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congratulations on so many followers!! how about switching atsushi and oda so dazai can finally have some words from his best friend again bc i love to Die (i. guess atsushi's in heaven then?? have fun jinko)

Though honestly speaking if that were to happen, Dazai would probably cry.


Fatal_Error feeling neutral, rage, and despair!


While I was convincing myself to not to get too attached, I figured out his backstory:

ErrorSans eventually found the Aftertale universe, and of course found GenoSans. They fought and Error won, destroying what was left of his soul.

However, Geno still wasn’t ready to die - he still had to protect Papyrus from Chara. So through his own sheer will and the determination he injected himself with, he willed himself to continue, and became the horrifying anomaly known as Fatal_Error.

So let’s recap:

Error deleted Geno from existence.

Fatal_Error, through determination, un-deleted himself and put himself back into existence.

Geno is no longer a glitch.

He’s a fucking virus.

And this is why I fell in love with this character.

ErrorSans and GenoSans belong to @loverofpiggies, I own nothing! 

Poor Wonwoo struggling to find his precious book. 



As a kind anon pointed it out

Sorry guys, it’s Seungkwan, not Wonwoo. 

I didn’t realise that Seungkwan was wearing a green coloured sweater too (albeit a lighter shade). Seungkwan’s outfit has no collar peeking out while Wonwoo’s one does. 

Also, after this scene, it’s Seungkwan who was holding the book.