my photoshop crashed three times making these


BIRDS OF PREY (collaboration with @challenge-the-unknown​)

My name is Dinah Laurel Lance. After losing nearly everything, I fought back and took control of my life by becoming the Black Canary. But my old ally, the Green Arrow, has disappeared, leaving Star City in need of saving. So I formed a new team. We might be overlooked and underestimated, but we will stop at nothing to bring justice to those who have none. And one day we will defeat the one man who took everything from me - Malcolm Merlyn.

We are the one and only Birds of Prey.

A Great Big 10 Minute Drawing Lesson

Good prepwork makes good art. Taking 20 seconds to do a value sketch before you do an actual sketch or drawing can tell you which shapes are going to be hard for you, demonstrate if there are problem areas with your reference, help you decide how to change things, and help you figure out how you’re going to place the final object on the page.

1. Break your reference image (from life or photo) into three values. Dark, midtone, light. No more! Only 3!* Squint to see them.

2. Put the darks down. Not sure if it’s dark or not? Round everything to the closest value. ONLY 3, PEOPLE.

3. Add the midtones.

4. Leave the lights (or introduce them if you’re working on colored paper).

5. Remember that your background choices shape your foreground and are as important a decision as the subject.

6. Draw what you see, not what you know is there. (i.e. artists often find noses difficult, because they draw a nose. Draw the three values, and a nose will appear)

7. Be Rembrandt.

A value study can be done with a Sharpie on a receipt or the back of your hand. 20 seconds. It’s only  your worksheet, so it doesn’t matter how ugly or wrong it is — no one’s gonna see it unless you post it on your tumblr with numbers photoshopped over it.

20 seconds. I swear I’m giving you the keys to the universe here. Don’t crash it.

20 second value study –> 30 second line study —> 20 minute drawing****


External image


* If it doesn’t make sense in three values, it’s not the greatest composition/ reference. FIND A NEW REFERENCE**

**grossly oversimplified***

***we only have 10 minutes here

****the more involved my final work is going to be, the more prep work I’m going to do. It’ll save me time in the long run and keep me from doing stupid things in the final



zeki week day three: pain, suffering and regrets

buried deep within there’s a human… 

but i think i’m dying here

(lyrics: human/daughter)

(this is my first try at making an edit like this so i feel quite proud of it! eheh!)


so, i did something bad, too. it’s not terrorism or pedophilia bad, but something that might put me in jail with you when you’re finally caught for whatever bad thing you did. what did you do? i kept searching for the secret baby, even though you told me not to. what? his name’s phillip jessup. a 26 year old white male, who lives two miles away from the hapstall mansion… ollie! it gets worse… i hacked into his computer