my photoshop shenanigans

My hand slipped (and Photoshop shenanigans ensued).

A reply/reference to this post last night, in which Anon suggested an AU where everything is the same, except the Royal Roadtrip Nerds are all wearing UGG boots. I should probably feel more ashamed of this than I do.

Props (or maybe…finger-pointing? ;D) at @chocobrowritings for suggesting Prompto would rock these things. You should probably follow them if you don’t, because they are awesome. 

Okay, my friend ivy4000 (who is an amazing person and artist, go check out their stuff right now!) Told me that if nobody put the Nightmare Bonnie onto a carton of Blue Bunny Ice cream, then they would be severely disappointed. Well, after they told me that, I decided to take up the mission myself. And here is the result. And, just for added irony, it’s Birthday Cake Ice Cream. Everyone, enjoy!