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akhuna  asked:

Could you please please do E5 for Ciri??

The smile you give to your dad when you want him to buy you the sword thats on display

I know you didn’t specifically ask for child Ciri but it seemed fitting.

send me an expression and a character using this and I’ll draw them (I’m just a little slow)

Gen 3 Heir - Douglas Wilde 

Thank you to everyone who voted, intended to vote, never voted, you’re great! Douglas was losing for the majority of the poll, to Lauren and Micah but pulled through with 214 votes (!!!??!?!?!?!?!?) There will be a slight time jump (everyone has aged up) so that I can start playing with him. So, Gen 3 will start officially tomorrow. Get hyped!!!


»I know that you will never forgive me for leaving. But I was not meant to stay, and there may come a day when you will understand, and see that I didn’t have a choice.«

A character for a project, whee. Also, I feel like I’ve levelled up in Photoshop which makes me quite happy. :)