need to make the back darker, but not bad for my first attempt. Plus, the belly button piercing looks cute. Thanks @dreaminginstasis for helping me out! 


What was the purpose of a holy spirit again? Sometimes it got hard to remember; the thoughts of his alive self and the consideration of his deceased state would intermingle and make this strange existence even more confusing. He was fairly certain that none could see him, other then the ones who could perceive such things of the underworld and beyond. Of maybe it was just that everyone else was in strange costume too. Nobody payed much attention to a quiet and peaceful ghost.

Seeing a hanging puppet gave him a spark of insight though. A memory of when such a strange phenomenon had come to his house, causing chaos and unmitigated disaster. Yet that was a sign of blessing, that a young boy’s cantus had been awakened. The belief that such an signal came from the realm of the spirits was why his existence was tolerated. Satoru called on his own cantus to replicate that message here. The plain wooden puppet began to float in the air and move it’s limbs as if possessed. This would be a vessel from him to bear a message upon. However, Satrou as a spirit payed no heed to the strings which still were attached to the doll, nor to the man holding them.