my photoshop is the slowest thing

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Hey there! I actually have an art question; when you're starting a piece of work, & you obviously start with a sketch - do you sketch on paper then scan into photoshop, or do the sketch directly in photoshop? If so, how do you draw steady lines? 😊✏

Hey! Okay so mostly nowadays all my color work will be drawn in Photoshop. Sometimes I’ll draw the gestures or thumbnails on paper first and scan them in, like with my Newsies piece, but I haven’t done digital inking on top of finished pencil sketches in a while. If I make a nice sketch, I like to color it in as it is, like this Danny.

However, when I start sketching digitally, I absolutely do not start with nice steady lines. I start with a messy thumbnail most of the time when I’m trying to plan out what it’s going to look like. Then I’ll blow it up closer to the size the final piece needs to be, lower the opacity, and do a more refined sketch on top of it (but still not perfect.) I’ll also move things around (in this case I changed the arm positions for both of them. Then I go and do my final lines on top of that, which can take me a VERY long time. It’s the slowest part of my process (it takes longer than coloring for me, and I’m working on learning how to be faster). But steady lines for anyone take time and patience and a lot of ctrl-Z. Using Sai really helps me with making my lines smoother than I can get them in Photoshop, and I talk about that in this post. I sometimes still make changes in this phase, especially with size or scale because it’s pretty easy to shift things around when it’s all clean (especially if you make sure your characters are on different layers.)

Click here to see the bigger version of the pic below. You can see how messy it is before it becomes finalized.

Hopefully it helps to see that I still have a mess on my hands before it becomes finalized. Check my process tag if you want to see more step by step gifs to see how I develop my illustrations.