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healing old wounds


Rick Deckard: I like this song. We could keep at this, or we could get a drink.
K: I’ll take the drink.
- Blade Runner 2049


diego luna appreciation week: day one

(favorite) role - captain cassian andor

“He’s a complicated man, he’s a man full of contradictions. He’s an intelligence officer, a spy for the rebellion, and spies are weird, you know? They’re not allowed to engage emotionally, they’re always thinking something else. They’re saying one thing but thinking about another. It’s interesting to play this role because it’s very different from everything I’ve done and definitely very different from me. I can’t stop speaking, and this guy is the opposite. He’s quiet, he’s all about listening, strategy or what I can get from this, and he’s in charge of a very important mission, so there’s a heavy weight on his shoulders.”


Behind the scenes of The Idiot’s Lantern (Part Three of Four)

Excerpts from Jason Arnopp’s interviews in DWM #371

Euros [Lyn, Director]: “At one point, David had such a duck’s arse haircut that I was afraid we’d taken it too far!  Both their haircuts were a nightmare, cos every time their helmets went on and off, the hair had to be reset.”

Mark [Gatiss, Writer]: “I got so used to David having huge hair that it was quite a shock to see him with normal hair in the other stories!”

Euros discussing “Faceless Rose”:
“It really was Billie Piper standing there, mainly because it’s such an emotive scene for the Doctor. But she had crosses all over her face, so she and David just wet themselves!  At the beginning of that scene, she had a blanket over her head as well, and when that came off her hair kept standing up at a funny angle.  I think that was the scene with the most corpsing.  Seven takes.”

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David Tennant Appreciation 2015:  Free Day for David’s B-day 
Happy Birthday, David!!!